Parka With Dresses

Indispensable 4 Bs to Help You Look Super Stylish In a Parka

With the on-going season of autumn and with winter round the corner, here is the time for you to bring on the coats, jackets, parkas and sweaters that keep you warm.

The parka has been a hot sensation on fall and winter runways with each passing year. Parkas are the most convenient garb to keep yourself warm when the temperatures drop and are very popular among both men and women irrespective of their age groups. Though a parka can never go out of style for all the warmth it provides, it certainly can make you look shapeless due to its thickness. It can even make you look dull due to choice of colour.

So if you want to ensure that your parka doesn’t put you out of style, but rather makes heads turn in awe when you walk past, keeping in mind the following trends will certainly do you good.

Tip # 1 – The Balancing Act

When you sport a parka, you end up sheathing your top, unless you leave the parka unbuttoned. It is, therefore, of utmost importance that your parka effortlessly matches your trousers and skirts. You can do so by balancing baggy parkas with pencil skirts or slim trousers. Proportionally balancing your attire will add a dynamic touch to your look.

Tip # 2- Bring Out Those Heels

You do not have to be 5 feet 10 inches to pull off a parka with grace. If you feel that being short is a disadvantage and wearing a parka makes you look even shorter, then it’s time to bring out those heels. Teaming up your attire with heeled shoes or boots not only adds a few inches to your height but also gives an impression of elongated legs and hence makes you seem taller.

Tip # 3- Belt it Out

If you have a flattering waist line and you feel that a parka hides your waist, wearing a belt over your parka helps define your waist line. A belt not only adds dimension to your overall look, but also proportionally shapes up your silhouette. A belt can be worn with a buttoned or unbuttoned parka. Do make sure you choose the right colour and type of belt that’s in sync with the parka in terms of its texture and colour.

Tip # 4- Blend Parkas With Dresses

Parkas blend well with dresses. To get the complete chic look you can team up your parka with a fitting knit dress and heeled shoes or boots.

When choosing a parka, do not look at it as something you need only to keep you warm. Make a style statement at your workplace or college by choosing a stylish one. Parkas are available in a host of styles, patterns and colour. It would be a good option to keep in mind your wardrobe while buying a parka to ensure that you do not commit a faux pas while pairing up your clothes with it.

It’s all about layers in the chilly months of fall and winter and being at your fashionable best against a magical backdrop of city lights and snow filled streets is sure to set you apart. Let the parka flatter what’s underneath it.