Spring Casual Wear

Get Jennifer Aniston’s Perfect Street Look for Spring 2013

Jennifer Aniston is one of the many celebrities whose sense of style we are madly in love with. It makes us wonder what really works the wardrobe magic for her. Is Jennifer Aniston hot enough for every outfit out there or does she simply manage to nail the perfect look again and again and again? Maybe it’s both, what do you think?

We found Jennifer Aniston, casually dressed, taking a walk down the street one spring morning and we loved her look. So casual, yet feminine and perfect for a sunny spring day! Do you want to try on this look? If yes, then here’s how you can GET THE LOOK!

Jennifer Aniston Spring Casual Wear

What you will need for Jennifer Aniston’s Spring look:

1. A Grey T-shirt

Grey T-shirt

What a simple choice a grey tee is, yet Jennifer Aniston manages to rock the look by accessorizing well.

2. A Pair of White Shorts

White Shorts

White Denim shorts will work well for this look as they fit well and stand out perfectly on any body type.

3. A Brown Leather Belt

 Brown Leather Belt

While you can go in for a non-leather belt in any other color, what we notice is that this brown leather belt really makes Jennifer’s outfit stand out even more. Don’t believe us? Try and imagine this look without a belt and see the huge difference it makes.

4. Beige Wedges

 Beige Wedges

Here again Jennifer Aniston nails the perfect color for this look with this fabulous pair of strappy wedges. Pumps wouldn’t look that great and neither would wedges in any other color.

5. A Beige Scarf

Beige Scarf

When you accessorize, you got to do it right. Get a beige scarf to go with your look; beige enough to match your wedges.

6. A Beige Fedora

Beige Fedora

A very feminine beige fedora on your head is a perfect match with those shoes and that scarf.

7. A Neck Accessory

Neck Accessory

Add a bit of funkiness to your look just like Jennifer does with a piece of junk jewelry hanging from your neck.

And that’s how you achieve Jennifer Aniston’s look for spring 2013.