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How to Wear Unique & Exquisite Wooden Bangles & Be A Star?

Wanna be the star of accessories among your friends or wherever you go?

If yes, then you must invest your time in first reading this post and then planning a shopping trip or online shopping spree to get yourself the ultimate star of accessories, Wooden Bangles.

One of the hottest trends to have rocked the high fashion industry for years and in 2012 too is bangles and more bangles.

Look around, scan your favorite TV channels, newspapers and popular magazines including People, Glamour, Vogue and others. And you’ll notice fashionistas with loads and loads of wooden bangles in animal prints, bright colors with embellishments galore. Celebrities know how to brilliantly jazz up their outfits by including earthy elements. The trend of Wooden Bangles is a big one and it is surely here to stay.

We are going to highlight the most attractive types of Wooden Bangles that you can team up to give your outfits that exciting and vibrant look. In this post we will also look at how Celebrities team up Wooden Bangles.

And don’t be surprised to see some of the most unique and exquisite patterns of wooden bangles that we have specially selected for you.

 Here’s Cameron Diaz flaunting the wooden bangle as she speaks to you about how to look stylish with wooden bangles (she surely practices what she teaches). Wink Wink…

Transform Your Look with Wooden Bangles

Wear wooden bangles anywhere on your arm including the wrist and the forearm. Who can forget the wooden bangles beautifully adorning Madonna’s forearms in her music videos? Usually wooden bangles are sphere-shaped, however you can find them in various other shapes such as triangular, rectangular, square-shape and more.

 Made of different types of wood, wooden bangles are available in a wide variety of patterns such as crisscross and ethnic. The most used types of wood include Teak, Cherry, African mahogany and Bamboo.

In addition, wooden bangles with carvings, imprints, hand-painted designs, beads and gemstones are much sought after.

Blend Earthy & Bohemian in a Contemporary Way

Fashion designer, writer, actor and singer, Nicole Ritchie too loves wooden bangles. She knows how to perfectly team up earthy and bohemian in a contemporary manner.

You know we love getting you exclusive stuff. So how could we miss showing you some of the masterpiece wooden bangles created by none other than the award winning artist and jewelry designer Anthony Roussel?

Take a look at Anthony’s stunning sculptural jewelry:

Anthony’s wooden bangles are inspired by the classic sweep of the British shoreline and an infatuation towards contemporary architecture.

Wear the layers Anthony has created in stunning 3D patterns for these wooden bangles and be the most stylish person in your gang.

 Wooden Bangles and Colors

You can wear wooden bangles in a motley of colors. The brown tone of wood looks stunning with different shades of yellow, coral, orange, red and pink. Be bold and be ready to blend and create combinations of colors and textures in wooden bangles.


You must have heard the oft-repeated advice – excess of anything is bad. But don’t you worry and don’t be afraid to pile excess of wooden bangles on!

And you don’t need to over-spend, you can get some of these wooden bangles for less than 2 quid. What’s more, wooden bangles are sturdy and hence last you long, thereby cutting down your cost further.

Choose your favorites from a wide range of reasonably priced wooden bangles at various stores all over.

Mix, match, experiment and make your own style statement with wooden bangles just like your favorite celebrities do. With wooden bangles at your behest, turn heads at parties, romantic date and wherever you go.