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Which One Of Rachel Zoe’s Gorgeous Handbags Would You Like To Own?

You probably already know that Rachel Zoe was a stylist before we knew her as a TV personality and the proud owner of an aesthetic fashion line. That’s probably the reason why Rachel Zoe’s closet is one of the most well stocked ones that we know of.

Rachel Zoe’s clothes, shoes, bags and accessories contain a lot of items that will make you want to drop everything and go shopping. Therefore, it was only fitting to bring Rachel Zoe to your favorite stars’ favorite bags today.

Rachel Zoe Handbags

Rachel Zoe carries a lot of bags from her own fashion line, but they certainly don’t keep her hands and eyes off Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hermes, Gucci and so many more. You’d want to take a good look at this collection because you’re going to fall in love with Rachel Zoe’s Handbags.

1. Luxe Rachel Zoe Fringe Saddle Bag

Luxe Rachel Zoe Fringe Saddle Bag

Firsts are always memorable, just like this Luxe Rachel Zoe Fringe Saddle Bag which was among Rachel Zoe’s very first handbag designs. The beauty of this bag must have proven to Rachel that this was it for her.

2. Rachel Zoe Double Buckle Tote

Rachel Zoe Double Buckle Tote

Here’s one bag from Rachel’s line that is not accessible to anybody but the designer herself. Guess that’s what it’s like to feel powerful. But we liked the unique design of this Double Buckle Tote so much that we wish we could have it too.

3. Rachel Zoe Morrison Red Tote

Rachel Zoe Morrison Red Tote

Rachel carries her Morrison Red Tote out so frequently that she has made us fall in love with it over time.

If we had to go on flaunting Rachel’s bags from her own collection, we’d have no place left. We just had to showcase some of the designer’s choices from other labels which is why we’re now switching over.

4. Alexander McQueen Whipstitched Shipper Tote

Alexander McQueen Whipstitched Shipper Tote

Rachel’s baby bag is stylish too. Yes, this chic looking Whipstitched Shipper Tote by Alexander McQueen, which was often used as Rachel’s baby bag is quite a stylish choice for baby bags, isn’t it?

5. Proenza Schouler PS1 Weekender

Proenza Schouler PS1 Weekender

And we love the color of this bag. This Proenza Schouler PS1 Weekender looks like the perfect bag to flaunt your fashion sense with.

6. Givenchy Antigona Bag

Givenchy Antigona Bag

Here’s another color that we simply love. There’s something about tan and its hues on handbags that make us stare in awe. This Givenchy Antigona Bag just rendered us speechless.

7. Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote

Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote

We’d have to dub this Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote as the best bag in this compilation of Rachel Zoe’s handbags because this bag has it all. It’s got the charm, elegance, edginess, beauty, uniqueness and a great deal of fashion quotient that exceeds every other such bag that we’ve known.

8. Hermes Birkin

Hermes Birkin

And of course, how can we forget the Hermes Birkin that makes its appearance in every star’s favorite handbags collection. The classic black Hermes Birkin is part of Rachel’s wardrobe too and there was no better way in which we could end this beautiful compilation of Rachel’s designer handbags.

If Rachel let you have one bag of hers for a day, which one would you go for? As for us, it would take us nothing less than a day to decide.

Top 10 Countdown Of Eva Longoria’s Bags In 2013

Eva Longoria may not be considered among the ultra chic fashionistas of Hollywood; however this beautiful actress sure knows how to dress well. Eva Longoria’s style is defined to suit her impeccable tastes. She may not wow you at all times, but she certainly won’t disappoint.

What we loved the most about Eva Longoria is her distinct personal style. You will hardly find her deviating from the trendy and comfortable ensembles she throws together. However, Eva’s handbags can never go unnoticed. This pretty lass has one of the most choicest tastes when it comes to buying handbags and so we’re showcasing Eva’s sexy handbag collection here today on your favorite stars’ favorite bags.

Get ready to let your obsessions off the leash because Eva Longoria’s Top 10 Sexiest Handbags are going to leave you fixated.

