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How to Use Pastel Colors and Revive Your Personality?

Technically, if any colour is toned down by adding a little white and watering it, the resultant colour would be a Pastel Colour. A lighter shade of any hue which has a cooling and calming visual effect can be called a Pastel Colour.

Many individuals, usually women, have a soft corner for Pastel colours. They prefer pastel shades to regular ones in their choice of clothes, footwear, handbags and even home-décor products like bed-sheets, curtains and even wall paints. For them, a pastel world is probably a more beautiful version of the world!

Pastel Colors in Fashion Wear

This season eminent designers across the world have enhanced their catalogues with the prettiness of pastel colours. Patterned pastel dresses with the sweetest floral prints are a rage this season with most fashion houses and even the street-side shopping pergolas.

One of the most influential fashion houses, Ralph Lauren, has come up with this striking collection in pastel hues for spring/ summer 2012. Many other prominent designer labels that have promoted this look are Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein.

The smart combination of pale yellow, icy blue, mint green, blush pink and mild lavender have been used to create this stunning collection of outfits and accessories like scarves, hats or handbags.

 Ralph Lauren – Pastel Solids

Pastel Shift dress


Pastels and Body Types

Pastels add a desired amount of volume to a petite frame, making these shades a right choice for women with less voluminous bodies. Hence, if you have a large body frame, you should avoid completely pastel attire. Instead either opt for pastels in combination with darker hues, or settle with pastel accessories, such as bags, footwear or jewellery to satisfy your quench for this color range.

How to Wear Pastels and Pep up Your Look?

The very feminine pastel palette comes with a broad range of styling possibilities. Here are the tips to revamp your current closet and refresh your look this season.

1)     Any pastel colored jeans can be paired with a gray top to suit your taste, and with a trendy pair of black footwear or handbag for that striking look.

2)     Reveal the bold side of your personality by donning a complete black ensemble and accessorize it with cool minty green satchel or a pale yellow satin clutch for that distinct look.

3)     Layer a blush pink dress with a turtle-neck vest and with ankle boots in a contrasting pastel colour for a very romantic, tender appeal to your personality.

4)     If pastel-hued cigarette pants are combined with a white shirt and bold accessories, you are sure to create a sophisticated image with an eclectic style statement.

Pastel Jeans

The newest hues which are rocking the look of the original blue denim are a luscious palette of mild green, lilac, lemon yellow and soft pink this season. Discover the sweet side of your femininity by indulging into this new assortment of pastel jeans. To tone down the sweet sugary look, you can pair these up with sporty tops, accessories and boots.

Look at the amazing combination of high-waist mint green jeans with bold blue top and beige footwear to add glamour quotient to the peppy look.


Pastel Green High-waist Jeans    

Lilac Jeans from Warehouse


Pastel Footwear

The trends in footwear are totally at par with the pastel revolution in the dresses and other accessories. Novel pastel tints like never-before have been introduced this season to captivate the attention of the super-duper fashionable women.


                                         Pastel Footwear                                          

  Pistol Boots

 Pastel Handbags and Clutches

A plethora of cute pastel colors have set the world of handbags and clutches afire! Cutest and most interesting candy colors are there to bring out the fun and young vibes in your personality.

The simplest of designs in handbags and clutches can turn into eye-catching ones due to their unique pastel hues. You are sure to fall in love with the latest collection including the textured pastel bags. For the authentic feel of this summer, spruce up your wardrobe with a trendy pastel handbag.

 Botkier Valentina Shoulder Bag                                                         

Pastel Clutch

Varied patterned dresses, hair-bands and beaded jewellery are completely in vogue in pastel shades this season. Dresses in neutral colors like ivory, taupe, cream, white and black are being paired with the in-vogue pastel accessories or pastel dresses with neutral garnishing to create a stunning effect this fashion season.

The assortment of a pastel palette means that there is a perfect shade available for everyone who wants to take a plunge in the sea of these hues. Pastels are an interesting facet of colors and add a completely tranquil effect to your personality. Whenever you are in a completely relaxed and unruffled mood, pastels are a right choice for you.

So, wait no further and jump aboard the pastel bandwagon!