Blake Lively Orchard bag Burberry

Glam Doll, Blake Lively’s 6 Favourite Handbags

We’ve kept our word! In our series of the favourite stars’ favourite bags, we bring to you continued coverage on your favourite celebrities’ handbags.

Today, we set our focus on Blake Lively, whose sense of style has made her top polls for the best dressed celebrity in recent times. Whether or not you are or have been a huge admirer of Blake Lively’s fashion sense, you are sure to love her feminine and classy collection of bags.

American model and actress, Blake Lively’s classy and elegant fashion only adds to her exquisite and timeless beauty. She sets a perfect example to show you that if good looks are complemented with the best clothes, make-up and accessories, you can make you look a million bucks.

For a moment, just imagine you have entered Blake Lively’s house and are about to step into her closet. You take that one step ahead and pull open the doors to her closet and you are instantly surrounded by a wonderful and magical world full of fashionable clothes, glamorous shoes, chic accessories and trendy bags.

“Ohhh My Gawwd!,” you utter to yourself as you stare in amazement at the collection of bags before you. Chanel, Burberry, Valentino Maison, Phillip Lim, Gucci, Fendi and so many more, that all you want to do is pack them all up and take them home with you. But first let us take a good look at some of her most favourite and tantalising collection of bags.

1) Louis Vuitton Hazier Satchel

Blake Lively sports the Louis Vuitton Hazier Satchel straight from the sets of Gossip Girl. This burgundy satchel is one spacious yet stylish affair.

2) Emily Cho Oversized Folded Clutch

Another favourite from the sets of Gossip Girl, Blake is seen sporting an oversized folded clutch by Emily Cho. The bright blue python-patterned clutch stands out in perfect contrast to Blake’s Attire.

3) Yves Saint Laurent Roady

If you are constantly faced with the challenge of picking only that bag which goes with your casual attire and complements your style, then following Blake’s Lively’s amazing collection is a good option. Blake carries the popular Yves Saint Laurent Roady to accompany her effortlessly stylish casual attire. This is one good look that you can take to the streets.

4) Burberry Orchard Handbag

Blake Lively set a trend last Autumn/Winter 2012 with this Orchard handbag by Burberry. With a unique cut and chic colour combination, she rocked from head to toe and accessorized her look with this piece from Burberry.

5) Fendi Flap Shoulder Bag

Would you agree with me when I say that this lovely bag sported by Blake Lively made more heads turn than Blake herself did? Well, I certainly feel so. This quirky piece from Fendi – the Fendi Flap Shoulder Bag is a perfect combination for summery dresses. This makes it one piece to watch out for in the Summer 2013 handbag collection.

 6) Dior Granville Satchel

Imagine yourself traipsing down the street in Blake Lively grey top and white shorts and you walk by unnoticed. Now strap that bag on to your shoulder and watch people stare in awe at this priceless piece of glamour hanging onto your shoulder. Blake Lively’s Dior Granville Satchel can jazz up any casual outfit and make you look chic, just like she does.

Are you tantalised enough to go shopping right now and pick up some trendy bags for yourself? Well, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and we promise to keep you updated regularly with your favourite stars’ favourite bags.