Eva Longoria's Handbags

1. Coach Python Bonnie Satchel

Eva Longorias Coach Python Bonnie Satchel

Throughout this compilation, you will notice that Eva Longoria has a special fondness for Coach Bags. It was, therefore, only fitting to begin with one of Eva’s personal favorites – the beautiful Python Bonnie Satchel from Coach.

2. Coach Francine Satchel

Eva Longoria Coach Francine Satchel

Eva’s Francine Satchel by Coach sets the perfect mood for a day out in town on a sunny summer day. The radiance that this turquoise blue bag brings to Eva’s summer look is fixating.

3. Coach Woven Kristen Satchel

Eva Longoria Coach Woven Kristen Satchel

Eva’s Coach Kristen Satchel is her most preferred companion with casual wear. This woven grey bag by Coach seems like it has the power to make every woman happy.

4. Coach Leather Kristen Satchel

Eva Longoria Coach Leather Kristen Satchel

Yes, Eva loves Coach too much. It seems like she makes it a point to buy every piece of perfection that Coach launches. This Leather Kristen Satchel looks like one tough piece by Coach that can add glam to every look Eva dons.

5. Gerard Darel 24 Hours Midday Python Hobo

Eva Longoria Gerard Darel 24 Hours Midday Python Hobo

Moving away from Coach, we come to Gerard Darel, Eva’s second favorite label in her handbag closet. This yellow Gerard Darel Python Hobo has a charming snakeskin effect, making the bag look uber chic.

6. Gerard Darel 24 Hours Satchel

Eva Longoria Gerard Darel 24 Hours Satchel

This pink satchel that Eva flaunts is one of the most famous pieces by Gerald Darel. In fact, it is this very satchel that Gerald Darel is known for. And in Eva’s hands, this satchel looks fabulous.

7. Gerard Darel Sac Moon Python Tote

Eva Longoria Gerard Darel Sac Moon Python Tote

Snakeskin textured handbags are the most popular prints in handbags these days. Lucky gal Eva Longoria gets to combine both, her second favorite label and the popular modern trend with this Gerald Darel Python Tote.

8. Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Tote

Eva Longoria Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Tote

Eva’s beige ostrich Sofia tote by Salvatore Ferragamo is a true beauty and one of the most lavish handbags in Eva’s closet.

9. Mulberry Hanover Tote

Eva Longoria Mulberry Hanover Tote

The perfect way to draw attention to your handbag is to choose a strikingly rare color. Eva’s brownish orange Mulberry Hanover Leather Tote is an eye grabber.

10. Louis Vuitton Surya XL Tote

Eva Longoria Louis Vuitton Surya XL Tote

A black handbag is the handbag equivalent to the Little Black Dress. And Eva Longoria’s glossy black Louis Vuitton Surya XL Tote makes the perfect first impression. Its impeccable style, glossy texture, contemporary looks and ultra high end appearance makes this the perfect bag to conclude Eva’s sexy handbag collection with.

It’s now time to cast your votes. Pick your favorite from these Top 10 sexy handbags from Eva Longoria’s closet and let us know which one is your personal favorite.

Sail Through The Wedding Season With These 12 Gorgeous Clutches

It’s official! The wedding season for 2013 has finally kicked in. This could either mean that you’re one of the many beautiful brides tying the knot this season or maybe you’re on the other side of the line with at least two wedding invites so far.

While the pretty brides might not even have the time sit before a computer for leisure, how prepared are the rest of you? Is your closet ready with dresses, shoes, jewelry and make-up for the wedding season? Or are you just as ill prepared as everyone else is?

You’ve probably already got a list ready with the things you need to buy to gear up for the wedding season. Have you thought about which clutch you’ll be carrying along? No!!!!!! You haven’t thought about a clutch yet? Where is your emergency mascara and lip gloss going to fit in then?

There’s no need to worry when your official style guides are here. Today we’re bringing to you 12 ways in which you can instantly add glam and style to your look for the weddings you’re attending. These 12 gorgeous clutches will help you get through the wedding season with ease.

Clutches For A Wedding

So get ready to wow the wedding guests and bring envy to the bride’s eyes as well with the 12 most gorgeous clutches for the wedding season 2013.

