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7 Easy Braided Hairstyles – Just In Time For Fall!

OK, let’s get real: all these easy braided hairstyles are not just for fall. They’re also perfect for summer festivals, pool-side lounging and other summery activities. But! They’re the go-to hairstyle for the autumn season as well and for all the festivities, parties and get-togethers that happen during the colder months. Bonus points: braided hairstyles look perfect when paired with a cable knit sweater and a cup of pumpkin spice latte… right?

This is why this sweet selection of the coolest (and easiest!) braided hairstyles should come just in time to spice up your autumn!

Keep on reading for 7 easy braided hairstyles that may look complicated, but are ridiculously easy to do. Will you give them a try?

1. The Celtic Knot:

You know what they say… a little goes a long way! This small and precious braid is all you need to pump up an otherwise simple half-up, half-down look. Perfect for those days when you don’t want to go for a complex braid. You can learn how to do it here.

celtic knot

2. Braid Crown:

Ah, braided crowns! They can be pretty tricky to pull off, as you need to braid all your hair around your head. A variation of the milkmaid braid however, is easy and quick to do. Plus, it has a maxium visual impact. This is perfect for a night out or a date. Check it out here.

braid crown

3. Sophisticated Fishtail Ponytail:

What a stunner! You can always look runway-ready with this easy hairstyle! A quick and easy to do variation of a fishtail braid, this style looks clean and polished. Ideal for a long day at the office. Learn how to do it here.

sophisticated fishtail ponytail

4. Fishtail Braid Up-Do:

Can you say glam? This side braided hairstyle is perfect for every special occasion in your life. Not to mention, it will look super chic when paired with a fancy dress and high heels. See it here.

fishtail braid updo

5. Simple Knot Braid:

OK, so this one may not be a braid per se, but it certainly looks like one! This is one of those hairstyles that will save you time and effort on any day or occasion. Learn how to do it here.

Simple Knot Braid

6. Half-Up, Half-Down Braided Crown:

A delicate braided crown that will help you get all the hair off your face and into the back in a fancy way. This is one of those easy braided hairstyles that you can easily wear on a daily basis. Check out the tutorial here.

half up half down braided crown

7. Braided Chignon:

Better than a regular chignon, this braided one looks a bit extra special. And yes, the fact that you can put it together in 2 minutes flat only adds to its effortless charm. Tutorial here.

Braided Chignon

25 Celebrities Who Debate Whether Life is Better as a Blonde or Brunette

There’s always been the never-ending debate of what kind of girls have more fun; blondes or brunettes, and apparently these hot celebrities can’t decide either. It’s no secret that Hollywood trends are ever-changing, and some of the sexiest celebrities have indulged in the fun life of a blonde, and the wild side of a brunette.  It’s the blondette challenge, and it’s safe to say that some celebrities should stick to the lighter shades, while others need to give their tresses a taste of chocolate. Of course, there’s always the lucky ladies of Hollywood who look absolutely fabulously regardless of the shade of their strands… And those are the ladies that we all envy. So whether you’re looking for some style inspiration, or simply want to gawk at exquisite beauty and awful beauty mistakes, this is the ultimate place for you to do just that.

Anne Hathaway Looks Better As a Blonde


It doesn’t take long to come to the conclusion that Anne absolutely looks best as a blonde. Her brunette tresses make her appear to be much older than she is, and it almost makes her look weathered. On the other hand, her blonde locks definitely illuminate her youth and sexy side and give the red carpet glamour that every lady can appreciate.

Lady Gaga Looks Better As a Brunette


Since Lady Gaga is always going above and beyond with her style, when she appears normal, it’s truly appreciated, and although her platinum blonde hair is totally chic, she still looks extremely made up. Everyone is sick of her looking like a zombie, meat factory or space shuttle. That’s all too typical for her. However, when Lady Gaga was spotted working her brown hair, she got the shock factor out of everyone that she craves. Lady Gaga as a brunette allows her natural beauty to show, and she looks normal and relatable. You may even go as far as saying that she even looks cute, and that certainly isn’t a word often associated with this eccentric babe.

Victoria Beckham Looks Best as Both


She’s the ultimate beauty queen, so it’s no surprise that Victoria Beckham can rock whatever look she desires. Whether she’s living the life of a blonde or brunette, Victoria will also remain as the pure definition of ravishing class and true beauty. Both hair colors work well to her benefit, but that’s not surprise. She’s completely ravishing.

Amanda Seyfried Looks Better As a Blonde


A brown-haired Amanda Seyfried looks like a vampire who just walked straight out of the set for the film, Twilight. The funny thing about that is that she’s not even part of the cast. The dark hair definitely doesn’t look good with her pale complexion, and it blanks out her stunning features and makes her look dead… Like a vampire. However, Amanda with blonde hair is absolutely stunning and glamorous, and has that Hollywood chic that everyone admires.

