Spring 2013 Accessory Trends

Glam Up With these 6 Hottest Accessories For Spring 2013

Spring brings with it a shopping fever, doesn’t it? Just like the weather transforms itself, we feel the need to transform our wardrobes too. It feels great to ditch all the warm winter wear and get into something comfortable after a long break.

The time for shopping till you drop is here and if you have already caught the shopping bug and are well on your way to shop till you drop, you’re going to need a little help with what to pick.

With bags, shoes, jewelry, jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, dresses and sunglasses already on your “To Buy” list, here’s a guide with the Top 6 hottest accessories that you can shop for this spring 2013. So get ready to get all your money rolling because spring is here and there are quite a number of goodies that you can invest in for a fresh and new look.

1. Floral Shoes

 Spring 2013 Accessory Trends

Floral Shoes are the rage. Oh yes, they very much are. If you can wear floral tees and floral jeans, why not allow your show the privilege to look floral too? Floral shoes perfectly suit a bright spring day and you can go in for these prints with pencil heels, ankle straps, pumps, ballerinas and flip flops too.

2. Yellow Handbags

Spring 2013 Accessory Trends

If you want to give the sun a complex about its fiery color, go get yourself a striking yellow bag. Yellow is a great color for spring 2013. Its brightness can really add to the trendiness of your look. And the best part about flaunting yellow in spring is you need not make sure that the colors of your outfit match perfectly with the bag.

3. Sling Bags

Spring 2013 Accessory Trends Your wardrobe will be incomplete if you do not have a sling bag for spring 2013. Sling bags have been the hottest item among bags since 2012 and they still are. So do not waste another opportunity to buy one and just go grab hold of it before everyone else buys all the sling bags in the world.

4. Oversize and Dangling Earrings

Spring 2013 Accessory Trends Don’t hide those beautiful ears behind layers of your hair anymore. The time to flaunt your ears is now and there is no better way to do so than by wearing some really pretty oversize and dangling earrings. Ensure that you pick up loud colors like pink, orange, yellow and blue. Whether they are spiked, shaped like a scary skull, a long dangling rectangle or embedded with gemstones, each of these earrings are sure to make a loud fashion statement for spring 2013.

5. Bold Necklaces

 Spring 2013 Accessory Trends

Give your loud earrings some loud company with bold necklaces. The ultimate tip this spring 2013 is to keep your accessories loud, so go grab as many necklaces that stand proudly around your neck this spring.

6. Sunglasses

 Spring 2013 Accessory Trends

Don’t forget to shield your pretty eyes from the sun and while you’re at it, make your eyes look trendy too with a fabulous pair of oversize and brightly colored sunglasses.

Don’t you forget to add all these accessories to your wardrobe as soon as you can! Remember that accessorizing well gives you a complete and perfect chic diva look. Now who wouldn’t want that?