side swept fringe

Fringe Hair Trends: Go ‘Chop Chop’ for Picture Perfect Fringe

The constantly revolving fashion wheels never slow down, do they? Do you know the reason? It’s because be it socialites, the never ending brigade which lands upon the red carpet round the year or youngsters- all want to look their best! Celebrities wish to create a mark and cast a spell with their style and young minds long to emulate them! To look good, you need more than just a perfect, well fitted outfit, suitable footwear. What is that? It is a stylish hairdo. Yes! Your hair does need a fresh lease of life in the form of the latest and trendy fringes. So, if you are tired of your mundane looking hairstyle and fancy going in for a fringe, this year is definitely the best time

Wear Your Fringe with Flair

This year is marked by fringes. To have access to all the raging hair trends, all you fashionistas must continue reading. So, here we go!

Fringe also referred to as bangs are truly noteworthy options that don’t just update your style quotient but also accentuate your face shape. Keep an eye on the international runways especially during shows like those of Versace and Marni and red carpet. One thing common amongst all will be the fact that stars like Liv Tyler, Jessica Biel etc have fast adopted the hot look of the year- fringe!

Fringe Design This Year

Now that you’ve decided to let go off your ringlets, let’s take a look at the different types of fringes. Some of the many include wispy fringes, thick ones, solid or thin fringes, heavy or long ones and short ones too- choices are unlimited.

Block Fringe: Is full and even and ends at or slightly above the level of the eye. It can be kept either totally straight or crimped, curled for the adventurous you. In short, this type is a versatile option that looks majestic with hair of long length. Jessie J has always been fashion forward and her new blunt fringe plus bob hairstyle makes her daring. Also, her shiny locks surely get their share of attention! Check out her “fringe appeal” below.

Jessie J fringe hairstyle

Side Fringe- These are hard to be side lined in 2012. This style is making waves among celebrities and youth alike. Side fringes form an effective and subtle way to switch hairstyles. Take for example Nichole Riche and her trademark, side swept, lengthy fringe that works well with her face outline and charm.

side swept fringe

Blunt Fringe- This is being touted as the “WOW” fringe for the current year. Why so? These short fringes have an unexplainable talent of altering your look in a fantastic way. Another plus is that they are compatible with any hair cut. Talking about celebrities, they are going gaga over this particular style. Make heads turn with blunt fringe this year. Taylor Swift too opted for this to stay in tune with the latest. Couple blunt fringes with ultra stylish high ponytails, loose curls etc and notice the difference.

blunt fringe

Rounded Fringe- These sweep across the temple and are a definite style to narrow down in 2012. This variant can highlight your cheek bone, hide a large forehead with ease and also grants a delicate frame to the entire face.

They are and will make it big this time. If you are high on attitude, it will be no big deal for you to flaunt the new ‘you’ with vibrant coloured fringes.

Celebrities Who Got It ‘Bangs’ on Right!

Do check out Kim Kardashian, specifically her luscious hair and the new transformation. People simply love her magnetic fringe. You just can’t get enough of it. A full fringe makes her hair look awesome and thus creates instantaneous sex appeal.

Kim Kardashian fringe hairstyle

A Few Considerations- To help you decide on any one, let us discuss which face shape gels with fringes. If you belong to the square shaped category of face shape, you need a fringe that will provide an illusion of roundness over your shape. Therefore, a fairly long, wispy fringe will look best on you. For better results, incorporate a few yet small layers to soften the sharpness. Oval shaped faces can carry off any kind of fringe in terms of shape, length and heaviness. Have fun experimenting with any! Prominent chins are characteristic of a heart shaped face and thus need a heavy fringe to make your pretty face all the more proportionate.

Is Dry Shampoo Any Good?

As for hair care, dry shampoo is nowadays selling like hot dogs! However the question arises- what are their pros and cons, if any? Some of the advantages of dry shampoo include preservation of hair colour, increase in their volume and complete elimination of oil and dust. A true life saver whilst travelling! This does give a refreshed and hygienic look to your hair, especially for oily hair. Though this beauty product seems like a great solution in busy lifestyles but they do come with certain cons. Dry shampoo is basically a powder which absorbs oil from the scalp and hair. In many cases, this type of no water shampoo leaves unwanted residue that is visible. Hence, it is quite a nuisance for dark hair. Some dislike the strong smell associated with dry shampoos.