Go Glamorous with the Perfect Party Top this Season

Every girl hopes to make the effortless transition from the workaholic to the glamorous girl who will turn head turns at a party. If you fancy sequins or dipping into a little shimmer or indulging into the drapes of a sexy top, this fashion season is sure to make you a great head turner.  All you have to do is find the perfect party top which will suit your body type.

None of us are born with similar body types. To look your best, you need to be aware of your body type. An apple shaped body, broad shoulders, petite body or a curvy upper body, there is a perfect party top to meet your body type now!

Do you walk into a party hoping to be the talk of that party, be the eye opener for every guy there and the jealous eye of every girl who sees you in that gorgeous party top? Are you nodding your head in agreement? Great, then let me take you through the latest, stylish sexy party tops that will make people go crazy for you!

The top 10 party top trends of 2012

 1.     Red alert                   

 Red is often associated with sexy and hot. And to turn heads you need to look hot at the party. Wear a red full sleeves top with little sequins or wear a red backless top or a red lacey top, you are sure to make all the girls gush red in jealousy.

 2.     Shimmer is for the sexy!

Doesn’t the word Shimmer bring images of ‘party’ and ‘glamour’ to your mind? If your body oozes confidence then a top jewelled up in shimmer and a little glitter is your perfect bet for a party. Whether it is a dinner date at a chic restaurant or a night out with your girlies a shimmer top can hardly ever go wrong at a party. Shimmer tops have trended this season with celebrities fashionably donning this style in their latest movies and the biggest parties of the town!

3.     An elegant come-back with the vintage!

Go retro. Do I really need to say more? Retro can hardly make you ever look passé. This is one look that will make you look elegant, chic and beautiful in a very vintage way. Accessorize it well but not too much and you have a perfect party look! It not only makes for a great wardrobe investment but adds the much needed oomph to your style.

 4.     White lacey tops

 Lace has been seen taking a rather progressive turn this season. Lacey tops look eternally classic and ‘happening’. You can opt for a classic lace top or a more modern look in this style depending on your personal preferences. Either ways this look is the ‘in’ thing and you should certainly walk into a party carrying off this trend.

5.     Let’s go strappy!

Straps can make any guy go gaga over you at first sight. If you wish to look glamorous for a party, a top with straps or tube top is your perfect choice. However choose such a top only if you have a petite or curvy body frame. There is only one problem with such tops- the bra! A regular bra will do no good with a tube top, it will rather be a turn off with that peek-a-boo of straps. So choose a bra without straps but make sure you are comfortable in it.

 6.     What’s hot? Animal Prints

If done with élan you can be safely assured that you won’t go wrong with Animal prints. Wear Animal prints with a chic pair of strappy sandals or wedges and you are good to go! This look appears best when it is kept simple but chic so avoid accessorizing it too much.


 7.     Have a sexy back? Halter necks are your thing!

If you have a sexy back you would obviously want to flaunt it. Halter necks have been in style since a very long time and promise to stay in vogue for a while. So investing in a halter neck won’t be a waste of money. It will only promise you a night of style and drooling eyes. Your hair will cover up the straps of the top making it appear sexier leaving an impression that nothing is holding the top.

8.     Off shoulder tops

Are you often referred to as the petite girl? Well, it is good. A petite frame allows you to experiment with your look every time you go for a party. An off shoulder top doesn’t look very revealing and makes boys want more. This top adds the much needed charm to your look.


 9.     Floral tops

Are you the girl next door and don’t really prefer the bold look? Floral prints will make you look very charming. Although a floral print will look rather simple so wear a pair of shimmer stilettos, do up your hair do in a sexy bun and wear chunks of bangles. This look will make you look even prettier than the girl across the party in a strapless top.

10.  Metallic is the new thing

Gold and rusted bronzes have seen the likes of the 70’s actresses to the upcoming modern 2012 ones. Metallic tops appear even more glamorous in the party lights. So team up your metallic prints with a well fitted pair of denims or a sexy pair of shorts or even jeggings to give yourself a perfect party look.

 These trends have been walking the ramps of one of the best designers this season. So, be assured to turn heads when you opt for one of these styles to a party. Just make sure you walk with élan with your head held high!