How to Get the Look Kate Middleton Donned at Olympics Closing Ceremony!

Fashion was the top word when it came to the London Closing Ceremony. The very first thing we all did for sure was to note who wore what and how, right? There was fashion for all, from teenagers to the golden oldies and bet there was not one soul in the audience including yours that did not wish to look like the one you idolize. From the Duchess of Cambridge to the Spice Girls, from Kate Moss to Georgia May Jagger, we all want to look the way they do. Here is how to get the look that you always wanted.

Kate Middleton, our very own Duchess who rules our hearts and the fashion scene with her contagious simplicity. Do we know any royalty who is known to repeat her favourite dresses and carry them off with aplomb? Kate is not afraid to wear what she likes more than once. For many it could have been the great fashion faux pas for royalty, but Kate remains unaffected and quite rightly so.

For the Olympics Closing Ceremony she wore a patterned dress from Whistles and accessorized it with the black belt and a clutch. While people may have been expecting a dazzling new outfit, the Duchess instead walked in wearing the same dress that she wore during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert. Her wavy hairdo seemed perfect with little curls at the ends to finish the style with perfect élan. With a barely there makeup that focused on her lovely brown eyes, she allowed the fashion in the arena to take over gracefully. Hats off to Kate Middleton for creating amazing fashion out of high street dressing and making it all look so very chic. True to her image as the modern royal, Kate Middleton never disappoints.

With minimal shopping you too can get to look as good as the Duchess. A floral printed dress, preferably blue in colour as that of the Duchess, a trim belt, clutch and pumps to accompany would help you recreate the fashion. You can style your hair like the Duchess or go with your hairstyle as you please. Do not tie your hair or worse, braid it. Allow your tresses to reach the shoulders in a wave or a weave.

Go austere with the makeup and accessories, highlighting only what is necessary. For the shoes, you can go for the pumps or wedges as you wish. The idea is to keep the look as simple and elegant as possible. For the makeup, go as minimal as you are comfortable with except for the eyes which you can dress up in modest tones. Bring out the colour of the dress with blue eye shadow and focus on your lashes to make them darker and heavier. For the lip colour, use a soft natural shade, bordering on the peach or pink with a slight transparent glossy finish. Put on hanging earrings to complete the look to perfection. Elegant, isn’t it?