Katy Perry Looks Better As a Brunette


Katy Perry definitely appears to be too plain as a blonde, and her brown locks seem to enhance her inner wild child and individuality. The darker shade emphasizes her stunning features and evens out her flawless complexion.  However, Katy Perry can truly rock any hair color that she desires because she’s a total babe. It doesn’t matter if her hair is blonde, brunette, blue, pink or purple. She kills whatever look she’s rocking.

Fergie is Better Looks Best as Both


What a lucky girl! Fergie looks absolutely stunning with her flirty and feminine blonde curls, but she also looks sophisticated and sassy with darker tresses as well. Both hair colors do provide a different look to this Hollywood singer, and what girl doesn’t want to embrace all sides of her beauty?

Reese Witherspoon Looks Better As a Blonde


When you see this face, you can’t help but think of the adorable and feminine character Reese played for the film, Legally Blonde, so obviously seeing Reese as a blonde is ideal. The lighter hair color makes Reese look much younger, vibrant, energetic and fun. However, as she ages, Reese has been indulging in the darker shades and they do fit the more mature years that she is living, but no one wants to look older than they really are, and the brunette lifestyle for Reese seems to do just that. Reese needs to stick to being a Legally Blonde babe.

Megan Fox Looks Better As a Brunette


For the simple fact that Megan Fox is seen as the ultimate sex symbol, she looks better as a brunette because it brings that fierce sexiness to her appearance that make the men (And even women!) go absolutely crazy for her. Megan is still absolutely beautiful with blonde hair, however it provides a much more innocent appearance and doesn’t compliment her current success as a sex symbol.

Scarlett Johansson Looks Best as Both


As if this celebrity star didn’t have it all already! Whether she’s living the life of a blonde or brunette, Scarlett will make jaws drop around the globe because she is absolutely stunning. Both hair colors look fabulous on this babe, so she can certainly continue walking the life that either shades provide. She brings the fun to both shades.

Lily Cole Looks Better As a Blonde


Oh no, Lily. The brunette look is not working for you, girl. Lily looks like an old photo that has been washed out with the brightness of flash. Her extremely pale skin does not work with her extremely dark choice of brown hair dye. It just washes her features right off her face. Since her skin is as pale as a ghost, brunette makes her look much paler than she really is. On the other hand, blonde locks definitely bring out her stand out beauty.

Jessica Biel Looks Better as a Brunette


She definitely should never go blonde again because it is not doing anything favorable for her. Jessica Biel’s fair complexion blends right into her blonde hair line which leaves her face looking plain and even makes her look albino. Her brunette locks definitely gives an exquisite contrast that enhances her bold bone structure and beautiful features. She should never go blonde again.

Britney Spears Looks Best as Both


When she’s not looking like a complete hot mess with hair extensions falling from her head, Britney is the complete package. She’s recently gotten her life back in order while also treating herself to the blonde and brunette ways of this world. Britney is extremely adorable with brown hair, but you can’t forget about the famous and breathtaking blonde that she was prior to her life, and extensions, falling apart. So the lighter tones are an obvious favorite.

Cameron Diaz Looks Better As a Blonde


The brunette look is making Cameron look as old as she really is, if not older! She kind of looks like a hot mess with brown hair, so it’s safe to say that blonde is the life Cameron Diaz should stick with. She looks youthful, lively yet sophisticated and elegant when she’s indulging in the Barbie blonde tresses.

Jessica Alba Looks Better As a Brunette


It’s no secret that Jessica Alba is a completely hot commodity, but apparently that’s only when she’s indulging in the life of a brunette. Blonde hair is just not working for this celebrity. The lighter tones make her natural skin tone have a green tinge, while brown hair seems to enhance the glow of it. Jessica with brunette hair embraces her sexiness and glamour while also illuminating her radiant beauty.

Rachel McAdams Looks Best as Both


Give props to this Canadian girl because she is one of those lucky celebrities who look fabulous regardless of the color of her hair. Her blonde tresses bring a glamorous and chic appearance, and her brown locks bring out the class and elegance of her beauty.

Jennifer Lawrence Looks Better as a Blonde


You can quickly see for yourself that Jennifer Lawrence definitely looks better as a blonde. The lighter hues embrace her striking eyes and bold features, while brunette seems to blend them all in. That’s not to mention that the brunette hair promotes a gothic inspired look, and unless that’s the appearance she was going for, she should stick to the shades of a blonde.

Charlize Theron Looks Better as a Brunette


This is one lady who could pull any look off and still look exquisite and fabulous, and although she looks absolutely beautiful with blonde strands, the darker hue seems to provide a glow to her appearance that blonde doesn’t offer. Brunette hair makes her features pop out, and Charlize’s light skin tone combined with her dark hair provides a truly astonishing contrast that would make most people look awful. She’s anything but that with brunette locks.

