Formal Trousers Trends 2013

How to Make Formal Trousers Stylish – Bring Fashion to Your Workplace

Why do some people dread work? There may be many reasons depending from person to person but one aspect that can really make work interesting is bringing your style and fashion with you to work every day. You can really kick start your day and liven up the mood at your workplace by making it a fashion playground, without shifting your focus away from work of course, or all your bosses will be waiting with hot heads to take down this article.

Formal pants take up a large part of our wardrobe for work wear. It’s either formal skirts or formal pants that we women pair our office blouses and shirts with. Wearing something often can get pretty boring, just like formal pants. So today we bring to you ways in which you can make your formal trousers a bit more stylish for office, so that formal pants will no longer be boring, but only trendy.

1. High Waist Trousers

The rule here is simple, whenever you wear a high waist trouser, make sure you go in for a straight or flared cut and pair it up with a wide belt. This look is indeed a very “Parisian” chic do and will make a great look for office if you want to ditch the old boring pants.

Formal Trousers Trends 2013

2. Low Waist Trousers

Low waist trousers look great when they are body hugging and accessorized with a narrow belt. These look great when they end just at the ankle without going lower than that so that you can show off your chic pumps. You can pair your low waist trousers with a buttoned down shirt or a t-shirt and a blazer to complete the look.

Low Waist Trousers

3. White Trousers

Invest in a pair of white trousers to brighten up your day at the workplace. White trousers and other light colored trousers such a yellow, baby pink and baby blue are in vogue for summer and spring 2013. That makes it all the more imperative to have one of these.

Formal Trousers Trends 2013

 4. Wide Leg Linen Pants

The trend of wide leg linen pants caught up with us in 2012 and is still here to stay in 2013. Celebs wear them, models wear them and all you pretty women should wear them too. Their versatility is such that they look great with any body type and can also be paired with almost anything.

Formal Trousers Trends 2013

5. Floral and Colorful Pants

Fridays are always looked forward to at work because of the upcoming weekend. So go ahead and make your Fridays even more stylish with some fabulous pair of colorful trousers and floral pants.

Formal Trousers Trends 2013

You’ll find colorful trousers in every color under the sun; red, blue, green, brown, yellow, orange, you name it and it will be there.

Floral trousers are sure going to be the rage in spring and summer 2013 and so you have got to have at least one of these lovely pairs, they will look awesome for casual Fridays. These look great when paired with casual blazers and boots or pumps.

Formal Trousers Trends 2013

With stylish trousers like these, and with the multitude of options you have in terms of patterns, styles and colors, you will be sorted with at least one new trouser for everyday of the month. And what’s more; you will certainly give all the guys and girls at work something to think of.