1. Christian Louboutin Evita Pampas Clutch

Christian Louboutin Clutch

From the moment you walk in, all eyes are going to be following you and your sexy shimmering Evita Pampas Clutch by Christian Louboutin. Who needs an arm candy when you have a clutch like this?

2. Kortur Morely Neon Lace Clutch

Lace – in vogue!

Neons – in vogue!

Clutches – Absolutely in vogue!

Kortur Morely Neon Lace Clutch

Combine all the three and you’ll have an elegant Kortur Morely Neon Lace Clutch.

3. Natasha Couture Owl Clutch

Natasha Couture Owl Clutch

The owl is probably the only animal who has gained so much significance in fashion as compared to any other species. Owl pedants, owl rings, owl earrings and now we have ourselves a fancy clutch by Natasha Couture. We already know what a rage the owl created when owl pendants were first introduced. So make sure you get your hands on an owl clutch for the next wedding before the rage for this one sets into motion.

4. Kara Silver Glitter Clutch

Kara Silver Glitter Clutch

Whatever be the theme of the next wedding you’re attending, you can gel with the crowd with an outfit that matches the theme and yet stand out with this stunningly beautiful silver glitter clutch by Kara.

5. Debenhams Red Bow Clutch

Debenhams Red Bow Clutch

Pep up your little black dress or your little white dress with this red bow clutch by Debenhams. Although this clutch is quite a bargain and probably the least expensive on this list, it certainly exceeds expectations with its elegant appearance.

6. Claire Vivier Leopard Print Foldover Clutch

Claire Vivier Leopard Print Foldover Clutch

Showcase your innate fierceness and your independent style with this leopard print Foldover clutch by Claire Vivier. Pair it up with a black dress and nude pumps and you’re going to be one hottie at the wedding party.

7. Givenchy Antigona Envelope Clutch

Givenchy Antigona Envelope Clutch

A classic piece by Givenchy, the perfect black beauty and the chicest arm candy for every grand occasion, this Antigona envelop clutch will give you every penny’s worth.

8. Valentino Box Clutch

Valentino Box Clutch

When it’s a battle between black and white, let both take the trophy home with this embedded black and white clutch by Valentino. Your clutch is going to be the most talked about item at the wedding.

9. J. Crew Floral Clutch

J. Crew Floral Clutch

Spring and summer nuptials based around floral themes will welcome your floral clutch by J. Crew with the greatest respect.

10. Emporio Armani Evening Clutch

Emporio Armani Evening Clutch

Let people begin to wonder what really is in your hands with this rare shaped Emporio Armani clutch for Spring 2013.

11. Kate Spade Belle Elliana Feather Clutch

Kate Spade Belle Elliana Feather Clutch

Go chic in pink with this Belle Elliana feather clutch by Kate Spade that will bring out your fun and flirty side.

12. Valentino Evening Clutch Valentino Evening Clutch

Another mesmerizing option by Valentino, this dazzling evening clutch in pink, gold and silver will make heads want to turn and look twice.

So which one of these beauties is going to be your arm candy for this wedding season?

Sofia Vergara’s Drop Dead Gorgeous Handbags

Sofia Vergara is extraordinarily sexy! Does anybody want to question that?

Just a glimpse at Ms. Vergara can leave every woman filled with envy and every man overpowered with desire. Sofia manages to look beautiful every time, in every outfit, with every accessory from every angle.

Do you know what makes looking good 24 X 7 possible for Sofia Vergara?

Her stylish choices!

Yes this Colombian beauty is not only bestowed with great looks but she is also gifted with an extraordinary sense of fashion. Right from her gorgeous gowns on the Red Carpet to her street style outfits, Sofia knows how to nail every look.

It is, therefore, only fitting that this gorgeous beauty possesses a fancy collection of handbags. So sit back and enjoy as you take a look at Sofia Vergara’s handbags on your favorite stars’ favorite bags.