Kate Moss Looks Better as a Blonde


This one is a no brainer. Kate Moss certainly doesn’t look like the supermodel that she is when she’s rocking the brunette look. As a blonde, Kate looks super chic and her appearance fits the appeal of her career. However, that is only when she is catwalking blonde tresses because brown hair does quite the opposite. Brunette locks don’t work well with her dark features and makeup, and the blonde option seems to provide the ultimate contrast that works well for her kind of beauty.

Drew Barrymore Looks Better as a Brunette


With a quick switch in color dye, Drew Barrymore’s whole entire appearance changes. She looks flirty and feminine with blonde hair, but the brunette look gives her a sexy, exotic, amazon appeal that is extremely captivating. She looks mysteriously stunning and you can’t help but feel gravitated towards her beauty. So, she’s definitely better as a brunette.

Katherine Heigl Looks Better as a Blonde


Simply put, Katherine Heigl simply looks too mediocre with brunette hair. Her bouncing blonde curls provide an elegance and poise to Katherine’s beauty that the brunette look definitely doesn’t. Blonde works flawlessly with her complexion and allows her bold eyes to pop.

Rihanna Looks Better as a Brunette


She’s a feisty female that has an overabundance of beauty, and although Rihanna can rock the gold hues of being a blonde, the brunette appearance definitely makes her features pop out. While blonde blends in her features, brunette makes everything stand out, from her eyes to her cheekbones, her luscious lips and everything else that is so stunning about this sassy chic diva. We could go on and on about the beauty of this babe, but then we’d be here forever.

Miley Cyrus Looks Best as Both


She has proven to be the kind of female who can rock whatever look she’s desiring and absolutely kill it. She went from beautiful long brunette locks to a short, platinum blonde Boy George inspired haircut, and although they’re both on opposite sides of the spectrum, Miley remains to be the stunning style diva that she’s always been known for since her days at Disney.

Beyonce Looks Better as a Blonde


Not all dark skinned woman can pull off the golden locks of a blonde, but Beyonce is definitely one of them. Life as a blonde for Beyonce lightens her features and embraces them, while darker hair seems to minimize and hide her stunningness. Embrace that beauty, girl.

Lindsay Lohan Looks Better as a Brunette


It’s not everyday that you stumble across a picture of Lindsay Lohan looking beautiful, especially when she’s often indulging in the ways of a blonde. As a brunette, Lindsay is able to embrace her unique features that make her stunning, such as her freckles, pale skin and green eyes. Blonde looks too unnatural for this natural ginger, and the darker tones of brown make her look like the successful, prestigious female that she once was.

Keira Knightley Looks Best as Both


She’s another celebrity that we all get to be envious of because Keira can rock both blonde and brunette hairstyles flawlessly. Neither shades blend in her beauty and features and they actually seem to have their own ways of enhancing her bold bone structure and big brown eyes. Blonde hair illuminates a sassy innocence while brunette seems to provide a dramatic confidence, but both definitely look just as fabulous.

All of these Hollywood hotties are definitely beautiful regardless of their hair color choice, but some should definitely stick to lighter shades while others should steer far from just that.  That’s not to mention that the majority of these sexy celebs have combined their hair color-changing ways, and are now indulging in the new and trendy way of Ombre locks.

Tame Your Locks To Look Perfect This Summer With 7 Celebrity Inspired Haircuts

Many women will tell you that summer is the best season to get a haircut to protect your hair from sun damage and beat the heat. However, nobody needs a reason or a season to get a new haircut. Whenever you want a shapely trim or a fresh new look, a haircut is called for.

Gift yourself the freedom to experiment with a new hair trend this summer by emulating your favorite celebrity’s haircut. We have for you 7 celebrities and their most popular haircuts that will make you go gaga this summer.

Celebrity Inspired Haircuts

Let’s check out the top 7 haircuts for Summer 2013 inspired by your favorite celebrities.

1. The Short Crop

Short Crop

The short crop is famous with all the boys, but Charlize Theron proved that the short crop can look very sexy on women too. Doesn’t Charlize look like a woman with power in her short crop? Charlize graced a number of red carpet events with her short crop in the most beautiful gowns. So you won’t need to worry about the short crop undermining your femininity.

2. The Modern Pixie

Modern Pixie

When Anne Hathaway shed her locks, she also shed unending tears of sadness. But the more we got used to her modern pixie cut, the more we loved it and the more it made us realize that Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut looks really great on women with slender frames, just like this beautiful actress. Are you willing to give this one a try?

3. The Super Short Fringe

Super Short Fringe

When you keep your fringe and crop the rest of your hair, what you will find staring back at you in the mirror is one of Rihanna’s most famous hairstyles. You can add a few highlights to glam up those locks and define your fringe. But if you want to keep it short and simple, the super short fringe is what you’re looking for.

4. The Asymmetrical Flare Bob

Asymmetrical Flare Bob

Asymmetrical hairstyles are quite popular in all of Hollywood. Marion Cotillard’s bob with an asymmetrical flare and the elegance it brings to her, framing her flawless face inspires us to experiment with this look for summer 2013. Does the asymmetrical flare bob inspire you too?

