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Hiss… Sizzling Slithery Snake Skin Trend for Summer 2013

2013 is the Chinese year of the snake. And coincidentally (or perhaps, not such a coincidence after all), snake skin trends have emerged very strongly for summer 2013 fashion.  While animal prints have always been popular and are trendy this summer too, specifically snake skin prints are very ‘in’ for summer 2013. Not as bold as animal prints, snake skin prints give a subtle yet hypnotizing effect, which is extremely glamorous and sophisticated.

So what are the snake skin trends for summer 2013?

1.  Snake Skin Prints in Apparel

Runways in the spring summer 2013 fashion shows were inundated with snake skin outfits. Versatility was displayed to the maximum extent with designers showcasing snake skin dresses, skirts, tops and trousers. It appears that any outfit you wear in snake skin in summer 2013 will be fashionable.

snake skin trends

Note the Erdem outfit has a creative ‘blocking effect’ with snake skin print incorporated along side plain areas in the outfit. The Valentino design opts for a 100% snake skin look, which is cool too. Do you think 100% snake skin would be too overwhelming? (of course we are talking about fake snake skin. We are against animal cruelty!)

2.  Slither Along with Snake Skin on your Feet

Snake skin trends in shoes were extremely popular in spring summer 2013 shoes. From strappy shoes to sexy stilettos, snake skin was present everywhere.


I personally feel this trend will catch on faster (will be more popular) than snake skin outfits, because people are more willing to experiment with footwear than with their clothes. What do you think?

3. Snake Skin Make up

Whoa.. that’s new. But yes a snake skin like effect in your makeup is very trendy for summer 2013. Here is a look that showcases pink snake skin print lipstick and nail polish.

snake skin trends

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The nail polish, I understand. But lipstick? Don’t you think that lowers the ‘kissability’ of the lips? Or perhaps it is for the more adventurous amongst us.

Are you? Adventurous I mean.  Would you try on snake skin lipstick?