How To Pull Off An Angrakha Stylishly in 2013: Check Out the Top 10 Angrakha Designs 2013

An angrakha is noted for the grace it brings to the wearer and also for the comfort it provides. The angrakha is a traditional Indian piece of clothing, but has wide appeal across the globe on account of its stylishness and femininity.

For those of you who find yourself newly acquainted with this term, a traditional angrakha is a tunic with long sleeves. The frontal portion consists of a V-neck wrap that can be tied at the side. Modern versions of the angrakha have seen variations on international runways in terms of tunic and sleeve length.

1) Angrakha Style Dresses 2013

If going traditional all the way is something you choose not to do, then you can incorporate the angrakha style into your favourite item of clothing. Angrakha dresses have been popular in the past and were also seen on some major runways for 2013 collections. By simply integrating the V neck with a wrap at the side, you can have yourself a pretty cocktail dress. Angrakha style dresses can be chosen to suit both casual and elegant styles, depending on the pattern.

 2) Angrakha Style Jackets 2013

Fashion designer Manish Arora showcased a couple of angrakha inspired designs as part of his collection for India at the Paris 2013 Fashion Week.

Manish Arora added a tasteful touch to the angrakha by creating angrakha style jackets. While some jackets had a centre wrap, a couple of others had the side wrap, with the string holding the two sides evidently missing. Angrakha jackets will go well with a suitably matched top worn inside the jacket and is certainly going to redefine the style of a pullover especially during the fall/winter months of 2013. How about becoming the most fashionable person in your group by dressing up in these chic trends?


 3) Angrakha Style Blouses 2013

You can team it up with a pencil skirt or with skin tight trousers because angrakha styled trousers will definitely be a burning hot sensation for 2013. This pattern not only combines a unique flavour of freshness with a feminine elegance, but it is also very stylish and will suit any body type. The borders of the wraps can be created in a way to suit the colour of your trouser/skirt to give your look a chic appeal.

 4) Oriental Angrakha Designs 2013

Oriental Angrakhas were brought to the runway by designer Manish Arora at the Paris 2013 Fashion Week. Arora incorporated the mandarin collar into regular angrakha designs. The mandarin collar can be integrated into a variety of angrakha styles, like the regular tunic top or with angrakha styled dresses, jackets and blouses.

 5) Vivid Angrakha Prints & Angrakha Designs 2013

Major fashion houses have set the tone for spring/summer 2013 collections on their runways with bold prints. A wide range of contrasting colours, floral prints, loud patterns, have been used in a number of collections. Thus, experimenting with your angrakha and ditching sober colours for vivid prints should be on your agenda for your apparels in the year 2013. Bright colours and prints have a flamboyant youthfulness. They add a flavour of casual youthfulness to any attire. And so incorporating these prints into traditional patterns is certainly called for.

 6) Bridal Angrakha Designs 2013

An increasing number of brides are opting for uniqueness over traditions when it comes to choosing their bridal attires. Bridal favourites such as saris, salwar kameezes and lehenga cholis are being replaced, though on a very small scale, with distinctive outfits and patterns, the angrakha being one of them. The runway for 2013 saw bridal outfits inspired by angrakha styles. Designers have played with colours and have mixed and matched contrasting and appealing shades to come up with a fresh and one of its kind look.

Even if you are not the bride yourself, donning an angrakha to a wedding celebration is sure to make many heads turn with eyes glued on you and you will certainly receive compliments for your gracious choice of attire.

7) Angrakha Styles & Designs for Men 2013

While women can adorn and drape themselves with an angrakha, men, too, look very smart and striking in a traditional angrakha. While feminine colours are best avoided, be sure to experiment with patterns and embroideries and see the magic. An angrakha would make for a fine looking wedding outfit. While grooms can be seen sporting one, best men too can put their best foot forward draped in an angrakha. For the uniqueness an angrakha brings with it, it can be the perfect choice for Indian themed weddings.

 8) Traditional Angrakha Designs 2013

Traditional angrakhas usually have bright colours such as red, orange and pink. These bright colours have a very festive look. Gold or silver embroidered borders combined with bright colours will create an elegant look for angrakha styles for 2013.

 9) Experiment with Necklines

Traditional Angrakhas comprises a V shaped neckline. However for 2013, you can experiment with different necklines like the mandarin collar as well as the sweetheart neckline. Incorporate round, square and plunging necklines to give the angrakha a modern feel.

10) Conventional Angrakha Designs 2013

The conventional angrakha will never go out of vogue. Sticking to the conventional pattern, you can experiment with colours and choice of embroidery. Variations in the sleeve length can also be integrated. While longer sleeves will give you a more conventional look, short sleeves will add a casual freshness to your look. You can add an Indian finishing touch to your look by adorning yourself with sparkling long earrings, bangles, neck jewellery and plaited hair.

So for the year 2013, make sure you get yourself at least one stylish angrakha from the many styles mentioned above and flaunt your feminine graciousness in it.