Hair Extensions: Go from Glam rocker look to Diva and Funky Again

Did you ever wonder as to what enabled the stars to sport shoulder length hair for one occasion and Rapunzel length hair just a few days after. The answer lies in hair extension. We can confidently state that 2012 is the year for hair extensions to be tried. Extensions have been on and off the market for many years but 2012 witnesses a rebound of this trend with soaring popularity this time around.


What exactly is this sought after hair trend?

The answer to this is that hair extensions are basically hair pieces that serve a fashionable purpose for many women. As it adds to your natural hair length, volume and texture, it allows all females to experiment with varying hairstyles before deciding on a final one. If you are currently dealing with a damaged hair situation (thinning etc) don’t hibernate this season! Hair extensions of high quality come to your rescue so that you can continue to make a stunning impression, any day. Stay updated with the constantly evolving new hairdos and looks by adding a maximum of 30 inches of hair extension to your original hair length.

  clip in blonde hair extension

 An overview Regarding the Types and Techniques of Attaching Hair Extensions

These do differ in their quality. Synthetic hair extensions are not very high in quality but serve their purpose flawlessly for shorter spans. On the other hand, real human hair extension is a way better option as it not only looks more natural but lasts longer too. Some of the many varieties include printed style, feather hair extensions etc.

As far as the technique of attaching them is concerned, there are infinite options from clip in hair extensions, pre bonded extensions, sew in method and many more. You can bond the extensions to your hair via special glues, heat (thermal bonding) or liquid bonding as well. Another relatively fresh technique is the tube method for integrating hair extensions. Here, the extension is kept in place by locking the tubes together.

woman putting on hair extensions

The hottest of them all this year is clip in hair extensions. You will be surprised to know that this particular hair extension happens to be the most searched item online! Within a matter of just a few minutes, you can transform from “a girl with short hair” to “oh that girl with lengthy cascading locks”. One of the many reasons for its multiplying sales is the ease it offers. Wash it, dry it and style it, similar to your real hair- all of that at home.

The colors, textures and straightening or curling styles they are available in, will keep you up to date with the trend always. Plus, they blend in so well with your original locks that it’s humanly impossible for others to decipher (until of course you state so).

Acquiring Lengthy, Fuller Hair is Such a Breeze!

Here’s how simple the application is. Who says you need to spend hours at a hair dresser (not to forget the pocket drain too) to get into a new look? Sit in the comfort of your home, neatly part your hair and carefully clip the extension underneath. One more step to go: brush through to seamlessly blend in the “add on” with the original hair and you’re ready with a new hair statement! Now you can adore yourself for hours in front of the mirror and later get showered upon by compliments for your glam look.

hair statement

Feather hair extensions are clearly for those who are not afraid of experimenting. Originally passed off as an ordinary trend that wouldn’t last for more than one season, feather hair extensions have turned out to be quite a surprise package. The year 2012 looks upon feather hair extensions as a “to die for” styling tool by not only UK fashion icons but by hair stylists too. Doesn’t the above image look exciting and stylish? We thought so too. Short and fluffy, colored feathers look great and also increase hair fullness especially around the ears. Check out the attractive colors and designs this feather hair trend is available in, especially the “festival ones” in fun pigments. Beautiful people as for example Jennifer Love Hewitt have adopted long and narrow feather hair extensions to stay in tune with the latest.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Feather Hair extensions

You can reinstall these extensions at anytime of the day. Just make sure you carefully store them in a dry place.

Bonded hair extensions– These high quality products do not belong to the “do it yourself” category. In short, they are permanent and need a professional touch. It’s quite obvious that such extensions will cost more but the additional cost is worth going for owing to the realistic look and accuracy it offers. If your budget allows, do take advantage of this hair extension as you will certainly become a head turner.

So now it’s your turn! Go on, don’t be scared. Extract the very best from hair extension trend soon!