Headband Trends: Crowning Glory – Make the Headband Your Ultimate Fashion Statement

One of the grooviest and funkiest creations ever made to adorn your heads are the headbands. They not only sit pretty like a crown, but also give your already great hairstyle an even stylish look.


Headbands and Celebrities

Celebrities these days are using headbands as their new favorite red carpet look. Headbands may have been created to keep hair from falling on your face, but today they are worn to draw attention to your head.

Olsen Twins headband

 To help you make a better choice, given below are different kinds of headbands available on the market.

1) Bandana Cloth Headband

The bandana cloth is mostly created from a combination of cotton / polyester blend. This makes it stiff to hold.

lindsay lohan in a bandana headband

 2) Polka Dot Headband

A hot pink polka dot headband is sure to make heads turn. So wear this once 70’s look, and make other girls too wanting to wear the same look.

3) Statement Headbands

Bold headbands embellished with heavy jewellery, pearls, and precious stones make perfect statement and highlight your unique attitude. These are the latest trends on the market today. Team your statement headbands with a simple evening gown or a pretty dress for party or dinner and you’re sure to be the brightest star around.

 statement headband

 4) Metal Headbands

A Metal Headband is similar and as popular as the plastic headband. Metal bands or ribbons are curved into different shapes.

5) Braided Headbands

The very popular braided headband is a classy fashion hairpiece that can be worn for any occasion. Many celebrities are known to wear this headband with aplomb. Wearing a couple of braided headbands or even more than 2 braided headbands gives a dazzling look.

 6) Plastic Headbands
The most commonly worn headbands are the plastic headbands. They come in diverse patterns, widths and colors. They go with a lot of outfits.

7) Sports Headbands

The sports headband is commonly worn by sports professionals, to prevent hair from falling on their foreheads as well as to soak up the excess sweat during the sport they play. These days the sports headband is worn by people who exercise or go to the gym or play a game of squash.

 8) Scarf Headbands

These pretty headbands are made of cloth. They have a wide fabric band that can be stretched to make it broad or pulled together to make it wiry depending on your choice. The varieties of colors and patterns available are perfect to be worn for a formal evening or while you’re going to the movies.

9) Laurel Leaf Headband
The Laurel leaf headband was worn as a mark of distinction in ancient Greece and Rome. Made of delicate plastic leaves the Laurel leaf headbands are available in different shapes, colors and sizes. The royal headband when worn gives you a regal look.

10) Bow Headbands

Bow headbands comprise a band with a big characteristic bow. And it looks very pretty and so feminine.

11) Flower Headbands

Just like the bow headband, the flower headband looks truly attractive because of the beautiful artificial flowers. The flower headband is sure to liven up any dull or boring outfit.

12) Jelly Headbands

The Jelly headbands are made of plastic or rubber and come in different shapes, designs and colors. These unbreakable and flexible headbands can be worn on just about any hair-do.


Wearing an exceptional piece of accessory can make or break a look. Make sure the headband you buy looks perfect on you. So try it on before you buy it.