A Look At The History Of Mens Shoes

Did you know?

  •  Wraparound leather soft shoes were first used by hill tribes in Iran.
  •  Up to 1850 AD there was no difference between a left and right shoe.
  • Sandals were the most common footwear

Are you aware when automated shoe making commenced?

  • Sewing of soles and uppers started in 1858
  • Goodyear Welt patented a machine for sewing boots and shoes in 1871
  • Mass production started thereafter

Similarly, the modern shoe lace was invented in 1790. Its precursors were buckles and the rubber heel for shoes in 1899.

Modern footwear is an important fashion accessory. Shoes, boots, sandals and slippers are the main types of footwear in common use, among many others.

We are today familiar with many other categories:

  • Sneakers or athletic shoes.
  • Stiletto heels
  • Platform shoes
  • Boots, etc, etc.

Fabrics in use include Leather, Plastic, Rubber, Wood, Jute and metal, to the more exotic materials like snake skin, etc.

Separate footwear making machines are used for making of Soles, Insoles, Outsole, Midsole and Uppers.

Traditional hand crafted shoes offer exclusivity to the well heeled.

For the fashion conscious a plethora of brands and styles are available to choose from. Seasonal fashion options are indeed a must to explore.

We will limit ourselves to a few topmost brands, to provide a handy reference point to make your task of selection, a little easier. Power house shoe making countries in Europe continue to be Italy and Spain. The so called Chinese brands are manufactured in many countries, Jimmy Choo represents one such brand.

Between themselves, Adidas, Puma and Nike have carved out the sporting shoes section.

English Shoes are still made in Britain!

Yes ten major brands are very much in business, from the earliest established Horace Batton, through Loake, to Carre Ducker – also, known for conducting intensive shoe making courses. While Clarks the most famous UK brand, plans on bringing their manufacturing back to UK.

Besides the European brands, brands from across the Atlantic are represented by the likes of Timberland, Sebago, Bass, Wolverine and Dexter. Additionally, Cabela’s and House of Frazer in UK.

Yes Shoes too have great and catchy brand names

Examples are North Face, Columbia, Irish setter, Professional Outdoors, Elk ridge, Elk hunter, Insulated shoes and Sorel Premium, just a handful of some of the hundreds of offerings.

For approaching winter, boots make the bulk of offerings, from ankle length to 6 and 10 inches high. Insulated boots are recommended for prolonged outdoor activities.

North Face                                    Columbia                              Professional Outdoors        Elk Ridge


      Elk Hunter                      Insulated Shoes                                        Sorel


The price range of the above selection varies from 40 to 180 pounds sterling.

Indoor varieties of the classy partying kind of shoes also come from the Spanish, Italian and Chinese stables.

Of Designer Labels, Materials and Colours

While, undoubtedly, the Ladies can boast of designer label collections like those offered by Balenciaga, Chloe, Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, men too can vie with them.

Materials for ladies: Beside leather exotic patent crocodile skin, snake skin, suede and even satin are available to ladies. Except for satin these materials are available in Men’s fashion too.

Colours: White, black, metallic, beige, dark blue, burgundy, chocolate, deep violet, khaki and red are in for the ladies.

Men go for colours too, even reds as you will see hereunder.

From the exotic collection, we showcase just three to whet your appetite:

  • A brown Crocodile patented leather shoe


  • Baby Alligator loafer

  • Alligator and calf skin sneaker – in red.

A fantastic array of winter shoes, are on offer. Why wait order now!