How To Style Your Hair Into A Chic Halo Braid

There’s something so feminine and utterly romantic about a halo braid, that instantly turns this delicate hairstyle into a perfect complement to a look meant to be inspiring and light during the cold days of fall and winter. While it’s true that the Heidi braids and the ethereal gowns are a match made in the fashion heaven, the hairstyle has enough power to add uniqueness and a touch of delicacy to even the most layered looks. After all, the real charm lies in the attitude.

But before relying upon attitude, we must make sure the execution of the braids itself, it’s made flawlessly. What we love most about the halo braid is the fact that behind that sophisticated and intricate feel it possesses, hides a pretty simple technique that would only require about 15 minutes to be completed successfully. So, if you’re anything like me and you long for this beautiful hairstyle everytime you see it on someone else, it’s high-time you grab your comb, a couple of mini elastics and a few bobby pins, and start practicing on the chic halo braid. It will be easier than you would expect. After the first experience you’ll want to wear your hair like this everyday.


Before starting on the actual braiding process, make sure your hair is brushed thoroughly. If your hair is not particularly thick, washing it with a volumizing shampoo might actually help add some texture. Also, don’t worry about the frizz as it adds that nice touch of ease and naturalness.

Step 1. Part your hair down the middle into two equal sections and clip the two resulting tails using your mini elastics. Make sure they are either transparent, or have a color that’s similar to your natural shade. That way, they will blend easily and they will hardly be noticeable.

Step 2. It’s time to braid. Starting up from the ear begin plaiting your hair into a classic French braid (three sections), and incorporate more pieces of hair as you progress. It’s the easiest way to keep the halo secured, in one place. Keep plaiting until you cross the opposite ear.

Halo Braid 02

Step 3. As you reached the opposite ear, it’s time to fasten your braid with an elastic and secure it using the bobby pins. In order for them to stay hidden, always place your pins inside the braids.

Step 4. Repeat the braiding process on the other side and when you’re done, place the plait over your head. For a flawless result, tuck the end of the second braid underneath the first one and secure with bobby pins. If your hair is longer, than you can easily come full circle with the second braid, and secure it underneath the first braid. Just like in the image below.


Step 5. Style your halo braid. If you’re satisfied with the end result, apply just enough hairspray to hold the braids and control the frizz, but don’t overdo the process in order to keep your aspect as natural and polished as possible. If you want to add some variety to your future looks, you can either loosen your braids to create larger plaits, make the halo appear messier by framing your face with a few loosen tendrils, or even create several small braids and style them into a far more unique halo around your head. We hope to have triggered your creativity. Have fun braiding!