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Hairstyle Trends 2013 – Top Off your 2013 Look with Style

As you may have read in these pages earlier, fashion covers you from head to toe. While footwear fashion trends finish off your look, the trending hairstyles for any season are important to ‘top up’ your look with style. Your hair is the crowning glory and contributes significantly in enhancing your look. Hairstyle trends 2013 are all about style and sophistication. This is the time to explore and experiment with newer and innovative hairstyles and herald a dramatic change in your looks to surprise friends and family. And feel good about yourself too.

The purpose of fashion is often erroneously considered as solely making an impact on others. While this is true to some extent, it is not the only aim of fashion. Fashion is also all about making an impact on yourself. And nothing does it better than the right hairstyle trends. A case in point is the 2013 hair color trends. Completely bright and bold, 2013 hair colors will make you look and more importantly feel every inch the stylish diva you truly are.

So how will you be wearing your hair in 2013? Let us find out with the Hairstyle Trends 2013.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

The Half Tucked Hairstyle Trend 2013

A breathtaking simple, yet incredibly innovative hairstyle trend 2013 seen on the runways was the half tucked look. To achieve this look, don’t tuck back all your hair behind the ears, leave some strands in the front. And viola- it’s simple, sexy and incredibly stylish. Take a look at the picture below:


This look can have several variations as per your individual tastes. For instance, you could have slicked hair at the back and also hair slicked down straight in the front. Another variation could be hair tucked behind the ears tied at the back, while the front portions are gelled together in shapes or you could have a wet look at the front and back with or without waves. And of course any permutation and combination of each of these looks. Thus one hairstyle, so many looks! And each of them trendy for 2013.

Side Parting Trends for Hair in 2013

Though centre parting was seen on some of the fashion shows showcasing 2013 styles, the predominantly emerging trends for hair parting was the side part. Whether you have long hair or short, this is how you should wear your hair in 2013. Of course you can side part on the left or right. Combine your side parts with bangs, keep it voluminous or slick straight or aim for a messy tousled look. The writing on the fashion wall is clear – side is stylish and side is stunning when it comes to 2013 hairstyles.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Popular Hairstyle Trends 2013

(a) The Bob

One of the most popular hairstyle trends 2013 seen on the runways included the timeless and classic bob. The bob cut has always figured high in the hairstyle trends every season and you cannot really go wrong with a bob any time. The way to wear your bob in 2013 is short and with bangs, another popular hairstyle trend 2013. And of course the side parting was also part of this look.

Hairstyle Trends 2013


(b) The Pony Tail

If you have medium to long hair, one of the most popular hairstyles 2013 for you is the ubiquitous ponytail. Don’t think however, that this is a plain look. Ponytails in 2013 are low, almost at the nape of the neck and when put together with a slicked back or wet look, ponytails can be oh-so-sexy.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

 (c) The Knot

And for those of you with really long hair and wanting a hairstyle that will get the hair out of your way and yet give an elegant and sophisticated look, the knot is the answer. Complete opposite of the grunge look that is organized mess, the knot is slick and clean.

 Hairstyle Trends 2013

 2013 Hair Color Trends

Awaiting the hair color trends for any season is something I personally find very exciting. Because coloring your hair is not merely coloring the hair, but it has a deeper significance in that it feels rebellious and adventurous. Go ahead and tell me you don’t feel that way.

Well 2013 does not disappoint as hair color trends in this season are bright and bold and cotton candy colored. Did I just say cotton candy colored? Yes I did and I meant cotton candy color. No mistakes. Here is the look.

 Hairstyle Trends 2013

 There was yet another interesting way this 2013 hair color trend was showcased in the runways. Colored streaks hidden in the voluminous up-dos like this.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Another rocking 2013 hair color trend is dip dyeing your hair. Regardless of the length and style, dip the tips of your hair into the color of your choice and your look has transformed. This look is popular amongst many celebrities.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Hairstyle Trends 2013 for Men

No I have not forgotten you guys. I know you are eager to know what is the most fashionable way to wear your hair in 2013.