5. Layered Razor Cut  

Layered Razor Cut

Say bye bye to sweaty necks during summer by opting for an above the neck haircut. To add a fancy touch to your cropped look, Lisa Rinna gives you a jazzy option with the layered razor cut.

6. Side Bangs

Side Bangs

We do understand that some of you hate to do away with length while getting a new haircut. Why don’t you just cut a couple of side bangs and frame your face for a new look instead of going all the way with an overall haircut like Cobie Smulders did?

7. The Front Fringe

Front Fringe

If your hair has been sleek for too long now without much of styling, the front fringe can give you a fresh new look a la Emma Stone.

How inspired are you for a trip to the hair salon? Book your appointment soon and don’t forget to take a picture of your favorite celebrity along so that your stylist can give you just the look you’re looking for.

Prom Hairdos – The Most Exciting, Mesmerizing and Super Stylish Hairdos For Short And Long Hair

The search for the perfect prom hairdos can often lead to a lot of indecision which is the reason why we have compiled a list of some of our favorite hairdos for prom that should hopefully point you in the right direction. Whether you are looking for a hairdo for longhair or for short hair we have you covered and you can point your hair stylist in the right direction.

Prom Night marks an important event in the life of every girl. Why then should you not look like a princess at your prom? With prom night fast approaching, finding the perfect prom hairdo is your top priority and so we decided to help you achieve that perfect hairstyle for prom night.

Prom Hairdos
Selection Of Popular Prom Hairdos

We have compiled for you a list of popular prom hairdos for 2013. We’ve tried to fit in something for everyone. Long hair, short hair, sleek hair, wavy hair or curly hair, whatever your hair type, we have a prom hairdo for you. So check out our compilation and let us know which prom hairdo you are going to pull off.

Prom Hairdos for Long Hair

 Long hair can be an advantage because it gives you more room to experiment with different prom hairdos.

1. Plaited Bun

Plaited bun prom hairdos
Plaited Bun

A plaited bun is very easy to accomplish. All you need to do is gather every strand of your hair into a single plait. Roll the plait around itself and you will have yourself a plaited bun.

This is one of our favorite plaited bun style tutorial

2. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid Prom Hairdo
Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is a great prom hairdo for those with long wavy hair or long sleek hair. For a waterfall braid, you need to braid the upper section of your hair, leaving a few strands out of the braid for a waterfall effect.

Another great tutorial showing how to create a waterfall braid with your hair

3. Half Up – Half Down

Prom Hairdos
Half Up – Half Down – Promo Hairdo

 Guys may not really tell you this, but they find a woman’s crowning glory very appealing. Mystify your date with a half up, half down hairdo for prom. Clip up the upper section of your hair, leaving most of it trailing behind.

If your looking for a beautiful half up – half down tutorial for your prom hairdo then watch the video below

4. Side Braid

Side Braid Prom Hairdo
Side Braid

 If you have long wavy and thick hair, tying them into a single side braid will keep them tamed, simple and elegant for the evening.

Here is another video showing one of our favorite side braid hairstyles

5. A Ponytail

Prom Hairdos
Ponytail Hairdo

 Sometimes the simplest of hairstyles can look really elegant. A polished ponytail is a great prom hairdo if you are wearing a long well fitted gown. Avoid using a scrunchy to tie up your hair, instead, use a thin rubber band to hold the ponytail together and then wind a few strands of your hair around the rubber band to keep it from being seen.

Prom Hairdos for Short Hair

 Experimenting with prom hairdos for short hair depends on how short your hair is.

1. Curled Tips

Short Hair Prom Hairdos
Curled Tips

 If you have short sleek hair, you can curl the tips of your hair for a vibrant hairdo for prom.

2. Waterfall Braids

 Waterfall braids can work for short hair as well. Below we have posted another video of a style that is quite popular

3. The Bob

Short Hair Prom Hairdos
The Bob

 If you already have a bob, that’s great and if you don’t, you can always fake one by straightening your hair inwards with a sleek side fringe.

4. The Messy Bun

Prom Hairdos
The Messy Bun

 If you have sleek short hair that reaches your shoulders, you can curl the tips of your hair and tie them into a messy bun, leaving a sleek side fringe.

A great tutorial showing how to get the messy bun look for short hair

5. Curly Braided Hairdo

We absolutely love this style for short hair and below you can watch a very detailed video of exactly how to do the curly braided updo

Using Hair Accessories

Clips, flowers, bows and hair bands look very cute and feminine. You could try some of the hairdos for prom listed above and simply add a cute clip, floral accessory, a bow or a hairband to it and accessorize your hairstyle with it.