Sofia Vergara's Handbags

1. Valentino Histoire Bag

Sofia Vergara's with Valentino Histoire Bag

Keeping it gorgeous is what Sofia Vergara is very good at; much like her gorgeous maroon Valentino Histoire Bag, made famous by Angelina Jolie and her daughter Zahara.

2. Fendi Spy Bag

Sofia Vergara's with Fendi Spy Bag

The bright copper hue and snakeskin print brings this Fendi Spy Bag to life; reiterating the fact that Sofia Vergara makes stylish choices.

3. Christian Dior Resort 2013 Handbag Sofia Vergara's with Christian Dior Resort 2013 Handbag

Owning a black handbag seems like an unwritten rule that not only every celebrity, but every other woman, shares. And it’s black mixed with 100% fabulousness for Sofia Vergara with her Christian Dior Resort 2013 Handbag.

4. Fendi 2Jours Handbag

Sofia Vergara with Fendi 2Jours Handbag

White is sexy and Sofia Vergara seems to love white when it comes to choosing handbags. This sexy Fendi 2Jours Handbag is one of Sofia’s and our personal favorites.

5. Orange Hermes Birkin

Sofia Vergara's Orange Hermes Birkin Handbag

The ever so famous Birkin and its synonymy with celebrities takes us by surprise. While most celebrities opt for white and black Birkins, Sofia Vergara’s stylish choices lead her to owning this jazzy orange Hermes Birkin.

6. Fontana Milano 1915 AFEF

Sofia Vergara's Fontana Milano 1915 AFEF Handbag

This Fontana Milano 1915 AFEF will lead to an obsession. Its neat cut, color, pattern and shape are all drool-worthy and in the hands of Sofia Vergara it looks even sexier.

7.  Yves Saint Laurent Roady Bag

Sofia Vergara's Yves Saint Laurent Roady Bag Handbag

A classic number sported by Sofia Vergara, this brown Yves Saint Laurent Roady Bag is quite a photogenic handbag.

8. Prada Side Pocket Hobo

Sofia Vergara's Prada Side Pocket Hobo Handbag

The elegance Prada brings to its handbags and the sultriness Sofia Vergara brings to every ensemble makes Sofia’s outing with her Prada Side Pocket Hobo quite a defining fashion moment.

9. VBH Prive Python Clutch

Sofia Vergara's VBH Prive Python Clutch

Sofia Vergara surely knows how to make a striking fashion statement each time she steps out. This time she does it with her VBH Prive Python Clutch. This vision in pink is a true show stopper (we’re talking about the clutch).

10. Givenchy Nightingale Tote

Sofia Vergara's Givenchy Nightingale Tote

The brightness of this Givenchy Nightingale Tote is what we love the most about this bag. As soon as you set eyes on this picture, this yellow tote immediately draws all your attention towards it.

You must be soaking in the abundant glory of Sofia Vergara’s handbags. Nobody’s going to stop you if you want to take another look at these gorgeous beauties.

Which one did you like the most?

A Closer Look At Victoria Beckham’s Handbags

Victoria Beckham has certainly come a long way since her days as Posh Spice. However, the one thing that’s remained the same is Victoria’s fashion sense and sensibilities. The woman is a natural. Everything she wears, everything she flaunts and everything she accessorizes her look with makes it seem like it was “made just for her”.

Victoria Beckham seemed to perfectly fit our criteria here on favorite stars’ favorite bags and so we’re taking you on a tour to Victoria Beckham’s handbags closet.

Victoria Beckham's Handbags

We guarantee that Victoria’s collection of handbags is a mesmerizing display of choices that you’ve probably never noticed before. Why, you ask? Well, because Victoria’s handbag wardrobe showcases a collection within a collection.

Why don’t you step ahead and see for yourself?

1.    The Hermes Collection

Hermes Leather Birkin

Victoria Beckham is a huge Hermes fan. It only made sense to begin her glorious handbags collection with this chic White Hermes Birkin.

Victoria Beckham's Handbags

And she has a leather Birkin in many other lovely colors like blue, beige, black and red.

