Blonde shades

Get glamorous with the Best Hair Color Trends of 2012

The onset of 2012 has brought with it a significant transformation in hair coloring trends. Women have become extremely liberal and fearless to experiment with their looks in terms of flaunting unique hair styles and colors that compliment their personality beautifully. Blonde and black has been a standard hair color preference for many decades but these days you can find women sporting a daring style by trying-out bold options that instantly catch the eye.

Hair color can bring a drastic change to your overall appearance. In addition, it also says a lot about your attitude. For Ex- A woman who willingly flaunts loud hair color like red, purple, blue, violet etc. is automatically perceived as being bold and audacious at first glance. So which shade do you wish to pick for yourself this season.

During winters most people prefer to wear dark colored outfits. Let this year’s wintry weather bring a special transformation in your looks with richer and gloomy hair colors like Burgundy, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Ash, Nut etc.

One of the most important considerations while selecting a suitable hair color is to ensure that it compliments with your skin-tone, hair-cut and facial outline. Even the most stylish hair colors have left an unpleasant look on many merely due to incompatibility of the above mentioned features with the final choice of hair color. Hair color is a lot more than just an expression of your individuality. It grants a peek into your innate personality and depicts your modish attitude. Some hair colors are extremely popular and universally acceptable while others are rare, flashy and bold. Depending on your individual style and preference, you can select an apt shade.

1) Burgundy

Burgundy hair color can instantly perk-up your feminine looks by giving it a stylish touch. This color is one of the most common fashion shades used on the ramp by models. For best results, combine burgundy with several rich shades of red, maroon, purple etc. and experiment with a wide range of fusion hair styles.

burgundy hair color

2) Chocolate

Chocolate hair color is apt for women with olive and fairer skin tones. If you have a special preference for the darker shades of brown, you will definitely love this color. It also gives your hair a natural tint of black therefore minimizing the risk of experimenting with a new color.

Chocolate Hair Color

 3) Ash

Ash hair color works exceptionally well for brunettes who simply wish to get a basic highlight or streaks instead of going for global hair coloring. This shade offers excellent coverage for white/grey hair and also adds a bouncy effect to the same.

4) Nut shades

Nut shades on the other hand can be used for global hair coloring and can be chosen amongst medium to dark brown color range. Hazelnut is one of the most popular shades in this category.

hazelnut shade


5) Blonde

Blonde Shades are suitable for all seasons. You can wish to get them in a darker shade or stick to original blonde hair color that gives a sophisticated look. Try out a few amazing shades ranging from the gorgeous coppery tones to the absolutely luscious deep ruby and sexy honey blondes for this season and grab all the attention.

Blonde hair shades

6) Shiny Natural Black

Shiny Natural Black hue is a universal choice of hair color for men as well as women. It not only compliments all skin tones but also adds a classy and decorous shade to your personality. Many Hollywood celebrities have recently switched to a pitch black shade of hair in order to flaunt a youthful and vibrant side of their personality.

Natural Black Hair

7) Funky Hair Colors

red hair colour

Wave good-bye to bland shades of hair colors and say Hi to some funky choices that have entered the market.

Get a fashionable makeover with creative highlights or make a bold statement by opting for a global treatment. These days you can come across a massive selection of vivid and exciting coloring options that can be used creatively to flaunt your exclusive style. Depending on your hair style and length, you can pick a single or double-tone shade to exhibit the adventurous side of your personality. Get the best style mantra for 2012 with funky hair coloring options.

8) Bold Red Hair Colors

Rihanna bold red hair

Turn-up the heat with a sexy and bold new avatar that sports vibrant hair colors like plum red and maroon.

You can either choose these flamboyant colors to tint your hair partly or go global with them. Either ways, they are surely going to get a lot of envious eyes rolling. Many pop stars have recently switched to several vivacious shades of red hair in recent times. With their mounting popularity in the past few years, bold red hair colors certainly don’t appear to lose their pull on the audience any time soon.

9) Ombré Shade

Ombre shade hair color

One of the best ways to look natural without hampering too much of your existing hair color is by choosing the Ombré shades. This adorable hair coloring trend is absolutely perfect for blondes who wish to acquire darker roots that gel superbly with lighter tips. Wear this look and be prepared for being noticed everywhere you go.

Each New Year marks the arrival of unique fashion sense but this certainly doesn’t imply that you have to wait for the right season to flaunt your individual style. With a creative approach to your hair style you can be the first one to inaugurate a whole new hair coloring trend.

Do not hesitate to experiment with your looks and at the same time steer clear from following fashion trends blindly. All you need to do is reinvent your looks by picking the most suitable hair color that adds a sparkling glow to your overall personality and you are good to go.

Always remember, coloring brings with it subsequent damage to the hair texture, therefore, in addition to choosing the right shade, make sure you use high-quality products with minimal scope of hair damage. Always take the assistance of a professional hair stylist for undertaking any kind of coloring treatment in order to avoid disastrous results.