Hair Accessories For Prom
Hair Accessories

Aren’t these prom hairdos stylish and lovely? We hope one lucky prom hairdo from among these styles gets to enjoy the privilege of being your hairdo for your prom night so that you can check “hairdo for prom” off the list as well. If you looking for ideas on what to wear then check out our favorite prom dresses here.

Give Your Crowning Glory a Fresh Look in Spring 2013 with these 6 Hottest Hair Color Trends

Experimenting with hair color is one risky plunge especially if you’re dyeing your hair an unusual color or streaking it with vibrantly colored highlights. As much as you try to imagine how great a particular color will look on you, there is always a slight room for uncertainty because you can never know if your new hair color will match your skin tone.

Spring 2013 has some great hair color trends in store for you. Would you like to check them out? They will surely serve as some healthy inspiration to prod you to take a trip to the salon.

Presenting to you the 6 hottest hair color trends for Spring 2013.

1. Orange Highlights

Orange Highlights Hair Color Trend 2013

Orange is one of the hottest colors for spring 2013. You have orange lipsticks, orange nail polishes, orange jeans, dresses, t-shirts and so much more that you can wear to sport this trendy color. Now you can add to that list by getting some orange highlights. They look fabulous on blonde hair.

2. Rainbow Highlights

Rainbow Highlights Hair Color Trend 2013

Don’t take the name of this trend literally. You need not have all the 7 colors of the rainbow on your hair, although that would look quite funky, wouldn’t it? Rainbow highlights can be done by choosing one color with its different shades streaked onto your hair or two or three different colors that either contrast with each other or complement each other as highlights on your hair.

3. Black and Blonde Streaks

 The most suitable hair colors for fair skin tones are black and blonde. And if you can never make up your mind about choosing either, why not go with both?

Black and Blonde Streaks Hair Color Trend 2013

You can streak your blonde hair with black highlights or you can streak jet black hair with blonde highlights. Either choice of hair color looks mysteriously sexy and seductive.

4. The (Orange) Redhead

Redhead Hair Color Trend 2013

And once again we come back to trendy orange, but this time, it’s not just streaks. Get ready for a 3600 transformation by sporting fiery orange locks. Redheads are just an old tale now. It’s time to be trendy with orange.

5. Blended Ombré

Blended Ombré Hair Color Trend 2013

Blended Ombré gives your hair a softer look as compared to the other bold colors that are trending this spring. If you find that opting for bold hair colors is too much of a risk that you are not willing to take, opting for a blended ombré color with lighter colored bottom strands and darker upper strands will keep you trendy in spring 2013.

6. Buttery Blonde

Buttery Blonde Hair Color Trend 2013

If you have been a brunette or a redhead all your life, it’s time for an image transformation. There is no harm in trying how blonde hair will suit you. You can experiment with a buttery blonde shade for spring 2013 and bring on the angelic charm.

Experimenting with hair color once in a while is totally worth the risk. You could either end up with disastrously colored locks or you could have a completely fresh and trendy look that suits you well. If your hair color does go wrong and if a certain color doesn’t suit you too well, you can always dye your hair back to your original color. So why not give hair color a shot in spring 2013?

Top 5 Summer Haircut Trends That Are In Vogue

Though we are still pulling our coats closer and cuddling into blankets, the runways are abuzz with the spring summer 2013 collections. The more serious fashioinistas amongst you, I am sure, have already made note of the summer 2013 apparel trends. But have you paid attention to the haircut trends for summer 2013?

Fashion does not encompass only what clothes you wear. It also extends to how you style your hair. After all, hair does contribute significantly to your overall look. And every season, some haircuts are in vogue and some are hopelessly out of style.

Don’t get caught with a haircut from yesteryear (yes, last season is yesteryear in ruthless fashion lingo). Here are some trending haircuts for summer 2013.

1.  Short Haircut Trends for Men in Summer 2013

Short haircuts always give a professional and clean look to men. And in summers, it is an extremely practical haircut too. The slick back hairstyle is popular for men with short haircuts in summer 2013.

To get this look, you need to cut your hair short on the back and sides, while maintaining hair length and thickness around the crown. The variations in this cut are many and you can choose a style that suits you best. For instance, you can cut the hair at the side parting higher to create a modern look. Or you can crop the hair on the lower side with a razor to create a uniform length look.

Here are some styling options to consider in this haircut, boys.

Male Summer Haircut Trends 2013

2.  Bangs Haircut Trends for Women Summer 2013

The bangs have reemerged in 2013 as a trendy haircut for women. The best way to cut your bangs is to go full on and completely cover the forehead. Combine bangs with a choppy haircut and by choosing the right make up you can create a sexy party girl look.

Bangs Summer Haircut Trend

To create professional chic look for office with bangs, cut them asymmetrically, falling on one side. Keep the overall hair length medium to short and well brushed down. Like this look below.

asymmetric summer haircut trends

3. Layered Haircuts Trends for Women 2013

Cutting your hair in layers creates a voluminous look and is apt for women with naturally thin hair. And layered haircuts are ‘in’ in 2013. However the styles of layered haircuts vary significantly.

