How to Get Trendy with Peplums for the 2012 Fashion Season?

One of the favorite outfits in vogue this Spring/Summer 2012 is the Peplum skirts and dresses. It symbolizes youth, fun and adds a chill factor to any personality. Are you yet to add this newest element to your closet? Then you are at the right page. We will take you through the latest and greatest in Peplum trends this season.

The peplum fashion symbol will certainly add vigor and a funky appeal to your persona. The best about Peplum dresses is that you can wear them in any possible color and pattern, and be ready to rock any event you attend.

Too many celebrities have been seen sporting this outfit, making it a greater rage among fashionistas and designers across the globe. These dresses and skirts have astounded many spectators at the most famous Grammy Awards and the like.

The heartthrob of millions, Michelle Williams rocked the television world with this cute peplum skirt on the Tonight show earlier this year.

 Michelle Williams wearing peplum skirt

 The most important thing to note while wearing a peplum skirt is that the top accompanying it should be minimalistic and simple, so that the real zesty look of the skirt stands out. The Peplum skirt itself is a huge style statement and doesn’t need another loud or fancy piece of top to go with it.

Kenzo’s perfect beige colored pencil skirt adorned with an authentic crepe peplum looks extremely slick. The slightly padded peplum of this high-waist skirt, gives a very feminine yet down-to-earth look. The lady who will wear it is sure to come across as absolutely sophisticated and poised.

Peplum Skirt by Kenzo

 The queen of many a hearts, Emma Stone was seen sporting a Barbie pink peplum skirt at a corporate launch. The perfect length and the bubblegum effect of the pleated peplum add so much charm and cuteness to her appearance.

 Emma Stone in a Giambattista Valli Peplum

 Emma Stone in a Giambattista Valli Peplum Skirt

 The trendiest peplum dresses this season that hit the runway have been rich in colours and designs. The most modern peplum wear in the pictures below give the wearer an extremely stylish appeal. The vibrant colors, the belt at the waist and the perfectly raised neckline add an element of sophistication and affluence to this outfit.

The dress on the right is sure to bring out the majestic look with its bold design and the glimmering neckline. Paired with matching stockings and the petite cap enhance the imperial appeal of this attire.

Peplum Dress

 The peplum skirt and dress has been on and off on the fashion front since 1940s. The kind of peplum that will suit you depends a lot on your body structure.

If you have a lean frame, a flared peplum will enhance your waistline and the shape of your derrière perfectly. It will impart a classy contrast to your body type and give you the requisite amount of curve without overpowering your individuality.

If you have a healthier frame of body, you can definitely go for peplums albeit a little more fitted ones. This kind of peplum will enable you to flaunt your curvaceous silhouette emphasizing on a trimmed waistline.

Bright blue Peplum

 Once you incorporate a peplum wear in your wardrobe, it will serve you with its classic appeal all round the year. The designs and the patterns of a peplum outfit almost never go out of fashion, they stay evergreen till the time you lose complete interest in them, which is again quite unlikely.

The wonderful characteristic of this piece of attire is that you can sport it to work with the same confidence and élan as for a happening night-out. This outfit looks great when paired with startling yet attractive colours, which accentuate its form even further.

It’s such a versatile outfit; dress up in an exuberant peplum for an extravagant red carpet event and pair it up with extraordinary unfussy jewellery, a smouldering pair of pumps and a designer clutch. Or you can even hit the roads in an elegant peplum with a cool pair of shades and a pair of striking wedges to go with it.

A cat has nine lives but the peplum trend has many more! This is one chic fashion that has reinvented itself over and over again and has only got better with age like old wine! The flirtatious femininity that a peplum outfit exudes is irresistible.

The key to arrive at a natural and graceful look with a peplum is getting the proportions right in ratio to the sheer size of your appearance. A peplum will look perfect only with an all-over trimming so as to even out the volume of its ruffle. The intention of a peplum design is to produce the most natural look of a woman’s body.

So don’t wait any longer and set out on a shopping spree right now and try on some of the most exotic peplum skirts and dresses to suit your style. Create an ultimate impression with your entry into any happening jamboree or a casual gathering with your pals!