Go Trendylicious with High Waist Style this year

Fashion trends move in circles and this year it made a turn into the fashion lane of 50s and 60s. The revival of high waist trend is being followed by one and all for it enhances your overall style without really requiring lots of efforts from you. Even you should take full advantage of this style and explore how the inherent style of high waist skirts, shorts and pants transforms you from head to toe. You already know how much women all around the world adore skirts. This year raise your glamour quotient with skirts and pants that begin from above your waist.

Read the style tips on this trend below:

high waist skirt

 This season is the best time to add a touch of retro style by investing in not one, but many high waist skirts. One of the many reasons to go for any of these forms is the perfection with which they make your waist look slimmer and legs even sexier. With a well fitted high waist skirt, you can make your waist look more defined and sculpted as compared to other styles of clothing. Nailing the hour glass silhouette is the only thing women wish for and such above waist skirts, be it A line, full or pencil cut, can do exactly that.

 Wrap Your Body in High Waist Skirts This Year

Many fashion shows, for example Prada’s much liked spring collection 2012 followed a vintage theme that had these skirts as the main highlight. High waist skirts with pleats or in sheer fabric make one look very elegant just like Marylyn Monroe. Look super feminine with high waist skirts that have the same colour as the cinched in top worn. Wear ultra thin belts available nowadays around the waist to instantly draw all eyes to the high worn skirt.

 Selena Gomez in high waist fashion

Deadly Combination Ahead!

If you have a body to die for, you must know how to flaunt it the correct way. The key to avoid looking trashy is to invest in a pair of crop tops that are again a hot trend this year along with plain or printed high waist skirt. For a clearer idea on what we are hinting at, look how pretty Selena Gomez looks in similar styled attire. Even if your lower abdominals are not the strongest aspect right now, do not worry. High waist skirt highlights only your toned midriff like the singer, to make you look smashing.

Floral High Waist Skirts

There is absolutely nothing that can go wrong with a high worn skirt that has soft or eye catching floral designs on it especially this year! Choose any length in accordance with the occasion you are dressing up for. For formal events, knee or slightly above the knee length is spot on. For a fun night out, opt for voluminous skirts worn higher than usual skirts.

High Waist Pants and Shorts

high waist shorts                      

Oh yes, the charm of the high waist trend is totally unimaginable without the mention of pants and shorts that go a few inches higher than the conventional ones. You know we have already laid emphasis on the inherent elegance and the amount of comfort high waist style offers to all women.

If skirts have never really been your thing, you can always opt for the same style in the form of pants and skirts. Celebrities like Nichole Richie, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens- all are rocking this trend. But, there are a few pointers you should be aware of in order to prevent disastrous results.

lavin black slacks

Ensure Proper Fit

Always pay attention to how well the trousers fit you or else you’ll end up having a pseudo belly pooch. The snug fit is important especially around the hips and waist. This will make you look smarter, sleeker and not to forget, taller. Balance your overall look with sophisticated looking loose fitting shirts in pastels. With shorts, highlight the fun element with tops or tees that are bright and in fresh shades. For example, they look oh so glam and retro as a beachwear when teamed with a bikini!

Finish off the look with either chunky wedge with flared high waist trousers or ballets in case you are tall and lean.

The trick to rule in this style is to be totally confident. If you take care of the above mentioned tips, you have nothing to worry about, girl!