You can opt for a very short layered haircut also called a pixie cut, where hair around the back of the head and close to the ears is clipped very short. The pixie haircut can create a charming school girl look.

Layered summer haircut trends

4. Gypsy Haircut Trends for Women 2013

The gypsy haircut, as the name suggests is an unruly messy haircut that was very popular in the 70s. This trend makes a comeback in 2013. The easiest way to create the gypsy haircut is to cut the hair in multiple messy layers. The more layers you have, the greater impact your gypsy haircut will make.

gypsy haircut

Coloring your hair in an unconventional hue further adds to the look.

5. Bob Haircut Trends For Women 2013

The bob is a haircut that will probably never go out of style. For years now, the bob haircut has regularly featured as a trendy haircut every season. And 2013 is no different.

Come summer and you can wear your bob with bangs in a stylish chin grazing style.

Bob haircut

Another way to combine bob with bangs for a sophisticated look is to sweep the bangs along one side.

Summer haircut styles

A haircut is not as simple as taking a pair of scissors and chopping off your tresses. As you have seen, serious work is involved in creating truly stylish and classy haircuts that are the pinnacle of style.

So which of these haircuts are you going to opt for on your next visit to your hair salon?

Hairstyle Trends 2013 – Top Off your 2013 Look with Style

As you may have read in these pages earlier, fashion covers you from head to toe. While footwear fashion trends finish off your look, the trending hairstyles for any season are important to ‘top up’ your look with style. Your hair is the crowning glory and contributes significantly in enhancing your look. Hairstyle trends 2013 are all about style and sophistication. This is the time to explore and experiment with newer and innovative hairstyles and herald a dramatic change in your looks to surprise friends and family. And feel good about yourself too.

The purpose of fashion is often erroneously considered as solely making an impact on others. While this is true to some extent, it is not the only aim of fashion. Fashion is also all about making an impact on yourself. And nothing does it better than the right hairstyle trends. A case in point is the 2013 hair color trends. Completely bright and bold, 2013 hair colors will make you look and more importantly feel every inch the stylish diva you truly are.

So how will you be wearing your hair in 2013? Let us find out with the Hairstyle Trends 2013.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

The Half Tucked Hairstyle Trend 2013

A breathtaking simple, yet incredibly innovative hairstyle trend 2013 seen on the runways was the half tucked look. To achieve this look, don’t tuck back all your hair behind the ears, leave some strands in the front. And viola- it’s simple, sexy and incredibly stylish. Take a look at the picture below:


This look can have several variations as per your individual tastes. For instance, you could have slicked hair at the back and also hair slicked down straight in the front. Another variation could be hair tucked behind the ears tied at the back, while the front portions are gelled together in shapes or you could have a wet look at the front and back with or without waves. And of course any permutation and combination of each of these looks. Thus one hairstyle, so many looks! And each of them trendy for 2013.

Side Parting Trends for Hair in 2013

Though centre parting was seen on some of the fashion shows showcasing 2013 styles, the predominantly emerging trends for hair parting was the side part. Whether you have long hair or short, this is how you should wear your hair in 2013. Of course you can side part on the left or right. Combine your side parts with bangs, keep it voluminous or slick straight or aim for a messy tousled look. The writing on the fashion wall is clear – side is stylish and side is stunning when it comes to 2013 hairstyles.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Popular Hairstyle Trends 2013

(a) The Bob

One of the most popular hairstyle trends 2013 seen on the runways included the timeless and classic bob. The bob cut has always figured high in the hairstyle trends every season and you cannot really go wrong with a bob any time. The way to wear your bob in 2013 is short and with bangs, another popular hairstyle trend 2013. And of course the side parting was also part of this look.

Hairstyle Trends 2013


(b) The Pony Tail

If you have medium to long hair, one of the most popular hairstyles 2013 for you is the ubiquitous ponytail. Don’t think however, that this is a plain look. Ponytails in 2013 are low, almost at the nape of the neck and when put together with a slicked back or wet look, ponytails can be oh-so-sexy.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

 (c) The Knot

And for those of you with really long hair and wanting a hairstyle that will get the hair out of your way and yet give an elegant and sophisticated look, the knot is the answer. Complete opposite of the grunge look that is organized mess, the knot is slick and clean.

 Hairstyle Trends 2013

 2013 Hair Color Trends

Awaiting the hair color trends for any season is something I personally find very exciting. Because coloring your hair is not merely coloring the hair, but it has a deeper significance in that it feels rebellious and adventurous. Go ahead and tell me you don’t feel that way.

Well 2013 does not disappoint as hair color trends in this season are bright and bold and cotton candy colored. Did I just say cotton candy colored? Yes I did and I meant cotton candy color. No mistakes. Here is the look.

