Fur Scarves

Grab These 5 Scarf Trends for Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013

With winters shouting out loud and clear this year, scarves, are back in the news. In addition to being cozy and convenient to use, a scarf is also an incredibly trendy fashion accessory that has the power to completely overhaul the look of your outfit and your entire personality. This multipurpose gear is going to be very popular in the forthcoming fall and winter season. Get ready to be introduced to the scarf trends that fashion designers have showcased for the Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013.

1) Narrow and Wide, Short and Long & More

In their autumn-winter 2012/ 2013 collections designers from the likes of Chanel, Mara Hoffman and others present to you a broad variety of women’s scarfs in various patterns. The designers have given their verdict. This winter, both narrow and wide scarves are going to rule the fashion world. Similarly, both short and exceptionally long scarves are going to adorn fashionistas neck (as seen on the runways in the designers’ collection for autumn-winter 2012/ 2013). Likewise, wearing a shawl over different outfits and donning a scarf-collar is going to be an attractive and fashionable thing.

2) Fur Scarves


The presentations at various fashion shows this year for Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 had female models showcasing fur scarf in very creatively designed patterns and equally well put together combinations. Going by the fashion on the runway, especially from Ralph Lauren, fur scarves are definitely touted to be a raging trend this season.

Fur scarves will be seen in bright, multihued and vibrant looks, in addition to the animal prints, floral prints. Fur scarves of both long and short lengths will be a hit this winter. Watch the trends closely and be creative by inventing your own combinations by pairing a fur scarf with a coat, a jacket, a suit, a gown or a short skirt (and stockings of course, we can’t let you freeze in the cold breeze). A fur scarf will accentuate any outfit you wear.

3) Scarf Material

Wondering which material will be a hit among scarves this year? We have the answer for you straight from the top designers including Monika Chiang, Givenchy and gang. The designers say a lot of materials are going to rock the scarf-zone this season including silk, fur, knitted material, woolen and skin.

4) Snood


 A snood a.k.a. scarf-collar is definitely a head turner and a show stopper at not just fashion shows but at parties and outings too. It certainly was a major attraction at the Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 presentations from various fashion houses such as DKNY, Lanvin and more. Designers have literally given you so many options that you can don a different look every day with your snood. Wear a fur snood or a knitted snood depending on your choice for the day, grab a slim & slender snood or drape your neck in a broad and bulky snood depending on the weather of the day. Make it the highlight of your outfit or let it merge with the overall look. A snood can be used in a subdued manner or as an overwhelming accessory that highlights itself while it protects your neck too.

5) Scarf Color

Straight from the house of Ralph Lauren and Gucci, we present to you a wide range of colors in the most voguish color palette for women’s scarves this season. From gold to silver, bright neons to light and pastel colors, you can choose from a diverse range of colors.

From the above trends, pick the ones you like the most.

Adorn your neck with a carefully chosen scarf to perfectly suit the occasion, the outfit and look your best this Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013.