How to Achieve the Perfect Layered Look for Fall Winter 2012/13

As the weather gets colder, as we inch towards Fall and Winter, layering becomes an important fashion trend. The runways showed this trend in ample measures this season in both men and women’s fashion.

Layering of course is a practical option for winter because it keeps you warm. So why not up your style quotient by getting your layering just right.

Follow these tips to do just that.

Tips to Get the Perfect Layered Look this Fall

  1. Keep the Contrast Alive

While layering outfits, make sure that that you are contrasting printed pieces with plain ones. Also pay attention to the colour palette of the layers. The contrast breaks ups the ensemble and creates a visually pleasing effect. If all your layers are identical, it can impart a bulky look, which you don’t want.

Jazz up your layering with contrasts

  1. Pair Dresses with Cropped Fur Jackets

Another popular trend seen on the catwalks this season was pairing long flowing dresses with fur and leather jackets and coats. In our opinion, the short cropped jackets make a better impact than the coats for this trend. Check it out for yourself.

The ‘long’ and ‘short’ of Layering.

  1. Stick to the Basic Rules

The basic rule is of course that you start the thinnest garment closest to the body and layer with progressively thicker fabrics. So you will begin with your T-shirt or shirt (cotton), then a wool sweater or cardigan. Follow this up with a vest and finally a leather/ fur jacket. Of course, you don’t have to use all the layers each time. Depending on the weather and your personal preference, even a simple two –layer look, rightly done can make as much impact as a heavier layered look.

Layered look for men

  1. Go All Out

Make your layering larger than life. Maybe not on an everyday basis and perhaps not for formal occasions. But you can definitely indulge in this trend once in a while and it will give an edge to your look.

The trend is simple. You just combine whatever you want and however you want. There is neither a limit on the number of layers you can create nor any restriction on colours and patterns. Use your creativity just like this young lady here.

Starting with denim shorts over tights and topping it off with casual mint green furry vest, this layered look is quite an eyeful.

There are tons of combinations you can try. Pairing sleeveless vests over long sleeved tops, asymmetric skirts over straight pants, big belted blanket wraps over practically anything that you are wearing are some of the layering options that have emerged from the major designers this year.

As always, you make the final decision on what looks good on you. So layer up to your heart’s content and don’t just remain warm this winter when you can be ‘hot’.