Floral Prints | Fashion Explosion for 2012

Want a fun filled, relaxing summer day outfit? Not sure of what your perfect summer outfit should be like? Oh well, if that’s the case, there is no reason to worry. We’ll get you the highlights of summer fashion 2012 so that you can look your very best. So, let’s get started with the most popular summer style that can be seen in all the fashion outlets. You already know that floral designs are till date and will continue to be associated with feminism.

Interestingly, this spring and summer season opens doors to welcome one of the dainty little gifts from Mother Nature in the world of fashion! Yes, floral prints look so trendy that they have made their pretty appearance in almost anything and everything- be it a dress, casual wear, shoes, jewellery items, shorts, headbands, scarves and what not! Here’s presenting before you a big bouquet of floral prints that can help update your collection.

floral fashion accessories

Floral Bliss 2012

Choose either big and bold or small and demure prints that draw inspiration from flowers. You get to choose from roses to daisies, peppy poppies to carnations, orchids and many more. In the current season of summery dresses, renowned UK high street chains for example Warehouse, Top Shop, Next, Principles etc all have one thing in common. All are offering a wide variety in attractive floral prints, so much so that it is not a difficult deal to make your wardrobe blossom like a fresh flower!

The flower power this year is comparatively less swirly and has a modern and graphic touch to it. These graphic designs can range from big and bold to small and ditsy. With the month of May almost gone, we are fast approaching the peak of flower season. The delicate roses, fragile petals, wild flowers and daisies can be seen everywhere.

Dolce & Gabbana Floral Sheath Dress

Dresses with Floral Prints

Dresses from Dolce and Gabbana (like the one above) have made peonies their flower choice. Such prints can be best described as vibrant, dramatic and luxurious! Get yourself a floral print sheath dress this season- it’s a fabulous find, right? Similar dresses based on floral prints are perfect for a cute, feminine look. Some of the other examples include maxi dresses, body con dresses etc. Polish your overall look for a summer wedding or garden party with a white blazer.

Maxi dresses with bright colored floral prints look super chic this season, even on runways! Go for any type of flower size; all of them exude a romantic vibe.

floral maxi dress

Same goes for knee length dresses with floral designs. Those interested in vintage style dresses can definitely opt for daring floral prints with either scoop neck, pleat detailing and so on. Every woman in UK must invest in floral prints while they are a rage.

Shirts or Tops with Floral Prints Are Made For Every Occasion

Exactly! Don’t restrict these floral shirts or kimono tops to just outings. They look very appropriate for formal events and work too. Always note that you don’t need a kaleidoscope of colours- monochrome black or white floral shirts also look great.

Shorts with Floral Prints

Draw inspiration from fashion conscious singer, Rihanna and make an attempt to work a few shorts with floral prints on them for the hot summer season.

floral print shorts

Shorts with Floral Prints in the image above look oh-so-pretty. And it’s best to tuck in your tee or blouse for others to notice! Rest assured that such cool printed shorts can turn on the heat for many. Go for both, denim based or floral cotton shorts. Team them with a bright, simple top (say- orange) for a playful look. Finish the look with chunky wedges or a clutch bag.

Fall in Love with Floral Print Jewellery

Wearing floral jewellery is a perfect way to add a girlie touch on outfits like leather jackets etc. Cute button style earrings with a floral fabric look adorable. These floral print accessories such as a pendant, rings etc are a definite hit, especially among the lot that is shy to wear floral infused clothes. Invest in floral print jewellery for a youthful look. Become the centre of attention with an attractive over sized sparkler ring with flowery prints.

Shoes with Floral Prints

Needless to say, anything with a flower prints, automatically earns more style points. So why leave your shoes behind?

floral print shoes

Inject a dose of girlishness into your style with a variety of shoes that have floral prints of pretty flowers, from Wedges, Pumps to Oxfords. Flats with garden inspired floral print are apt for weekends whereas high heels look stunning for a night out. Match these beautiful prints with the season’s popular pastel hues for a trendy look. Even trainers from Nike satisfy your thirst for floral trend.

Experiment with floral prints and strike a balance like many celebrities are doing. With floral prints bring celebrity-like style and fashion in your life. With flowers, Mother Nature exhibits beautiful display for all to cherish and if you too fancy blossoming with this lovely season, then floral prints is the fashion trend you wouldn’t want to miss.