Gucci Brightens Up Milan Fashion Week with SS13 Collection

Milan Fashion Week has arrived with a big bang. Day one saw some of the most stunning and sensational models with perfectly chiseled bodies donning the creations of leading labels. The designers had planned a perfect extravaganza for their viewers’ eyes – from transporting you on a journey back to the late ‘60s to giving you an insight into underwater adventures, the excitement, fashion and glamour was galore.

And Gucci was certainly the highlight of the first day.

FashionofFashion editors evaluate Gucci’s latest SS13 collection that was displayed at Milan Fashion Week Day 1.

Gucci: A Royal Magnificence

The Concept: Excursion into the Late ‘60s & Early ‘70s: Color Collision Resumption

Designer: Frida Giannini

 The Look

As seen from various Gucci presentations over the years, the Gucci female has eternally and will even more perpetually symbolize the significance of hard-edged, toughened glamorous diva. And consequently, the SS13 collection lived up to its tradition and symbolism.

For the SS13 season, Creative Director, Frida Giannini chucked the principally black Gucci signature and left it behind in the annals of the history. Instead she transported us back to the vacillating yet fashionable ‘60s with a satirical and quirky experimentation, adaptation and creative reinvention of Spring colors and derivative shades for her “aristographic” creation of long, almost floor length tunics and the teaming up of pants suit, perfectly paired with flare and ruffles. We believe that the name may possibly have some correlation with Gucci’s latest association with the royal girl Charlotte Casiraghi (fourth in line to the throne of Monaco beauty) for the newest Gucci promotion.

Color Palette

Frida Giannini’s selection of color palette was unequivocally audacious and bold and made a statement of its own in loud and clear terms. Frida proved this every step of the way by adorning her models from top to bottom in shades of reddish-pink akin to azalea flower, mustard yellow bordering on the hues of golden, eclectic blue similar to that of sapphire and garnet green and emerald green, including the finale of the show with neutral colors.


We were also impressed by Giannini’s extraordinary printed collections especially the ones with oriental prints, reptile prints (including snake inspired patterns) and flower-patterned prints.

Other Highlights

Some of the most stylish attractions of her creations were the classic solo splice in the middle of a suit, royal ruffles that gracefully twisted all-around the collars, necklines or sleeves, in addition to the necklaces studded with rubys, sapphires, aquamarines, garnets, pearls and more.

The collection featured shirt jackets, high neck blouses with soft pants, gowns and more.

Organza blended with elaborately stitched tulle in a geometrically put together net pleased our eyes.

Hair & Makeup

The defining characteristics of Gucci’s models were their extensive lashes, pinkish-orange blush and nude lips as well as their stylishly and classily done hair with mid parting, tied in a low bun.

Walking the runway on the electronic trip beats, Gucci’s models oozed every bit of confidence and oomph.

Giannini’s collection was evidently exceedingly different in comparison with Gucci’s Fall 2012 gothic presentation. Nevertheless, it was stylish, urbane and simply splendid. TrendnStylez will watch out for celebs’ wearing Gucci’s SS13 attire at the fancy and posh gatherings all over the world.

Are you curious to know ‘Where can I Wear these outfits’?

Well we have the answer right here for you and we are sure you are going to be very happy with the answer.

You can wear Gucci’s SS13 outfits while walking on the streets soaking up the sun, especially the statement suits. And you can also jazz up the social gathering or a dinner date on that lovely evening adorned in Gucci ruffles and studded necklines.

Be open to our idea of flaunting some outfits from this exotic collection at sophisticated parties and weddings too.

As you can see the options for ‘where to wear’ Gucci’s SS13 outfits are unlimited.