Winter Make up Trends

Heat up the Winters with Top 3 Make up Tips

Although your surroundings may be pretty dull during the winters, that certainly doesn’t give you an excuse to stay dull too. In fact, winter is that time of the year when you should bring out the best clothes from your closet, splurge on fashionable goodies, flaunt the brightest shoes and wear Make up that brightens up not only yours but everyone else’s day.

So if you have preferred to stick to the weather and stay dull all this while, let’s help you make a New Year’s resolution to stay your fashionable best during winter. And you’re in luck; with winter still on, you can still experiment with some fabulous look with these fiery make up tips for the winter that we bring to you today.

We bring to you the most basic tips that you will find anywhere, you don’t even need to take the trouble remembering these simple tips because, your entire winter make up is based on these three simple tips that will help you glow, stay radiant and shine bright all through the winter. So are you game to turn on the heat during the winters with these amazing tips? Then you ought to read ahead!

1. Use Colors

The best way to beat the winter blues is to make use of a lot of colors and bright ones especially. All the reds, greens, silver and gold work best for the winter and incorporating these colors in your make up is a sure shot way to garner a lot of attention (in a positive way of course). Not only will you look radiant in these colors, but the use of color helps to pep up one’s mood as well.

Red Lipstick works wonders to your lips, making them look fuller and juicer. Now who wouldn’t want these? Brighten any winter day with a little dash of red and you’re sorted.

Winter Make up Trends

Silver and gold eye shadow gives you a festive effect in winter and also makes your face shine besides bringing a royal radiance to it.

Winter Make up Trends

Hot pink color to blush your cheeks with, helps keep the winter blues at bay and prevents you from looking pale in the winter. Do not opt for baby pink as it may blend in with your skin tone to give you a nude look, rather, use a hot pink color so that your cheeks stand out perfectly on your face.

Winter Make up Trends

2. Use Thick Foundation

A thick creamy and oil based foundation will work wonders in the winter, not only because it will help lift your skin tone, but it will also keep your skin moisturized, something that is very much needed during the winter.

However, it is always advised that before you apply any Make up during the winter, you should always use a moisturizing cream to keep winter dryness at bay. Once you are sheathed with a healthy layer of cream, any kind of Make up will keep your skin glowing and healthy.

3. Add Volume to your Eyes

To steer clear of saggy and dull looking eyes, adding volume to your eyes with a thick liner, mascara and loud eye shadow is the perfect way to have shiny bright eyes during winter.

Winter Make up Trends

Opting for the smoky eyes look is the perfect way to look stunning, fashionable and chic during winter.

So we hope these Top 3 tips will be on your list not only for this winter but also for many winters to come. Trends keep changing; however the one thing that stays constant for winter is staying bright against the dull winter set up of the surroundings and we’re sure you’ll rock the winter look.