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Get Her Colorful Look – Lupita Nyong’o Style!

Recently named “The Most Beautiful Woman” by People, the Oscar-winning actress has more qualities up her sleeve than just beauty and talent. Namely, her bold fashion choices, which are wildly admired whenever she makes an appearance on a red carpet or at events across the globe.

Lupita Nyong’o is one of the few people you’ll never see wearing something dull or repetitive. She often wears bold pieces in expert color combinations with an effortless attitude and otherworldly grace. And this particular look is no exception. While attending the opening of the first Bally flagship store in London, Lupita opted for a mix of fresh colors topped off with a burgundy coat and peep toe sandals.

bally lupita nyong'o via rcfa 01
Lupita Nyong’o looking fresh and fabulous in London, October 2014; photos via
bally lupita nyong'o via rcfa
Lupita Nyong’o looking fresh and fabulous in London, October 2014; photo via

For the occasion, the actress wore a total Bally spring 2015 look in shades of burgundy, pale pink, green and yellow. It may sound like a lot, but it clearly isn’t. The burgundy and the pink dominate the look, while the single yellow and green touches shake things up just enough to reveal a fun, yet polished look.

The Lupita Nyong’o Style Tip:

Build your outfit starting with one or two main colors. If you feel like it, add some accessories in one or two secondary hues (a belt, earrings etc). However, try to keep the maximum number of colors in your look around (or under) 4. Otherwise, you risk overcrowding it – not fun!

OK, so will you give the Lupita Nyong’o style a shot? Get her bold look here:

lupita nyong'o style

You can also check out each item individually in the gallery below:


Skirt: Ted Baker via



Belt: Liebeskind via

Tote Bag: