Huge Comeback of 3 Shawl Patterns This Winter

Girls and women have always loved to experiment with their looks and attire. Fashion certainly takes over our mindset. And we fall in love with it time and again. Aren’t we always interested in talking about some mix and match to get the much desired, out of the box look everyone is opting for?

Winter chills are soon going to dawn upon us. How about we give the over coats and jackets a ditch this winter for the vintage pashminas and shawls? They look absolutely stunning and give a very womanly touch to your entire ensemble. Exactly what one would like to portray for a dinner date or a walk across the street. The shawl fashion is back with a bang this season and every designer is engaging this piece of clothing in their ramp walks, on their favorite models and you should surely give this look a try!

The shawl is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing and while you’re adorning the shawl you could keep up your elegance quotient really high. It can be worn if you wish to hide the showing skin of your skimpy evening dress, or to keep the chills away in the winter.

Top Shawl Patterns for Women in 2012

1) Crouched Shawl

Sounds a little like grandmom fashion to you, doesn’t it?  Knitted shawls have always existed for ages and I am sure if you go digging in your mother or grandma’s wardrobes you’re sure to get hold of a beautiful piece of this item. The Knitted shawl is an inclination towards vintage but can give you a modern and chic look as well if teamed appropriately with the right pair of clothing.  You could also give knitting a shawl a shot with the simple DIY tips available on various websites.

2) Lacey Shawls

If you’re planning one of your first dates where you don’t wish to show too much skin but still want to wear that super sexy red evening dress, there is a perfect solution to your dilemma. The lacey shawl! While the name gives enough description, these shawls will simply make you look elegant and look awesome for dates. The lace work will make you look younger. And let’s admit it which girl doesn’t love wearing lace?

Choose a shawl with very light lace work and a subtle colour. You could always opt for a white and rose coloured combination. Even a sea green with a little darker shade of green lace would work perfectly. It will give a very light weight to your shawl and make it appear soft.

3) Bright Coloured Shawls

While not many of us love experimenting with colours, shawls in bright colours are a huge head turner this season. Pick any colour of your choice. The brighter the shawl colour, the better it will be for your overall appearance. Nowadays shawls are available in beautiful shades of pastels, neon’s and summery colours. You could wrap them around in different styles. Maybe like a turtle neck around your blouse or wrap yourself completely towards the top to keep you away from freezing in the winter. You could also try wearing it like a scarf imitating many of the celebrity mums who choose style over comfort.

 For the winter season, shawls are an extremely essential and fashionable item in your wardrobe. They allow you to experiment. And you can adorn them in various styles and patterns. This piece of clothing will never go out of fashion and will only be a great investment. So if you don’t own a shawl, catch up with your girls and on a shawl shopping spree today!