Victoria Beckham's Handbags

Hermes Crocodile Birkin

The fascination with Birkins doesn’t stop there for Victoria. She keeps the trend of the ever so famous Birkin going with her collection of the crocodile skin Hermes Birkin. She has one in burgundy and the ever so famous ivory Hermes Himalaya Crocodile Birkin.

Victoria Beckham's Handbags

A true devotee of the Hermes Birkin she is, don’t you think?

Hermes Ostrich Birkin

And there are some more Birkins in Victoria’s closet. It’s beginning to seem like an obsession now, isn’t it? A very fancy and glamorous obsession, nevertheless.

Victoria is also the proud owner of two ostrich Birkins in the fun and flirty pink and purple.

Victoria Beckham's Handbags

Hermes Kelly Bag

Glamorous Victoria has a Hermes Kelly Bag in every different style and variety.

Victoria Beckham's Handbags

She loves to flaunt the purple suede Hermes Kelly Pochette and the other prestigious additions in purple, red and tan, maroon and white, black and white.

Victoria Beckham's Handbags

2.    The Chanel Collection

It’s Chanel for Victoria on the second position. As we’ve said earlier, our trips to a celebrity’s handbags closet are never complete without a glimpse of the every so charming Chanel handbags.

Victoria has the classic Chanel Flap Quilted Bag in black.

Victoria Beckham's Handbags

She also owns a black quilted Chanel Kelly Bag in matte black.

Victoria Beckham's Handbags

Victoria’s navy blue Chanel Quilted Handbag is a personal favorite of many A listers. She just had to have one.

Victoria Beckham's Handbags

3.    The Victoria Beckham Collection

And we’ve reached the spotlight in Victoria Beckham’s handbag closet – her own line – The Victoria Beckham Collection.

What we loved the most in this collection is The Victoria Leather Tote. It fits her style perfectly.

Victoria Beckham's Handbags

Our second favorite (it was a very difficult call) is the Victoria Beckham Lizard Shoulder Bag. A fascinating color, a chic pattern and a truly mesmerizing appeal is what this handbag is all about.

Victoria Beckham's Handbags

The glossy, matt and crocodile skin layers of this Victoria Beckham Crocodile Chain Bag make it quite a unique piece.

The Victoria Beckham collection is all about eternal elegance, just like this Victoria Beckham Hexagonal Chain Bag in white and black.

Victoria Beckham's Handbags

We could just go on and on ranting about Victoria’s handbags. We really hope you enjoyed this collection within the collection of Victoria’s handbags.

So which one are you buying today?

Beyonce’s Handbags: Super Sexy, Super Stylish, Super Unique & Ultra Chic

Your most beloved column Favorite Stars’ Favorite Bags doesn’t only showcase your favorite celebrities’ stylish handbags; it also helps you gauge their favorite designers.

Beyonce presents sheer diversity in her handbags collection. She rarely repeats the same bag and also experiments with every possible designer. You are going to have loads of fun in Beyonce’s handbag closet today with Favorite Stars’ Favorite Bags. There is something for everyone in here because there is so much diversity; it makes you wonder whether collecting handbags is Beyonce’s obsession.

Beyonce's Handbags

And with a style icon like Beyonce, would you expect anything less?

1. Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag

Beyonce's Handbags

We have to begin with the best. Priced at $45,000, this Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag is supposedly the most expensive handbag in the world and Beyonce has it. The patchwork, resembling many different handbags, is by far one of Louis Vuitton’s masterpieces.

2. Burberry Prorsum Raffia and Leather Bag

Beyonce's Handbags

We like this Burberry Prorsum Raffia and Leather Bag for its unique design. It is shaped like a basic bowler with a green raffia texture in the center, black leather straps and yellow leather on either side. A unique combination of patterns and colors is what makes this bag super gorgeous.

3. Tory Burch 797 Satchel

Beyonce's Handbags

This Tory Burch 797 Satchel makes a stunning impression, doesn’t it? Its eye catching blue color and croc embossed texture is what really lifts this bag.

