Floral Handbags Trends

Floral Handbags Trends for Summer 2013: Flower Power for Your Bags

From an emergency toy to placate a cranky two year old to just the right shade of lipstick to match the occasion, you carry your world in your handbag. But have you wondered how the world views your handbag?

Handbags are important fashion accessories that influence your overall look. And unless your handbag is trendy, you do lose some of the ‘diva appeal’ you have worked so hard to create.

But don’t worry, we are here to guide you. Presenting a handbag trend that is red hot right now. Ladies, floral handbags are ‘happening’ in summer 2013.

Time to invest in some flower power for your ‘carriers’.

Floral Handbags Trends Summer 2013

1.   Metallic Floral Handbag Trends 2013

Did you know that florals in metallic colors can be irresistibly sophisticated and elegant? Always, used to seeing bright and colorful floral designs, this idea may take a little getting used to. But Prada has pulled off this trend beautifully. The Prada handbags for summer 2013 have floral motifs- both big and small. But they are all in metal accents and lend classy style appeal.

Floral Handbags Trends


2. Oversize Floral Handbags Trends 2013

When you think floral designs, you usually picture small clustered floral prints. A new order of things has now been revealed thanks to designers at Prada. Large oversize florals were fixed on contrasting backgrounds in several of the handbags presented by Prada in the summer 2013 collection. So where you expected millions (well, not millions, but several) tiny flowers, you now have 3-4 large flowers. Size does matter, apparently to Prada. What about you? Do these handbags make a ‘big’ impression on you?

Floral Handbags Trends

3. Embroidered Bright Floral Handbags Trends Summer 2013

Dolce and Gabbana created bright vibrant floral embroidery on their handbags for summer 2013. In colorful hues of green, yellow, red, white and blue, these handbags scream summer like nothing else.

 Floral Handbags Trends

Don’t miss the cute ‘flower face’ at the centre of the handbag. Top marks for creativity. And top marks for creating a cheerful design. I bet you perked up when you glanced at the burst of colors on your screen. Imagine the effect when you actually own it!


4. Dark Florals Handbags Trend Summer 2013

Floral prints are associated with bright and cheery or vibrant (think Dolce and Gabbana) hues. But Phillip Lim experimented with using black in florals. While the floral designs were not black, (now that’s an interesting thought), the Phillip Lim handbags had painted floral motifs on a black background. This has an effect of toning down the overall look. The result – a more classy and elegant looking floral handbag.

 Floral Handbags Trends


5.  Minute Floral Prints Handbags Trends 2013

At the London Fashion Week, Mulberry presented handbags in minute floral prints, normally associated with apparel.  The use of bold leather straps in the handbag design drew attention to the delicate florals, further enhancing the appeal of the handbags.


The models have matched their prints on their dress with their handbags. Would you do that?

So ladies, are you ready to carry your world in style?