White Shoe Trends

How to Wear White Shoes Flawlessly in Summer: 5 Ideas

Wearing white shoes has never been easy for the discerning fashionista. Besides, the obvious impracticality (prone to get dusty and dirty soon), there is always the question of what to wear with white shoes.

Footwear trends in winter tend to focus on dark shades such as brown, black and grey, while in summer vibrant colors and hues such as red, green, yellow and others are observed. While this is generally the norm, footwear trends in summer 2013 interestingly include white.

Here are some fashionable and stylish ways to wear white shoes this summer.

How to Wear White Shoes Flawlessly in Summer

1.  Contrast with Black Dress

Have white shoes? Combine with black outfits to create a contrasting look. This way, you also get the benefit of the slimming look that black confers. This is one of the best and safest ways to wear white shoes. Some of the leading ladies from Hollywood have tried this trend and it sure looks good.

White Shoe Trends

2. Wear White Shoes with Colored Outfits

Summer is the time for colorful, bright outfits. All those vibrant prints and hues are making bold splashes on the spring summer 2013 runways. Combine your typical summery outfits with white shoes. The white color of the shoes will further intensify the bright character of your ensemble, making it even more perfect for the season.


 3. Wear White Shoes on your Wedding Day

One of the best ways to wear stylish white shoes is on your wedding day with your gorgeous white wedding gown. The stylish and chic bride that you are, these exquisite white wedding shoes add to your overall look.


4.  Wear White Shoes with White Outfits

Combining white with white outfits (gowns, dresses, pant suits) and accessorizing just right creates an elegant look. You can replace complete white with lighter shades to get the same effect. This trend might not work for everyone as it creates a monochromatic appearance with no break in the silhouette. Several celebrities have donned this look with complete élan, though. Here is Rihanna. Do you think she pulls off the look well? I think she does.

White Shoe Trends

Avoid elaborate white gowns, you don’t want to end up looking like a bride, do you?

5. White Shoe Trends for Men

Gucci presented white shoe trends for men at the Milan Fashion Week. Gucci combined the white shoes with brightly colored suits for creating and attention grabbing effect. As always, the suits were tailored for a perfect fit. A bold and unconventional trend, it probably works because of the sharp contrast between the vibrant suits and calm and soothing white shoes. Would you dare to don this look?

White Shoe Trends

Wear White Shoes Casually

You can slip on your white shoes for running, for a trip to the beach. Combine white shoes with denims and a white T-shirt for cool casual look as you head to the mall for shopping.

White shoes are versatile, though a tad impractical. We know that white as color is unforgiving and does not produce a slimming effect like black does. But with shoes, this problem does not arise. So ditch the white outfit and opt for the white shoes. You now know exactly how to wear them.