How To Effortlessly Embrace The Baroque Trend

If you ever had a hidden passion for the 17th-century’s fashion extravaganza, or dreamed about living in the golden era than it’s absolutely sure that the following trend has your name written all over it. The Baroque trend took the fashion world by storm over the Fall and Winter 2012 runways, with designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Lanvin and Aquilano.Rimondi showcasing their love for the opulent and dramatic looks. Seeing how the baroque trend is all about heavy embellishments, swirling motifs and intricate jewels detailing, and how our lives are far from being an infinite runway, it’s easy to admit that pulling it off for an everyday look might end-up being quite the challenge. But we are all up for the challenges when it comes to fashion, because honestly, it feels good to step aside from the comfort zone once in a while to witness the magic of something new happening. Let’s take a closer look at the most luxurious runway numbers and further talk about how to incorporate the dramatic pieces into our daily adventures.


Unless you’re getting ready to shoot for a magazine cover, or to walk the streets of Paris right in the middle of Fashion Week, an exact runway replica won’t work for making the baroque trend look like a wearable modern outfit, rather than a dramatic costume. But of course, with a few styling tips you will be more than prepared to showcase the opulent brocades on the city streets without ever looking misplaced. Maybe just a little bit extravagant, but that is actually a good thing.


Styling Tip No.01: Go For A Single Intricate Embellishment. Maybe wearing gold from head-to-toe, and tons of jewels on top of that isn’t exactly our scene, but there are some elusive ways of pulling off the baroque trend too. Opt for a structured dress in a rich fabric and color that features a bold, but not extravagant looking baroque motif. Enough for it to captivate the attention, without being too loud. Forget about any other piece of jewelry, and style your hair into a sleek center-part bun. Keep your make-up clean and fresh to balance the entire outfit.


Styling Tip No.02: Let The Accessories Do The Talking. Sometimes you just got to lay low on the accessories in order to let a really beautiful outfit shine on its own. Some other times instead, the statement jewelry pieces are the ones that define your entire look. In order to embrace the baroque trend without having to call on the heavy jacquards and brocades, limit yourself at pulling the most over-the-top pair of earrings out of the jewelry box , the most precious headband and the most sophisticated handbag. Play upon gold accents mixed with dark hues for a royal combination.


Styling Tip No.03: Mix Dark Hues With Gold Accents. The luxurious and expensive feel of the baroque trend is given mostly by the rich fabrics, and dark hues that serve as a perfect backdrop for all the intricate and shining embellishments. Either you choose to adopt a subtle version of the trend, or care to go all in on the opulence, make sure to pick black, dark navy, rich burgundy and dark hues of green as star colors for your outfit. The embroidery will stand out this way.


Styling Tip No.04: All-Gold. If you feel like putting on the most opulent and extravagant baroque outfit ever, then go for it. Embrace your adventurous spirit and don’t be afraid to shine in an all gold ensemble, styled with … that’s right, all gold accessories. Gold is the key element of this exquisite trend, so either you go for subtle inserts or head-to-toe precious, make sure to let your energy out and burst of confidence. Don’t let the outfit outshine the real you.

I don’t expect it to be easy, but once you understand how to balance your outfit and how much are you willing to risk when walking out the door, the rest will just follow. Flaunt your extravagant side this fall, because as trends rapidly change, who knows when you’ll get another chance?