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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

We, the metro-sexual clan, have a very low tolerance for a lot of things that the previous generations have lived with forever. Excess and unwanted hair on the body is just one of these. Thanks to the advancements in beauty therapy and cosmetic industry, we have techniques like Laser Hair Removal at our service for one of our most private needs.

Individuals, who shave or wax the redundant hair growth, face the surety of going through the tedious task time and again. The hairs certainly don’t disappear forever. Laser Hair Removal has been a proven approach to an anytime-bikini-ready body!

The process involves focusing a laser ray at the very base of follicles of hair which need to be removed, resulting in stoppage of further hair production from those follicles.

Why Do People Go For Laser hair removal?

The reason why this process has become famous and is being adopted by more and more people continually since 1997 is:

  • It is a safe practice.
  • Gives a long-term solution to get rid of unnecessary hair growth on any part of the body.
  • Assures a freshly removed feel for a long time

Men and women undergo this treatment mostly for the following body areas:

  • Various areas of the face like jaw-line, under or around the chin, below the sideburns and ears
  • Bikini Line
  • Arms including armpits and legs
  • Back, neck and shoulders
  • Upper body and abdomen


 Laser hair removal for Ear Hair

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser rays have an attraction for melanin – the pigment responsible for the colour of hair and our skin. The darkness of color is directly proportional to the amount and strength of melanin present.

Laser beams use Melanin as an instrument to travel to the base of hair follicles. Here, the ray diffuses in the form of thermal energy, rendering it incapable of hair production as fast as before. This rate further reduces with more treatments.


For the laser hair removal to be effective, the hair to be removed need to be at a certain active stage of growth called ‘anagen’. In this stage the hair has a strong connection with the base of follicle.

Not all hair remains in this stage simultaneously. Some hair might be in the resting or inactive growth phase called ‘telogen’.

Hence, the need for multiple sessions of laser treatment arises.

The Number of Sessions

It depends on the following factors:

  • Color of hair and skin
  • Texture of hair
  • Intensity and density of hair growth
  • The rate of growth and
  • The medical history

An efficient practitioner devises a treatment plan for an individual based on all these factors. They will decide whether or not you will require to undergo a test patch in case of sensitive skin.

 The Feeling During and After

 The procedure is almost painless. There is a constant blowing of cold air administered to relieve the person under treatment of any negligible discomfort they might feel.

An individual might experience a little redness of skin. This is normal which usually gets better within 24 hours.

Also, it is quite crucial to guard your skin against strong sun rays after a Laser hair removal session.

If you wish to have a completely hair-free area in between laser sessions, you may be allowed to resort to shaving or use depilatory creams. But, waxing or plucking hair from those areas is prohibited during treatment.

The Results and Benefits

  •  The results are amazing with extremely reduced hair growth with subsequent sessions and eventual stoppage of hair growth in 60-95% of the cases.
  •  It is an effective way to get rid of in-growth of hair, which is quite irritating and causes redness and acne in many individuals.
  •  It is a time-saver option compared to electrolysis. And a person can get to the usual routine with almost no down-time after this treatment.
  •  You can permanently save your time spent in waxing, shaving or plucking.
  •  It is a suitable technique even for sensitive skin.
  •  The latest research and technology has enabled lasers to be used for blonde, grey or white hair, the ones with lesser melanin content.


  Before and After Treatment

 The Costs Associated

 The costs vary depending on the area you need to de-hair and the number of sessions that will be needed to achieve the desired result.

You will need to shell out money ranging from £35 to remove odd hairs in a small area for a single sitting to £5000 for an extensive treatment plan for the entire body.

The price range varies greatly with the gender of the person and the density and spread of unwanted hair.

If you are fed up of removing those grisly hairs over and over again and are always hard pressed for time to do the same, then this is the perfect option for you.

It is worth spending the money for that awesome hair-free and smooth feel as opposed to the years of shaving, waxing and plucking!