4. Chanel Lucky Charms Flap Bag

 As we’ve observed before, you cannot step into a single celebrity’s handbag closet and not find a Chanel in there. Whether it’s a big one or a small one, whether it’s black, whether it’s red, it’s always there. It seems like Chanel can be endorsed without a celebrity but a celebrity can never stop endorsing Chanel.

Beyonce's Handbags

Beyonce’s Chanel Lucky Charms Flap Bag is quite a fascinating tiny Chanel.

5. Prada Nappa Fringe Satchel Beyonce's Handbags

Beyonce’s bags always make a bold fashion statement, much like this brown Prada Nappa Fringe Satchel does. Charming, isn’t it?

6. MCM Heritage Logo Satchel

Beyonce's Handbags

Here’s yet another stunning color and a unique style. Shaped and patterned quite differently than the usual handbags you see celebrities sporting, this MCM Heritage Logo Satchel certainly deserves all the attention in the world.

7. Jimmy Choo Snake-skin Handbag

Beyonce's Handbags

The sight of this bag made us go, “Wow!” Did you feel the same? Jimmy Choo, known for its compact, tiny or medium sized bags, turned the tables around with such an enormous bag. And this Bag really looks stunning.

8. Versace Couture Handbag

Beyonce's Handbags

When it comes to being flashy, Versace rules! This Versace handbag is the flashiest handbag in Beyonce’s closet.

9. D&G Miss Pocket Patchwork Handbag

Beyonce's Handbags

And here’s the most colorful bag in Beyonce’s closet. This D&G Miss Pocket Patchwork Handbag really goes great with neutral colored clothes, just the way Beyonce has sported it.

10. Givenchy Antigona

Beyonce's Handbags

Animal print handbags are a hot favorite among celebrities and Beyonce’s Givenchy Antigona is her pretty and stylish companion for a day at the beach.

Beyonce’s bags aren’t ones that are inaccessible to people. You can easily find these available in stores. So if you like any of these, hurry up and go buy them before they get sold out.

The Supermodel’s Super-Fashionable Bags: Kate Moss’s Chic Handbags

We’ve introduced you to some of the hottest bags in the world of film, television and music with your favorite stars’ favorite bags. Now are you ready to witness some of the most stylish bags in the world of fashion. It’s Kate Moss for you today on your favorite stars’ favorite bags.

Supermodels have got super style! And if you doubt that even for a moment, Kate Moss will blow your mind away and show you that she has super style. Not only does this model dress up exotically, but she also lives up to her status of a super model with the quality of clothes, shoes, accessories and bags in her wardrobe.

Kate Moss's Handbags

So let’s take a good look at Kate Moss’s bags today. This will convince you that supermodels have super style!

1. Saint Laurent Classic Duffel

Kate Moss Handbags

Saint Laurent seems to be a popular choice among supermodels especially after they introduced their new range of women’s handbags. Here Kate Moss is seen sporting one of the very first bags from the Saint Laurent collection and she indeed made a fine choice with this black Saint Laurent Classic Duffel.

2. Mulberry Bayswater Bag

Kate Moss's Handbags

Mulberry is among Kate Moss’s top favorite brands and here she is seen flaunting this lovely green crocodile version of the Mulberry Bayswater Bag. Quite a striking choice, isn’t it?

3. Ostrich Mulberry Bayswater Bag

Kate Moss's Handbags

You may have seen different celebrities following pretty much the same colors and styles when it comes to handbags, but Kate Moss’s closet is filled with uniqueness, much like this nude Ostrich Mulberry Bayswater Bag.

4. Mulberry Willow Tote

Kate Moss's Handbags

And here’s another Mulberry from Kate Moss’s ultra fashionable wardrobe. This bag you are looking at is part of Mulberry’s spring collection for 2013 and is not out in stores yet. So if you really love this Mulberry Willow Tote and would like to own it, you better keep an eye out for it because it could hit stores any day now.

5. Gucci Union Jack Boston Duffel

Kate Moss's Handbags

Isn’t it a bit odd to celebrate Great Britain with an Italian bag? Hey who’s complaining? Kate’s got style and she can flaunt it the way she wants to just like this super stylish Gucci Union Jack Boston Duffel. That’s some kind of fashionable patriotism, isn’t that so?

