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Get Lacquered With Nail Wraps Trends

We in theUKsurely know how to keep up with fashion trends and styles. Latest accessories to have caught instant attention among nail paint lovers are nail wraps. These are highly popular nail wraps! If you have missed noticing these nail wraps and nail sticker trends where in God’s name have you been! This article will prove to be your personal saviour when it comes to the latest style in the nail industry. Having perfect nails is a critical part of any woman’s beauty regime. Each year draws different variations and 2012 proves to be no different. Let’s peep into some of the latest nail art advances this year promises.

Reasons to Opt For Modish Nail Wraps

Nail wraps are here to stay in every season of the year. You must be thinking of the reasons for using these amazing products. We’ll list them right here, right now solely for you. Girls, don’t shy away from following the trend just because you think celebrities are getting them done, so they are bound to be excruciatingly beyond your budget. No! These are very affordable. Here are a few key reasons that will provoke you to choose nail wraps over the usual varnishes. First look at a few sensations donning the current craze-

Donning nail wraps, you are bound to receive glamour enriched nails within no time. These last for a sufficiently long time and are durable too. Plus point to note: The nail wraps do not smudge or chip easily. Quite a relief that brings, doesn’t it? These self adhesive stickers made of vinyl and other materials are quick as far as application is concerned and do not require any time to dry. No expensive tool or chemical is needed for sticking these on.

2012 Leading Edge Nail Wraps

This year has begun witnessing many types of intricate and pretty nail designs on not only finger nails but toes too. These are stickers which are applied by softening via heat and come in an infinite variety. What makes this trend so desirable is the fact that this option acts as a perfect medium to express your style in ways clothes fail to bring forth. Overdose is never a concern in nail wraps. Endless colours and finishes are available. Captivate yourself by the polished and clean looking nail enhancements, metallic ones in particular. Have a look at the options.

Bedeck your delicate nails starting with Minx Nail wraps. Minx Nail wraps work best for those following “brighter, the swankier” beauty rule. Successfully add versatility with a simple solution such as Minx nail art.


These inject real art work into your nails, boosting your confidence levels to a great degree. Coloured patterns are a characteristic feature of all minx nails. Minx remains the top choice of fashion divas such as Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Paris Hilton and so on. Infuse fashion into your fingertips with sparkling metallics, customised graphics etc.

Enhance your style with ncLA wraps. There are a myriad of chic designs that can look good on you without you having to look for any professional help. Try the printed pattern and match it with your outfit for the day. Isn’t it totally cool?


Get Set For Groovy Summer

Jaw dropping designs in bright colours will get you many compliments. If you are not game for simple, classic nail art designs, this year brings along vibrant pigments for the bold personalities. The expansive colour palette available on the market allows you to add a dash of uniqueness to your manicure. Make heads turn in awe by creating eclectic style especially during summer of 2012.There’s more! Tie-dye, neon coloured nail wraps plus effects that mimic the look of marble are sure to spruce up your overall personality. If you are hesitant regarding the bold styled nail wraps, go elegant with gradient coloured stickers.

Floral Art Tops the Trend                                                 


Nothing can surpass the sophistication floral designs bring out in the form of glossy nail stickers. There is so much to draw inspiration from. Go for miniature, medium or big sized flowers, beautiful floral motifs that ooze seductiveness.

Geometric and digital prints convert your dull looking nails into those ready to rule the party in a snap. Ramp up your style and complete your overall party look with these fabulous nail wraps. And yes, to exude your inner feline, you must indulge in animal printed nail wraps and choose from real like prints of snake skin, zebra, tiger, leopard or any reptile! Rip out your wild side for the world to admire and follow.

As far as the colours in which these nail accessories will look swank are concerned, neon hues definitely make a hot pick along with silver, gold, red and also bright yellow. Make a statement with clash of colours and unique add-ons such as rhinestones! Become a shimmer style icon with fancy nail wraps. Don’t ponder unnecessarily when you can have the same sort of creativity and stunning look on your nails.