How To Succesfully Embrace the Dark Lipstick Trend

We can acknowledge without a doubt that some trends are born  to become classic staples, that never really fade out of style and work wonders for every woman who’s not afraid  to showcase her best features. This might be the case of the red lipstick, black eyeliner or french manicure, that are reinterpreted season after season with the same flawless result.  And although sticking to the classics is the most successful  beauty recipe preventing us from getting it all wrong, there comes a time in every woman’s life when change is mandatory and when the novelty factor seems all that more appealing.

This year a new beauty trend caught our attention early in the summer, promising to be the perfect way to transition in style into the colder seasons. The dark lipstick trend, featuring an array of rich colors like burgundy, plum, maroon or wine, seems like the next best thing to try out during Fall and Winter of 2012. To make sure you use this trend in your advantage, here’s a quick list on what to do and what to avoid when it comes to these bold colors.

Dark Lipstick Trend

1. Choose a color that complements your skin tone. You might have heard this advice a million times before, but there’s no denial that choosing the appropriate lipstick color for your skin complexion is a must in order to avoid looking washed out, or way too dramatic to hit the streets. Remember that if it works for others, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you too. The search for the perfect shade of lipstick is totally worth the amount of time and efforts.

2. Let the lips become the point of attraction.  Unless you’re going for a total goth and costume look, you must let the lips gather all the attention by keeping the rest of your make-up clean and natural looking. A few coats of volumizing mascara, a nude hue of eye shadow and bare cheeks should do the trick.  Avoid exposing all of your features at the same time.

3.  Make sure that your lips are hydrated before applying the lipstick. The high temperatures, no matter if they’re on the high or low side, end up leaving marks on  your face. That’s why it is super important to keep your face and your lips equally hydrated.  Otherwise the dark colors will gather around the dry areas of your lips, making the entire make up routine look like a total disaster.

YSL Forbidden Burgundy Lipstick

4. Base your look on high-quality products. Although it is not mandatory to go for the high-end lines when it comes to make up, a high quality product is still very important, so make sure you choose carefully. The intensity, the shine, the creamy formula are all part of what an ideal lipstick should deliver, so there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to quality even if you purchase your items at the drugstore. It’s not about how much you spend, it’s more about finding the perfect match for you.

5. It is OK to team a dark lipstick with bold eyebrows. The dark lipstick trend might require following many rules, but it’s also worth breaking some of them if it helps achieving a higher-impact look. So, if in general the dark lips should do all the talking, from time to time you are allowed to have fun in matching them to a pair of bold brows. If done properly, this could make you stand out in a crowd, in the best way possible.

Camilla Belle - Dark Lipstick

6. For a glamorous approach don’t be afraid to add some shine. Dark lipsticks work best if they feature matte or cream finishes, but a little bit of shine placed carefully adds dimensions and a subtle touch of glamor to your lips. If you intend on trying this look for a special event or a celebratory night out, use a clear lip gloss and place it on top of your color, focusing especially on the center of the lips.Nothing easier.

You know a beauty trend is to become successful once it hits the runways,  also once a high number of celebrities start making use of it  as they gracefully walk the Red Carpet. There are countless ways you can reinvent your style while learning from the stars, but always keep in mind that your features are unique and should be treated accordingly.