Casual - Tomboy Fashion 2013

Grace Your Femininity with Top 5 Tom Boy Fashion Trends for 2013

“Why is that girl dressed up like a boy?” If you heard someone say this a few years ago, you could walk past ignoring the snide comment. But if someone passed the same remark at you today, you could turn to the person and ask, “Are you fashion impaired or do you just prefer being unaware of what’s in style?” Way to go girl!

Tom boy fashion has finally arrived and has carved a niche for itself. The fashion, which symbolised poor self esteem issues in the past, now portrays confidence in your femininity. Straight cut trousers, loosely fitting T-shirts and overcoats make up the crux of tom boy fashion 2013.

Tom boy fashion has gradually but slowly evolved through the years. Comfort is the basis of tom boy fashion, however, a variety of alternations and modern touches have been added to it to make it more chic and stylish.

Major fashion houses in the industry showcased and brought tom boy fashion to the ramp for their fashion 2013 collection. Let us take a look at the trends set by leading fashion designers for tom boy fashion 2013:

1. Floral and Feminine Tom Boy Fashion 2013

A tom boyish fashion sense is not synonymous will a dull fashion sense. Renowned American fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff put up a great show for Summer Spring Fashion 2013 with vibrant floral prints. Minkoff’s collection was inspired by the “sexy tom boy” look. Pastels duotones, indigo, red and green embroideries, bright floral and chequered prints were the highlight of the collection.

The collection focussed on fashion aspects such as loose, laid-back, casual and sporty, with white and blue as the dominant colours for the season. Minkoff’s models complemented their looks and graced their femininity with light make-up, accessories, heels, clutches and handbags.

2. Casual Tom Boy Fashion 2013

When we take to the streets, wearing loose and sporty clothes is the comfiest choice.  Our favourite celebrities too are seen roaming the streets dressed in casual tom boy clothes. Sleeveless T-shirts with loose fitting shorts and trousers are in vogue for casual fashion 2013. Sunglasses, caps and sneakers will augment your casual tom boyish look.

3. Tom Boy Fashion for Winter 2013

The spring and summer of 2013 will see you dressed in floral shorts, T-shirts and pastel shades. And you can carry on the summer trend of tom boy fashion with over sized pullovers, sweaters and jackets to keep you warm in the chilly months of autumn and winter 2013.

Knee length tunics and vibrantly shaded oversized pullovers will be the talk of the season for tom boy fashion for winter 2013. You may bring your boots on to beat the winter chill which will enhance your feminine grace when combined with tom boyish attire.


4. Tom Boyish Office Wear 2013

The tom boy fashion collection for 2013 has a variety in store for casual fashion. However, tom boyish office wear is not left behind. In keeping with the growing trend of tom boy fashion, clothes to suit this trend are now made available for purchase by major fashion houses. Models strutting proudly on the runway with tom boy fashion for office wear.

The spring summer 2013 collection showcased sober shades of whites, pinks and greens. Front buttoned, collared shirts coupled with loose fitting coloured trousers, is fashionable and modern attire for summer office wear. The office tom boy will surely become a hot topic of conversation, all thanks to her trendy and modern style.

While you can ditch the overcoat in the months of summer and spring 2013, you can sport it as a part of tom boy fashion for winter 2013. Keeping the sober and pastel shades constant for winter, you can experiment with dark colours for trousers and overcoats.

Tom Boy Fashion – A major incorporation for fashion 2013

While a number of fashion houses, put up a specific genre of fashion for tom boy fashion, certain runways saw tom boy fashion incorporated within other styles. A good example to display this fashion would be the Balenciaga Spring 2013 collection by Nicolas Ghesquière. Ghesquière combined trendy and modern breezy pieces, waterfall skirts, oversized blazers and shirts with elegant necklines.


To describe his artistic collection in a sentence would be “Feminine fashion with a rustic tom boyish charm and tom boy fashion with a feministic flair.”

Tom boy fashion 2013 pays tribute to the confident woman who is at ease with her style and personality and wants to use creative and modern trends to make her uniqueness distinctly identified.