 Hairstyle Trends 2013

 There was yet another interesting way this 2013 hair color trend was showcased in the runways. Colored streaks hidden in the voluminous up-dos like this.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Another rocking 2013 hair color trend is dip dyeing your hair. Regardless of the length and style, dip the tips of your hair into the color of your choice and your look has transformed. This look is popular amongst many celebrities.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Hairstyle Trends 2013 for Men

No I have not forgotten you guys. I know you are eager to know what is the most fashionable way to wear your hair in 2013.

Well a very popular hairstyle trend 2013 for men on the ramps was long hair. Not the hippy-style, unkempt artisty look of the 70s and 80s. But a well groomed and professional look like this.

hairstyle-trends-2013men's-long hair-look

 However not everyone can pull this trend off. And if you have short hair, you have several hairstyle options too. You can style your short hair back combed, side parted and tousled up for the perfect formal look.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

 Hairstyle trends 2013 are all about making a statement and doing with panache. Whether you have short, medium or long hair is immaterial. The hairstyle 2013 trends focus on letting you individualize your style within what resources you have (I am talking about hair quality, length and other parameters) and the results you desire (I am talking about whether you want to create a subtle look, an over the top look or a sexy look).

Fringe Hairstyle Trend 2013

There is definitely something special about the fringe that keeps this hairstyle on the radar practically every season. In 2013, the fringe is best worn thick and long and practically reaching up to your nose. The fringe is extremely versatile and can be worn in different ways, creating a look that you want. You can pair the fringe with a bob or medium to long hair or you can even create a unique hairstyle that goes with the fringe. We did mention that the fringe is versatile, right?

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Beautiful Braids for 2013

Creative braids were visible as a predominant hairstyle trend for 2013 in both the New York and Milan Fashion Weeks. In Milan, Fendi presented a futuristic look with twisted braids that eventually came down as pig tails. In New York, the braid trend was more practical. One look was the braid merging into a high pony tail, creating a professional look. The second one (and my personal favorite) was a kind of ‘braid-bridge’, with braids originating from the temples, meeting at the nape of the neck, creating a very pretty look. Check out both the looks for yourself.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Slick and Sexy Hairstyle Trends in 2013

You surely remember the ‘wet hair’ look that was the craze some years back. Well it has come back, in a less wet form and is now called the slick hairstyle. Just a touch of dampness about the hair, the slick hairstyle is all about pasting your hair literally on the scalp. And the result is an irresistibly sexy look that you can further accentuate with the right make up. Gucci, Rodarte, Loewe, and Rag & Bone were some of the biggies who showcased the slick hairstyle trend in their 2013 shows.

And you can pair your slick look with centre parting (preferred) or side parting.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Ponytail Trends 2013

The classic ponytail is trendy in 2013 too, which is great, because it is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to wear your hair, don’t you agree?

There is even more good news for ponytail lovers because in 2013, you can wear your ponytail high or low and still be trendy.

Zang Toi at the New York Fashion Week created a voluminous high ponytail look, with the ponytail scrunched up and fanned out below.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

On the other hand, Elie Saab, Michael Kors and Chanel, kept the pony low, tied at the nape of the neck, with the hair ironed out straight, further emphasizing the length of the tail. Check out Chanel’s look below.

Hairstyle Trends 2013 think that is contradictory? Yes it is. But fashion has always been about contradictions and rarely about conformity, right?  And you better take advantage of this contradiction while it exists. You never know, perhaps, next season, ponytails may not be trendy at all.

Accessorizing for the Right Look

Hairstyle trends in 2013 are also focused on combining the right accessories to get the perfect look. On the ramps, we saw hair accessories that blended with the hair so perfectly as to create unique hairstyles by themselves. Some of the accessories that stood out included elegant pearls down the nape by Chanel, printed scarves tied around the head by Dolce and Gabbana, that created a chic retro look and bows by Louis Vuitton, which added style and sophistication to the entire ensemble.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Being the fashion diva that you are, don’t you eagerly await the fashion trends every season? And with these hairstyle trends 2013, we hope your fashion knowledge has become comprehensive. So are you all set to sizzle and shine in 2013?

As always, when experimenting with hair colors and other hair styling products, it is best to make sure the products are suitable for you. You should work with professional hair care specialists for best results.

10 Most Sexy Hairstyles for the New Year’s Party – Celebrity Inspired

Peppy, chic, sometimes flamboyant, a little bouncy, deep textures, tresses, fringe and maybe even a bit of color. No prizes for guessing what we are giving so much attention to, hair. These so called dead cells toss when sculpted and cared for, bring a lively glow to your face and that much – needed finishing to your persona.

There’s always a time to change your look and try out something new which will surely dazzle your friends and colleagues. Be it highlights or a stylish perm, a new hairstyle is a much needed breath of fresh (h)air and also shows your touch with fashion and the current trends. And who best to know about hair and its fashionable appeal, than our very own stylish celebs. Always in the midst of attention and constantly flaunting scintillating new hairdos these Red Carpet regulars are at the epitome of fashion if not beyond.