Well a very popular hairstyle trend 2013 for men on the ramps was long hair. Not the hippy-style, unkempt artisty look of the 70s and 80s. But a well groomed and professional look like this.

hairstyle-trends-2013men's-long hair-look

 However not everyone can pull this trend off. And if you have short hair, you have several hairstyle options too. You can style your short hair back combed, side parted and tousled up for the perfect formal look.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

 Hairstyle trends 2013 are all about making a statement and doing with panache. Whether you have short, medium or long hair is immaterial. The hairstyle 2013 trends focus on letting you individualize your style within what resources you have (I am talking about hair quality, length and other parameters) and the results you desire (I am talking about whether you want to create a subtle look, an over the top look or a sexy look).

Fringe Hairstyle Trend 2013

There is definitely something special about the fringe that keeps this hairstyle on the radar practically every season. In 2013, the fringe is best worn thick and long and practically reaching up to your nose. The fringe is extremely versatile and can be worn in different ways, creating a look that you want. You can pair the fringe with a bob or medium to long hair or you can even create a unique hairstyle that goes with the fringe. We did mention that the fringe is versatile, right?

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Beautiful Braids for 2013

Creative braids were visible as a predominant hairstyle trend for 2013 in both the New York and Milan Fashion Weeks. In Milan, Fendi presented a futuristic look with twisted braids that eventually came down as pig tails. In New York, the braid trend was more practical. One look was the braid merging into a high pony tail, creating a professional look. The second one (and my personal favorite) was a kind of ‘braid-bridge’, with braids originating from the temples, meeting at the nape of the neck, creating a very pretty look. Check out both the looks for yourself.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Slick and Sexy Hairstyle Trends in 2013

You surely remember the ‘wet hair’ look that was the craze some years back. Well it has come back, in a less wet form and is now called the slick hairstyle. Just a touch of dampness about the hair, the slick hairstyle is all about pasting your hair literally on the scalp. And the result is an irresistibly sexy look that you can further accentuate with the right make up. Gucci, Rodarte, Loewe, and Rag & Bone were some of the biggies who showcased the slick hairstyle trend in their 2013 shows.

And you can pair your slick look with centre parting (preferred) or side parting.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Ponytail Trends 2013

The classic ponytail is trendy in 2013 too, which is great, because it is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to wear your hair, don’t you agree?

There is even more good news for ponytail lovers because in 2013, you can wear your ponytail high or low and still be trendy.

Zang Toi at the New York Fashion Week created a voluminous high ponytail look, with the ponytail scrunched up and fanned out below.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

On the other hand, Elie Saab, Michael Kors and Chanel, kept the pony low, tied at the nape of the neck, with the hair ironed out straight, further emphasizing the length of the tail. Check out Chanel’s look below.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Ah..you think that is contradictory? Yes it is. But fashion has always been about contradictions and rarely about conformity, right?  And you better take advantage of this contradiction while it exists. You never know, perhaps, next season, ponytails may not be trendy at all.

Accessorizing for the Right Look

Hairstyle trends in 2013 are also focused on combining the right accessories to get the perfect look. On the ramps, we saw hair accessories that blended with the hair so perfectly as to create unique hairstyles by themselves. Some of the accessories that stood out included elegant pearls down the nape by Chanel, printed scarves tied around the head by Dolce and Gabbana, that created a chic retro look and bows by Louis Vuitton, which added style and sophistication to the entire ensemble.

Hairstyle Trends 2013

Being the fashion diva that you are, don’t you eagerly await the fashion trends every season? And with these hairstyle trends 2013, we hope your fashion knowledge has become comprehensive. So are you all set to sizzle and shine in 2013?

As always, when experimenting with hair colors and other hair styling products, it is best to make sure the products are suitable for you. You should work with professional hair care specialists for best results.

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