Who Has Insta-Style on Instagram!? – The Top 10 Fashion Accounts

Take a picture, it’ll last longer! With today’s technological advances, documenting our daily lives, surroundings, and activities has become a regular pastime. Slap me with a filter and describe me with a hashtag. Here I give you my top ten picks on intriguing, fashion forward, public figures that use Instagram on a daily basis. Enjoy!


“So you wanna be a rock superstar? And live large, a big house, 5 cars, you’re in charge”. Rihanna has done just that! Want a glimpse into the world of pop super stardom, great fashion, and amazing trend? Rihanna’s Instagram is one of my go-to profiles for inspirational, urban chicness. Always sporting a unique style, Rihanna is one trendsetter worth following.

rihanna-on-instagram rihanna-photo-from-instagram

 @THEBLONDSNY / The Blonds

Do blonds really have more fun? In this case they do! The dynamic duo, The Blonds, are the go to designers for amazing over-the-top style.  Always serving fierce, glitz and glam these New York based designers are great for that on stage, all eyes on me look.  A wardrobe not for the faint of heart, their style embodies strong confidence.  That being said, The Blonds Instagram is sure to put on a show. No blond moments here!

           THEBLONDSNY-instagram-2 THEBLONDSNY-instagram

 @JWUJEK / Johnny Wujek

Celebrity stylist and creative consultant for America’s Next Top Model, Johnny Wujek is one on trend dude. Currently as Katy Perry’s right-hand fashion man, his playful, fun, pop of style always seems to spark interest. His styling recommendations always seem to be a hit among the top ten list.  With an Instagram full of creativity, art, and design, this is one profile that will truly inspire you to break free from the ordinary.

             Johnny-Wujek-instagram JWUJEK-instagram

 @ANNA_DELLO_RUSSO / Anna Dello Russo

Editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan, Anna Dello Russo is not shy when it comes to her wardrobe. With her love of wearing on-trend haute couture, Anna plays dress up Barbie to many fashion designers. Her chic, over the top style is sure to catch any fashion bloggers attention. With an Instagram that stands out, just like her wardrobe, Anna Dello Russo gives great insight and a front row seat to the spectacular world of fashion through her photography.

           Anna-Dello-Russo-instagram ANNA_DELLO_RUSSO-instagram

@JLOGANHORNE / Logan Horne

The lifestyle of a stylist. For Logan Hornes photography posts on Instagram, he surely gives his iPhone camera justice. With great eye-catching, fashion forward imagery Mr. Logan Horne is responsible for styling some of the top dressed celebrities such as Leighton Meester and Jessica Stam. He is one not shy to push the fashion boundaries. When it comes to Red Carpet worthy style, he surely has a few tricks up his sleeve.

           JLOGANHORNE-instagram Logan-Horne-instagram

@AZEALIABANKS / Azealia Banks 

“Hey, I can be the answer. Im ready to dance when the vamp up.” Straight out of the the 212 Azealia Banks serves up urban chicness with her Instagram account. Having unique style and urban trend, Azealia Banks is one not shy to pushing the boundaries, and that is why we love her! As a great musician and songwriter, Azealia does not follow any trend, and instead sets her own, and we applaud her for just that!

           Azealia-Banks-instagram AZEALIABANKS-instagram

@PRABALGURUNG / Prabal Gurung

Designing fashions for people like First Lady, Michelle Obama, Prabal Gurung is an amazing fashion designer to follow. With his eye-catching and inspirational imagery, Prabal is on top of his game. Recently doing his own line for Target, Prabal Gurung designs for that urban city gal, who wants to look great and stand out from blending in. His wearable pieces are always on trend, same goes for his Instagram account.

            PRABALGURUNG-instagram Prabal-Gurung-instagram

@CHANDELIERCREATIVE / Chandelier Creatives Richard Christiansen

Innovation for all over the nation. Chandelier Creative is a full-service creative agency with offices in New York, Milan, Shanghai, and Beijing. Serving out of the ordinary ideas that end up being extraordinary, Chandelier Creatives Instagram account is full of great, inspiring photographs from all around the word. This is one account that will surely get your creative juices flowing.

           CHANDELIERCREATIVE-instagram Chandelier-Creatives-Richard-Christiansen-instagram

@formichetti / Nicola Formichetti

A creative force not the be werkend with. Nicola Formichetti has served as head of creative direction for companies such as DIESEL, MUGLER, and Vogue Hommes Japan. With a mind mentality for out of the box thinking, he directs, and serves great over the top ideas. Nicola’s Instagram is full of color, design, and fashion. Whats not to love!?

           Nicola-Formichetti-Instagram formichetti-instagram

 @AMANDABYNES4386 / Amanda Bynes

From Nickelodean childhood star to fashion forward N.Y.C. chick, Amanda Bynes style has evolved and gone from ordinary to out of the ordinary / extraordinary. Through her controversial tweets on twitter, she makes it apparent that she owns her style and decisions. Having confidence in what you do, and what you wear can make all the difference in how you carry an outfit. Fashion is all about experimentation and change, two things she surely gives justice.

 AMANDABYNES4386-instagram Amanda-Bynes-Instagram


With myself drawn to photography and capturing imagery, Instagram tends to be one of my go-to applications when trying to draw inspiration. From contrasting your photos, giving filters, and talking in hashtags, many people on Instagram are now sharing inspiration, style, and design, to those all over the world.  So go out and slap a filter on life and share it to the world! We’ll be viewing.

To see who else I am following and for more up to date photos, eye-catching design, and fashion imagery, you can follow yours truly, Justin Milsk, on Instagram @GOTMILSK. Who are you following…? Let us know below if you think we should add anyone to the list…

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