Go Bloom with Floral Print Trouser Trends 2012!

This spring, fashion has arrived in various forms audaciously, at the whims and fancies of many leading designers. Their creativity and quirky flair is quite conspicuous in various fashion trends including the bright and loud floral print trousers.

floral print trousers

Women are in love with flowers since times immemorial and the designers have very well exploited this aspect of womanhood this spring. The vibrant colors and vivacious prints will make women fall in love with these bounties of nature all over again!

Forget subtle styles, because the imminent fashion season is sure to be all about flamboyant and classy floral print pants and trousers. Most women will prefer pairing these up with a simple top or blazer, however since the fashion rules are the most colorful this spring, why not be bolder and slip on a print on a floral print trouser?

The small colorful floral print in the trousers (first picture on the left below), is a perfect casual attire with the indigo blue sheer top with the orange embroidery to add a floral element to it. There couldn’t have been a more apt combination than the white top with the large blossomed casual satin pants in the next image. A perfect informal look has been achieved with the lilac and black floral print trousers with the contrasting-hued top and the full-sleeved striped jacket in thin material.

floral printed pants

This one is one of the most feminine looks you can ever dream off. We are sure these all-time favorite black trousers with prettiest flowers and the perfectly matching pink quarter sleeved top is going to be a must-have for most of you looking at this picture.

woman in floral print trousers and pink quater sleave top

This spring, the floral prints have established their presence not only in trousers, but also in a variety of dresses, handbags and even footwear. But the hottest among all is the floral trend in denims this season. It is literally a rage with the rich and famous. Elegant and modish, floral print jeans will add quite a bit of romance and carefree feel to your personality. It is ready to turn out to be the most desirable manner to accomplish that delicate appearance. Celebrity divas have been spotted sporting this look on numerous occasions this time of the year.

Floral print denims are the most suitable for all the women who love lush designs. It will reveal your multifaceted personality and is among the most rampant trends this spring/summer 2012.

2012 floral jeans

Floral print jeans are making their mark not only in pastel shades but also in intense, bold hues this spring. You can choose accompanying these with simple, plain tops, delicate jewellery, contrasting scarf and trendiest handbags. For casual day wear, flip-flops will be the best option in footwear to go with floral denim and for a sizzling look at night stylish wedges or sandals will be great.

Celebs sporting Floral Print Trousers

Lately, these celebs were spotted wearing the most stylized floral print pants from the most eminent designers to create that perfect style-statement.  Rihanna is seen in floral denim pants designed by the distinguished Alexander Wang and Beyonce in the multihued Stella McCartney silk bottoms.

The trend is to wear a light colored top on bright pants and bright tops on light or dull trousers or denims. However, there have been runway blockbusters with a print on print look, which actually requires a lot of grace and femininity to carry it off effectively. The print on the top can be exactly the same as that of the bottom, in which case the print needs to be more subtle. Also, you can wear two different prints, which should have some level of connection between them like the light blue and black trousers with a top in a similar black print as the trousers (the picture on the extreme right below).

Floral print trousers

The huge success of floral print trousers has definitely given the fashion industry a measure of the flower power. The fresh look and the interesting appeal that this piece of outfit imparts are sort of unmatched. It is a unique blend of subtlety and prominence, both at the same time.

Floral prints have been in and out of vogue for multiple seasons, so it comes as no surprise this year. Nevertheless, the pop of colors and the diversity in prints and patterns makes this trend one of the most joyous ways to jazz up this warm season. This floral print trousers trend goes hand in hand with the spring blooming beautifully everywhere and has been well-embraced by designers the world over. Depending on your audacity, you can choose among multiple variations in floral print trousers ranging from understated to extreme prints.

Floral element in an ensemble makes a woman look delicate, unique and outgoing all at once. Spruce up your wardrobe and let it go full-bloom with these dramatic blossoms this fashion season.