6. White Hermes Birkin

White Hermes Birkin

Nobody enters the world of fashion without being bitten by the Hermes Birkin bug, not even Kate. And this White Hermes Birkin is worth all the popularity it’s got.

7. Red Hermes Birkin

Kate Moss's Handbags

This proves that the Hermes Birkin bug is not weak enough to leave you with one bag. You’ve got to have two or more. And we love this striking Red Hermes Birkin. Kate doesn’t seem like a huge fan of bright colors but when she brings them on, she rocks at it.

8. Longchamp Panther Parade Satchel

Kate Moss's Handbags

A leopard print bag is quite a sassy way to spruce up a neutral ensemble. Just look at Kate, she’s wearing the simplest bare essentials and yet she looks so stylish, all thanks to this Longchamp Panther Parade Satchel.

So there you go with Kate Moss’s super stylish bags. Are you convinced now that this supermodel has got super style? Let us know!

She’s Rihanna and She’s Got THE BAGS, Baby!

You’ve seen chic, you’ve seen trendy and you’ve seen elegant too. It’s been quite a stylish ride here with your favorite stars’ favorite bags and it’s been raining elegance and charm all over these bags. It’s high time we bring on something offbeat in your favorite series on your favorite stars’ favorite bags and Rihanna’s bags give you just that.

RiRi lives up to her rockstar image with her fashion sense. It’s different, it’s trendy and it is pretty perky. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy this compilation of Rihanna’s offbeat bags. We surely did because we’ve never seen bags like these before and we’re pretty sure you didn’t too. Nevertheless, they are VERY stylish.

Rihanna's Bags

So here goes Rihanna’s compilation of offbeat and trendy bags.

1. Alexander Wang Brenda Shoulder Bag

Rihanna's Bags

Just like her collection of handbags, Rihanna’s personal sense of style too is pretty offbeat and she always finds a bag to fit every image of hers. This blue denim Alexander Wang Brenda Shoulder Bag is every bit trendy and offbeat. Our verdict – We love it!

2. Prada Ostrich Tote

Rihanna's Bags

Now who would think of pairing up a bag like that with an outfit like that? Rihanna would! It may not seem like quite a great combination, but on her it surely rocks. And that Prada Ostrich Tote certainly stands out and grabs your eyeballs with awe.

3. Prada Leather Brief

Rihanna's Bags

Now that’s a privileged moment for Rihanna’s bodyguard. How we wish she’d let us carry that amazing Prada Leather Brief on her behalf! Its color and style both make this handbag such an amazing find.

4. Miu Miu Matelasse Frame Oversized Clutch

Rihanna's Bags

Now that’s a very unique looking clutch, isn’t it? From all the clinging to it that she is doing, we can tell that Rihanna loves this Miu Miu Matelasse Frame Oversized Clutch. We wonder what Chris Brown has to say about Rihanna’s lovely arm candy.

5. Diane Von Furstenberg Cork Tonda Clutch

Rihanna's Bags

Rihanna’s offbeat sense of style is pretty mesmerizing. The use of color in her wardrobe simply thrills you, just like this Diane Von Furstenberg Cork Tonda Clutch

6. Vliefer and Vandam Handcuffs Clutch

Rihanna's Bags

Now we wonder whether Rihanna is carrying a pair of handcuffs around in this Vliefer and Vandam Handcuffs Clutch. And even if she is, any guesses who they might be for?

7. Gucci Leather Backpack

Rihanna's Bags

Whoever said you mustn’t impose your feelings on your readers through your writing wasn’t looking at this bag. This Gucci Leather Backpack is the best thing your eyes can ever set sight on and when you do fall in love with, it is inevitable.

8. Fendi Zucca Backpack

Rihanna's Bags

When you’re wearing sweats, a back pack is the way to go. Rihanna seems to know that rule pretty well as you can see her sporting this cool Fendi Zucca Backpack with her grey sweats. Was that for a trip to the gym, Riri?

That was indeed an offbeat collection, wasn’t it? Now which one of these would you like to see in your wardrobe? Do let us know!