Ribbed-collar Leather Jacket

Introducing 10 Most stylish Leather Jacket Patterns for Men in 2012

The sheer look and appeal of leather jackets can make you go weak in the knees. Men and women equally desire this stylish apparel to an extent that several manufacturers have introduced a wide range of customized leather jackets in different designs. A Leather jacket is not only a timeless piece of fashion accessory but also heavily durable and extremely modish. It holds the capability to transform even the most basic attire into smart casuals that people take notice of.

Moreover, leather as a fabric helps in keeping the body warm and cosy therefore grants optimum protection during frosty climate. The overall appearance of a biker is instantly enhanced by wearing a special kind of leather jacket that is specially formulated for their convenience. These days you can easily access leather jackets that compliment the clothing needs of both the sexes by being designed in a variety of fits, sizes and patterns ranging from hip-length , 3/4th, full length and trench coat styles.

You can also choose to customize them as per your personal preferences. Add some more variation to these styles and you are presented with a host of exceptional designs like Bomber, Motorcycle, Flight club, Aviator, Gothic-metal, Military, Banded-collar, Ribbed-collar, Leather blazers and Work Jackets.

Let us take a look at the basic patterns of these unique leather jackets:

1) Bomber Jackets

Bomber leather jackets

These hip-length jackets flaunt a square-look with fur padding and a pair of broad pockets towards the front. In addition to this, most Bomber jackets are also designed with cuffs and an elastic waist. This particular apparel easily qualifies to be one of the most popular choices of fashionable leather jackets with an ability to complete your look for all casual outings. They are specifically designed to augment the best features of your body and simultaneously create an illusion of a muscular physique in the form of washboard abs, broad shoulders and well-built arms.

2) The Motorcycle (Moto) Jacket

Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Formerly designed for bikers, motorcycle jackets have bagged a lot of appreciation for its aesthetic and sturdy creation. This particular design of leather jacket is absolutely perfect for a masculine personality. In addition to being extremely stylish, biker jackets offer a highly sophisticated and classy look that is bound to attract a lot of attention from the onlookers. Men with a rugged personality often prefer biker jackets without logos or any kind of patchwork but prefer ones with a hood. You can also access them with cuff zippers, zip fasteners, collar, elbow panels and straps. Pick one with or without these features as per your style preference and ride-off to a fashionable start. Their immense popularity has resulted in several high-profile motorcycle brands to introduce their exclusive line of biker jackets.

3) The Flight Club Leather Jacket

Flight Club Leather Jacket

 One of the most stylish forms of military apparel and high-altitude survival gear, the flight club leather jackets are definitely here to stay. They feature a pair of easily accessible pockets, fine antique finish and a non-bulky appearance. You can pick one of these with or without a collar, cuff and embroidery in a wide range of inner-lining fabric choices. The most striking feature of this jacket is that it flaunts a winning design that pays attention to even the slightest detail that always results in a perfect fit.

4) Aviator Leather Jackets

Aviator leather jacket

Inspired heavily from Hollywood movies, Aviator leather Jackets too represent one of the finest military style apparels with a unique charisma that can easily allure the onlookers. Tom Cruise flaunted Aviator Leather Jackets extensively in the movie ‘Top gun’ and since then the demand for this particular apparel has mounted heavily. Combine these jackets with a formal shirt, combat trousers/casual jeans and military boots and enjoy all the admiration.

5) Gothic-metal Leather Jacket

Gothic Metal Leather Jacket

If you are a big fan of Heavy-metal bands, Gothic-metal leather jackets will surely enrich your wardrobe. These leather jackets come with loud and heavy patchwork, mostly with the name or logo of a popular gothic band. Some may even feature their snapshots. It is important to select and wear these jackets responsibly as some messages showcased on these can use sensitive wordings that may harm the sentiments of the onlookers.

6) Military Leather Jackets

male military jackets

These jackets are designed for both the sexes and come in a variety of modish patterns and lengths. They are specially created to compliment the flawless personality of today’s youth. Military jackets often display massive varieties of buttons with extra zipper pockets and an overall edgy look that differentiates it from other patterns. Show-off a cool military look this season by sporting these rugged leather jackets that will definitely enhance your masculine personality.

7) Banded-collar Leather Jacket

Banded-collar Leather Jacket

These jackets offer a mature and manly look with their simple construction and versatile design that goes very well with all kinds of casual outfits. You may not find the original Banded-collar Leather Jackets with many enhancements apart from the basic ones that are catered to offering extra comfort and convenience with a flawless fit for all body-types. These jackets are treated as a form of casual apparel by professional as well as amateur bikers belonging to all age groups.

8) Ribbed-collar Leather Jacket

Ribbed-collar Leather Jacket

Ribbed-collar Leather Jackets sport a slick design that compliments all physiques and grant optimum comfort. This apparel is absolutely apt for flashing your metro-sexual style and persona. They are manufactured in attractive designs, colour options and a wide variety of leather. In addition to a ribbed-collar with a button tab, these jackets also feature long-ribbed cuffs, obscured placket with zip fastening, ribbed waistband and a pair of flap patch pockets.

9) Leather Blazer

Leather blazer

Leather blazers gel superbly with almost every occasion/outing. Loads of handy features and practical usage has added to the rising popularity of leather blazers across the world. They can be availed at affordable prices in a variety of leather-quality, patterns, fit, make and solid colour options. Women can wear them with formal and casual pants and skirts while men can flaunt these with a casual pair of jeans, cargos and even trousers. In spite of a striking resemblance to formal coats, these jackets certainly do not need matching bottoms. They feature stylish flaps, cuffs and buttons which signify a rich fashion sense. It is important to select these jackets wisely as some patterns may not suit a few body-types.

10) The Work Jacket

Work Jacket

Formal Leather jackets that are designed specifically for granting protection against harsh weather conditions are often referred to as Work Jackets. They are certainly the smartest forms of office wear for men and women of all age groups. Extremely classy and highly durable, the work jacket clearly exhibits all features of a trendy formal outfit with a touch of sophistication.

A Leather jacket can be worn throughout the year therefore it is a sensible purchase. But before buying the same, you must make sure you study its exact kind, quality and style so as to ensure that it aptly compliments your attire and personality.