Belt Trends 2013

Feeling Unfashionable? Belt it Up with our 4+4 on How to Wear Belts Stylishly this Summer

A belt can really turn any outfit upside down. A simple belt across your waist can either make or break your outfit. You can jazz up the palest looking outfit or you can add that extra inch of fabulousness to your already chic look with something as simple as a belt.

So what’s new this summer with belts and how can you jazz up your summer look with an awesome belt? Well, for starters, there are a variety of outfits with which you can belt yourself up. Wear it with jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses because a belt this summer is going to be burning hot.

1. Shorts

A pair of colorful or denim shorts would look incomplete without a nice belt holding it together. You may choose to wear a T shirt with it or a buttoned down shirt and you can simply tuck it in to show off your fabulous belt. The right way to accessorize a pair of shorts with a belt would be going for a broad belt with a conspicuous buckle. As for the color, you can go with whatever best compliments your outfit and also stands out.

Belt Trends 2013

2. Skirts

Just like a belt goes great with a hot pair of denim shorts, belts look fabulous with denim skirts too. Although, you must be careful not to overdo it by wearing belts with every type of skirt because belts don’t look great with formal, leather and long skirts. Casual miniskirts look terrific when paired with a belt.

3. Jeans

We’ve been accessorizing our pairs of jeans with belts for as long as we can remember and it goes without saying that a tucked in T shirt with a pair of jeans and a belt with it looks simply amazing. So you can go ahead with this look for summer 2013 and you can add a bit of funkiness to it by alternating your blue denims with all the new bright colors like red, yellow, green, pink and purple for the summer.

 Belt Trends 2013

4. Dresses

Casual summer dresses with fun floral and abstract prints and designs look complete with a belt. The best part about this is that your belt need not match the color of your dress to the inch and you can play around with color and also the width of the belt as a smart way to let your belt stand out.

For summer 2013, you can pair belts up with a short summer dress or a long flowing Bohemian maxi dress, either way, it will look really beautiful.

Belt Trends 2013

Types of Belts

When it comes to selecting a belt we girls are really lucky and spoilt for choice. There is so much under the sun and much more under the summer sun this year with belt trends. This awesome collection of belts include various prints, various widths, buckle types and belt patterns.

1. Animal Print Belts

Animal print belts are a hot favorite among animal print lovers. You have tiger prints, leopard prints, snakeskin belts, zebra prints and so much more; you are surely going to want to have one of each this summer.

Belt Trends 2013

2. Fancy Buckle Belts

Ditch the old boring belt buckle and go in for something new and funky with diamond studded buckles, scary skull buckles to give people the creeps, brand logos, ornate floral designs and many others.

3. Colorful Belts

You can take any of your favorite summer colors like green, yellow, blue, red or pink and buy a belt of that very color. Accessorize your outfits with it and you are ready to go. And how would you like a rainbow colored belt? You could use it during the monsoons as well.

Belt Trends 2013

4. Double Buckle Belts

This latest trend with doubled up buckles is really kicking in. Although this trend first started out with broader belts, you now have a lot of narrower ones with double buckles, both on the same strap. These look fabulous and will go down very well for a cowboy look with a checkered shirt and blue denims.

Belt Trends 2013

We have displayed for you a number of ways in which you could make a belt the hottest fashion item this summer. So we do hope you are going to rock this summer and beat the heat with the most fabulous fashion trends.