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Hair Accessories for Men in 2013: Re-Visiting! Beckham’s Trademark

Who says only females can experience hair troubles or bad hair days? Men also encounter them more commonly than you could possibly imagine. Boys and men too love to care of their hair. After all, that is one important aspect of any man’s personality that speaks aloud about his attitude and sends off warm, magnetic or cold repellent vibes! In all these years, a zillion hair products ranging from fragrance free to fragrance rich hair gels to those that care and protect in accordance with the different needs, style and texture of men’s hair have been mushrooming in the market.

To help all the men who are trying to get into the long hair look that can be further styled in many ways, we have a surprise! Next year is going to equally focused on men (for a change, and might we mention a good one!)

Forget about the Ways to Style Your Hair in 2013

No kidding! You’d think we just elaborated on the importance of hair in casting a deadly impression on the opposite sex and now here comes a totally opposite statement! What we mean to say is that the next year is all about accessorising your short, medium or long hair, be it straight, wavy or tenaciously curly! Here’s how: By making full use of hair accessories solely designed for your hair while keeping the testosterone on track.  Remember the time David Beckham, the handsome footballer showed his different style by opting for hair accessories?

The next year’s fashion hair trends for men will once again receive the fashion punch owing to hair accessories.

Reasons that will Make Men Pounce on this Trend

How awkward would you look and feel if while trying to strike a fresh conversation with a girl, you constantly pull away the hair strands falling onto your forehead and eyes too!  We bet, the girl would not you give her number! If you have gone through this situation, do not let this happen to you especially next year when hair accessories will be out for all you men out there. The hard to define ‘transition hair look’ from medium to long hair look can be handled smoothly using hair accessories.

Headbands for Men Will Re-Rule

Headbands have been strongly popularized by almost all the athletes for several years. For example, legendary soccer player, Paolo Maldini looks oh so attractive in the picture. Next year, this look will be the trend in colleges, clubs or just about anywhere (we are not quite sure if this trend will go down well with a senior boss though). Go for either very thin or medium width headbands made out of cotton. They will keep you cool in the hot, dry summer.

Bandanas in 2013

If famous personalities like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadel can own the bandana look, why can’t you? 2013 is the year for it. So wear it for style and added confidence. Plus, there are so many styles to wear bandanas over your crown!  It is nearly impossible to look the same each day! Beat the heat with colored bandanas in small printed style or with patterns such as that of skulls and fire flames.

Hair Bands

Leave the messy hair-style to women and focus on polishing your hair style for any occasion with classic hair bands. It was truly David Beckham, the fashion icon for men who revolutionized the hair band oriented sleek hair look in the United Kingdom; also far and wide. You can do the same next season by opting for both, the wet look and a hair band. A quick tip you can use to your advantage is to choose the color of the hair band whilst keeping your hair color in mind.

Hat and Hot!

Did you really think we’d forget to mention this evergreen fashion trend for men? Think of the sophisticated yet sexy fedora or ball cap on any sunny day of 2013. Beanies look trendy and cool, especially in the winter days.

Do not forget to match the colour of the hat you wear with your attire for the day.

The key to nail this trend is to carry off hair accessories with flair. Get ready to strike gold as far as hair fashion for men are concerned!