The Most Popular Handbag Trends For 2012

Here goes the riddle – Women cannot do without me, and when they see a chic me anywhere, they get an inexplicable compulsion to own me. What am I? Did you say ‘Handbag’? Well, you are absolutely right!

I am sure there must be rarely any woman across the world who doesn’t own a handbag. In fact, we cannot do without a few vivacious ones in our collection.

2012 has come with a new collection of trendy handbags; let’s explore!

1)     Oversized clutches

There is a new variation seen in clutches this season. Instead of being a compact rectangular design, their size has grown to add more substance to their look. And trust me, they look fab.

Clutches in bold colours, or whites with audaciously striking skins are in vogue.

Adorned with a thick, bling chain, this white clutch is a sure show-stopper.

2)     Designer Collections

  • Neon and Bright coloursBoldness is evident in the colours this season. Be it a bright red, OMG orange or a vivid purple, it’s all out there! Cobalt blue is the new emergent on the scene challenging the evergreen purple! Many other shades of blue are catching up too.

Tangerine orange is the newest trend and is a rage this season.



The ever-so-cute pastels too, are in for competition. The pastel pinks, oranges, lime greens are there to tempt you all who get turned-on with pastels!


 3)     Exotic skins:

For all those who couldn’t care less about the neons and the lovely pastels, there’s another suave option. The snake skin texture is still the most favorite. Albeit with a conservative view, I personally would prefer the fake skin over the real one as I’m against killing animals. Ostrich inspired look is another favourite among the designers.


4)     Mixing textures:

For some women combining leather and fake snake skin or leather and suede works better than the showy all animal skin look. It gives the handbag a more modest look to be acceptable in the workplace.


 5)     The tote:
The ever-popular totes are strong contenders for this season too; however their size has gone down from huge to average. We recommend vivacious hues to distinguish from the crowd or neutral shades to go with every look.

6)     Knitted bags:

Knitted handbags are the new entrants this fashion season.  The look is extraordinary and elegant; however you must pair it with the right outfit.

7)     Printed bags:

Most of us are practical and would rather choose a bag which would be multi-purpose and adaptable to most of our outfits. But boldness is the trend this season and we would recommend you going for less common and interesting patterns. Invest in an out-of-the-world printed handbag and trust me you wouldn’t regret the attention you will get!


8)     Foldover bags.

Foldover bags have been admired and accepted for a few fashion seasons now and are back to strike you this year as well! You can choose from an enormous variety of sizes, colors and prints.


9)     Small shoulder bags:

The long strap is no longer the in thing for any other kind of bag except the small shoulder bag. Also, in spite of the long strap, they can be very well carried in the hand.



10)  Satchel bags:

Satchel bags have a dual advantage. They don’t look too big and have a lot of space to hold most of your stuff. They offer a lot of comfort. So, they are perfect for those of you who want every little thing you need, right with you, always.


11)  Wristlets:

Wristlets are just the right accessories for women like me who keep their little things somewhere and then forget to pick them up often. They come in a very fashionable variety of designs and tints.


We noticed that though the hand is very much back in the handbag, designers have chosen to keep it short and handy.
The widest variety is available in medium-sized bags, in which you can clinch in your hand.

You no longer need a strap to be in trend this season.


Another hit this summer, we discovered are small bags. They are a must-have for special occasions and look exceptionally interesting.

A peculiar feature with large-sized clutches, small shoulder bags, totes and wristlets is a chain handle. It adds a lot of glam quotient and glitz to your appearance. It imparts a certain sense of luxury to the bag’s look.

For us, the descendants of Eve, bags are no less essential than dresses, footwear or the host of accessories that we NEED. They mirror our attitude and style. They let the world see who we are and give us a chic edge over others in the clan.

11) Handbags with Fancy Chain Straps or Handles

It seems female celebrities cannot get their manicured hands off these attractive handbags! Kirsten Dunst and Alex Chung adore these delicate looking fashion accessories and so will you. Grab any coloured bag or opt for an all white or black, the safest and most elegant of all.


12) Quilted Style Handbags

Oh yes, we do love the quilted criss cross texture that many of the latest, chic handbags are showing up in. These look so feminine and are the perfect must have add-on that go with tank top and shorts combination and short frilly dress too. If you want to use an authentic one (which even we vehemently recommend), try the brand, Chanel.

13) Cross Body Bags For 2012

Do not misjudge it on the basis of its compact size. This particular style not only serves its functionality exceedingly well but looks equally chic! Good to carry either strapped across the chest or over the shoulder, a Cross Body Bag is perfect to easily lug around your essentials such as mobile phone, lip gloss etc to crowded places like concerts. The Cross Body Bags are a great way to stay in style as well as keep your hands free.  Although the range of hues it is available in is vast, we chooseCognac shade as the top one of the lot.


14) Envelope Clutch Bags must be ‘Clutch’ed Onto!

The current love of one and all are bags shaped as oversized envelopes in a variety of shades; even the latest neon ones! Check out the image above which shows five beautiful women (Victoria Beckham, Hilary duff, Kate Beckinsale, Michelle Monaghan and Kristin Cavallari) with fine fashion tastes holding these bags. Not only do they look awesome for parties and night outs but also for office time (with the correct colour selection). Go for either neon shades or sober looking pastels; the choice is yours. The neat metallic trim adds a touch of luxury especially in leather material envelope clutches.


15) Printed bags and Floral Essence

Be it wild looking animal prints or heart melting floral twirls, printed handbags look too hard to resist! As you already know floral trend has initiated a fashion storm. It is but natural for lovely floral designs to make their mark on handbags now. These printed bags as tote bags or satchels look appropriate for a bright summer day being spent with friends or a special date. Doesn’t the bag with red rose petals against the light background look oh so feminine?

So what you waiting for, the year to end? Hurry and enjoy the compliments you will receive after carrying any of the above given handbag styles of 2012.

So, it’s crucial that we get to choose the ONE that is close to our real personality. Or, just to arouse interest or for fun’s sake, you might want the world to perceive you as someone you are not!

Whatever the reason or the occasion you are sure to be in the limelight with these recommendations!