Four Fashion Trends that Made an Impact at the London 2012 Olympics

The London Olympics is long over. Athletes have gone back home with (or without) their medals and life for us is slowly limping back to normalcy. While discussions are still being held on who swam or ran the fastest or jumped the highest or how they convoluted their bodies, there are some of us who focused on who wore what and how did it look at the Olympics 2012.

London Olympics 2012 – A Delight for the Fashion Watcher

And London Olympics did not disappoint. Athletes from the world over were putting their best fashion foot forward and there was much to be observed with regard to fashion at London 2012.

Some amazing fashion trends have surfaced in the past few weeks.  So let us see

Top 4 Fashion Trends that Made an Impact at London 2012

  1. The Perfect Patriotic Hair- Do

Olympics does inspire a sense of national pride as you represent your nation in the world’s biggest sporting event. And Venus Williams of USA paid tribute to her country with the blue and red hair extensions that made quite an impact.


Venus Williams – ‘Hairy’ Patriotic

Williams has always been one of the most fashionable tennis players on court and she gets it perfect this time too.

  1. Ladies, Put You Best Nails Forward

This seemed to be the new mantra for women athletes, and nail art during Olympics 2012 touched dizzying heights of creativity and perfection. Well may be not creativity, as most of the nail designs had a patriotic theme, but perfection was there.

Belarus’ Alena Amialiusik displays her flag colours on her nails

Don’t miss our own Union Jack sharing centre stage with the Bronze medal Rebecca Adlington is holding up.

  1. Of Buns and Braids and Ponytails…

Hairstyle trends in Olympics 2012 revolved around the buns and braids and ponytails aimed to keep pesky hair out of the face.

While that may have been the official reason, athletes left no stone unturned (or rather no hair accessory unexplored) to make a style statement.

The patterned bun accessories sported by the Greek Synchronised Swimming Team and Hannah Whelan’s pretty jewel toned pony tail holder are some examples.

The braid trends at Olympics 2012 were just as diverse with sophisticated fishtail braids and school girlish pony tail braids being sported side by side for best yet distinctive results.

Sayna Richards Ross of USA made ‘waves’ with her stylish braids

  1. Colour Trends in Olympics 2012

Most teams and athletes sported bright colours making this one perhaps one of the most colourful Olympics so far.

Most of the Synchronised Swim teams looked bright and colourful.


Colours in the water

And so did the Czech Republic’ opening uniform, with the bright blue Wellington boots. Rain would have surely not spoilt their party as they had matching umbrellas too.

 Luckily for us, London’s famously unpredictable weather did not favour them that evening.

 Did you observe any trends in the Olympics that made an impact on you? Do share in our comments section.