Stylish Shorts 2013

How to Wear Shorts Stylishly to Set the Temperatures Rising Higher in Spring 2013

Spring is a time for new beginnings and it is in this season that you get to renew your bond with all those clothes that were hibernating the winter away.

Spring and summer do not leave behind the scorching heat so why should you leave behind fashion in this season? Spring is the best time to flaunt all your sexy short dresses, floral trousers, shorts, skirts, tank and tube tops and sheer clothing. So let’s take one step at a time and look at how you can wear shorts stylishly this spring.

1. Belt It Up

 Shorts and belts make an amazing combination. Denim shorts look great with broad colorful belts and bright colored shorts look great with mono colored narrow belts. Try all the possible combinations with your shorts and a chic belt and remember to tuck your tee or blouse into your shorts to show off that sexy belt.

Stylish Shorts 2013

You could also get yourself belts with fancy oversize buckles and draw attention to your flattering waistline.

2. Let it Blossom

 The trend of floral shorts is the rage of all rages this spring. They look so cute and feminine. Your favorite celebs, models and so many women on the street love to flaunt them. So why should you leave this gorgeous trend behind.

Stylish Shorts 2013

Get a pair of floral shorts in every color and pair them up with mono colored contrasting or matching t-shirts, tank tops, noodle strap tops, sleeveless or long sleeved t-shirts.

3. Tuck Those Tees In

Stylish Shorts 2013

The best way to draw attention to your brand new and extremely fashionable pair of shorts is by tucking those tees in. If tucking gets uncomfortable for you, replacing these with a couple of cropped tees is a wonderful alternative to make everybody feel hottttttter.

4. Show off Those Long Legs

Stylish Shorts 2013

Shorts with heels do look great once in a while and men say that a woman wearing shorts and heels is the perfect sight to make ‘em go gaga. So if you’re trying to catch someone’s attention or surprise your man with some stylish choices, bring on the highest heels you have with your favorite shorts and your work is done.

5. Be an Art Collector

Stylish Shorts 2013

The trend of colorful printed shorts with artistic and intricate designs is the new “in thing”. When you flaunt a pair of artistic shorts, make sure you keep your top a mono shaded one to avoid looking like a paint box threw up on you.

6. Showcase Your True Colors

Going bold with color is acceptable in spring. So bring on that electric and peppy vibe to your look with the brightest and boldest colored shorts. You can opt for neons, pink, green, bright blues, metallic shades and so much more to set everybody’s eyes on you.

Pairing your colored shorts with a white or black lacy top will tone down the bling that the colored shorts bring to your look.

Stylish Shorts 2013

7. Accessorize Heavily

 When the clothes get shorter and lesser, the accessories should get heavier. Go crazy with necklaces, oversize earrings and bangles for a funky street look with shorts this spring.

Stylish Shorts 2013

It’s difficult to get through the season of spring without some funky pairs of shorts. But to keep up with the ever changing trends, styling up your shorts is the way to go girl.