Right from Lady Gaga and her audacious hairdos, Jennifer Aniston’s ‘to-die-for’ silky strands to Rihanna and her widely popular hairstyles topping the “in Vogue” charts, Celebs do know their hair and they are definitely an inspiration for giving ourselves a fresh, sexy new look. So let us have a look at the most sexy hairstyles which are sure to make you the gossip of this New Year’s party.

Top 10 Hairstyles to Rock this New Year’s Party

 1. The Emma Watson – Elfin Styled Pixie Crop

The rage at the hairstylist, pixie crops are one of the most subtle, yet simply sensational styles of the lot. Allowing for more light on the face, this sexy hairdo provides an appeal and fashion status quo equal to those long tresses sans all the mingle, mangle and jangle. Practical, pixyish, and pure, Emma Watson opted for the cute look inspired by Mia Farrow, and look what it has magically levitated her up into the fashion limelight. The sexy pixie crop with a little elf like curly & curvy texture, will simply leave onlookers charmed.

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

2. Side Shaven Rihannaesque style

Maybe not conventional but definitely every inch show stopper sexy. This superbly thought out style perfectly blends girl styled curly fringes, side shaves and straight roots to give an absolutely breathtaking semblance. The side shave does have room for variation where a fully shaven look can be replaced with a hair short enough to sync with the overall hairstyle. High on being a girl, confident in life? Then this is the perfect hairstyle to kick-start an exciting New Year.

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

3. Agyness Deyn’s fringed short crop

Like we said short was in, and with a powerful proponent such as Agyness Deyn, sporting this sexy hairstyle it is going to stay ‘in’. While keeping the less–troublesome short pixyish crop, Agyness indulges with wild fringes culminating an absolutely self dependent, I-Am-who-I-Am, look. This style empowers the persona with a more noticeable and strong presence and can be styled on the right occasion for a feminine touch.

Agyness Deyn fringed pixieCelebrity Hairstyle Trends

4. Royally Yours, the Kate Middleton Effect

Girls we tried our very best not to be swooped in with the crowd, but with an impeccable fashion sense and a royal hairdo, we couldn’t help but happily be a part of the Kate Middleton effect. Lustrous, bouncy, glam and everything royal this sexy hairstyle is worth every ounce of the hype the Duchess of Cambridge has stirred in fashion houses. Serene, immaculate and fashionably royal, must try.

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

 5. Go Braid Fish – Kim Kardashian

This one’s definitely got many men lost in thought. Simply alluring, simply subtle and simply sultry, this style definitely increases the steam with intertwined braids giving the shape of a fish. Gives a youthful glow and charm on the face while maintaining calmness, serene image giving way to that timeless allure. With the Kim Kardashian inspired fish braid, all the guys will definitely have mermaids swimming in their dreams.

Kim Kardashian Fish braid

6. Taylor Swift Fringes & Bangs

Look who’s turned to the fringe frames. Taylor Swift along with her piercing gaze totally definitely, must have caused accidents with this super seductive and super sexy look. These bangs which just touch the eye lashes are the easiest way to get an absolutely stunning makeover. Soft & feminine yet razor like subtle all with a bang, a look to kill competition this New Year’s eve.

Taylor Swift

7 The elegant Bun – Cheryl Cole Style

Elegant, sophisticated, beautiful and that extra glow on the face, what’s not to love about Cheryl Cole’s voluminous Bun. A bun has always been the traditional ceremony hairstyle and the way it makes you look, we know why it continues to be so. Always a top trend the bun is a glam style for any party, especially New Year’s.

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends

8. Side Swept Layers – Kate Beckinsale

Another popular prom dance and first love hairstyles, the side sweep of textured layers will never lose its appeal. Simple, sophisticated, sensual and one of the most sexy hairstyles for this New Year’s Party.

Kate Beckinsale

9. The Colorful Bob – Latest Katy Perry

What’s a list be without Katy Perry? For every chart Breaking single she has ever sung, The Fireworks star has got more hairstyles in the fashionable hairstyle hall of fame (which is a lot). Experimenting with colorful hues, classical and sometimes way – beyond – our – times’ style, this star’s hairstyles always possess a distinct and sensational look. Katy Perry with the evergreen bob dressed with a colored hue, truly top fashion.

Celebrity Hairstyle Trends


10. Jennifer Aniston and Honey Straights

Who hasn’t been envious of Jennifer Aniston and her honeyed super straight hair? With a super soft and silky texture, you can’t get enough of this sexy hairstyle and neither can the opposite sex. The super straights provide a vibrant and sleek look which is low maintenance and super trendy. Jennifer Aniston inspired super straights – Total love.

Jennifer Aniston

Hair is one of the most important parts of any get – up. Arranging and getting it right may be a bit of a hassle but with some effort and the right super sexy hairstyle you are all ready to start this New Year’s Party in style.