Hollywood's Super Stylish Moms - Angelina Jolie

Hollywood’s Top 5 Super Moms’ Yummy Mummy’s Fashion Guide

Women tend to slow down post pregnancy. When the new born bundle of joy makes his/her first appearance into the world, the mother completely loses herself. No longer does anything else hold as much significance to a mother as her new born baby and she decides to put everything on hold for the little one.

This leads new mothers to put themselves at the backseat, gain weight, sleep less and tone down the fashion and in short DE GLAM. Health and beauty no longer feature on their list of priorities. Going against these odds are some very famous Hollywood moms who maintained their looks, beauty and body post motherhood and their amazing fashion sense tremendously contributes to their appeal.


If you have been looking for inspiration to turn on your charm post motherhood, titillate your partner with a new found appeal and get back into the game, there’s plenty of inspiration available in Hollywood. Let Hollywood’s top 5 supermoms give you a bit of advice on how to dress post motherhood and still possess charm.

Here’s presenting the yummy mummies in Hollywood.

1. Angelina Jolie

We still find it hard to believe that the soon to be Mrs. Pitt plays mother to a handful of 6 children. With minor age differences between all six of them, this super mom still manages to stay beautiful and in shape and her flawless sense of style takes years off her age.

Most of Angelina’s memorable public appearances have been on the red carpet, so if you are attending a formal do post motherhood, you can draw inspiration from her.


2. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has effortlessly managed to defy all possible signs of ageing and is one rocking Hollywood mom. Currently a single parent, Lopez manages to grab people by the eyeballs with her looks. Her fashion sense is simply mesmerizing and we could pick up more than a lesson or two from her.

While you check out her clothes, one thing you will notice about Jennifer is the variations in hairstyles she comes up with. So if you’re attending your kid’s school functions, taking them to the park or gracing a formal occasion, do try on some of her hair dos.

3. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has proven successful in passing on her fashionable genes to daughter Suri and now, not only is Katie a style icon but Suri too is a fashion sensation with parents wanting to dress up their baby girls just the way Suri dresses up.

Katie Holmes’ casual look is a perfect one to carry for school visits. Stock up on trousers, jeans, t-shirts jackets, boots and you’ll find Katie Holmes staring back at you into the mirror. This look is sure to have all the other moms gawking at you in amazement wondering what your beauty secret is.


4. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s fashion is timeless and elegant. Drawing inspiration from her is sure to get you back on the fashion scene and establish you there once and for all. Let’s say you are at a wedding and are looking for something which will show people that motherhood hasn’t taken a toll on you at all, then Nicole Kidman is the way to go mama.


5. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is one super mom who knows how to add a youthful zing to her look each time she steps out. And what she loves doing is accessorize.

Bright, colourful and oversized accessories add a youthful touch to your image and make you look much younger than you actually are. So the next time you’re stepping out, no matter what you’re wearing, be sure to accessorize and you will be a yummy youthful mommy.


We hope that you’ve picked up some amazing fashion tips from Hollywood’s hottest moms to zing up your wardrobe and style.

You can take it slow, but don’t let it lay back forever.