Is Taylor Swift Having Her Break-Up Revenge?

It would certainly seem so. Taylor Swift’s latest music video is creating tremendous buzz all over because of its not-so-thinly-veiled reference to ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal who allegedly dumped her after a three month romance. And that too over the phone. (Who does that?).

While that was no doubt painful for Taylor, it is now ‘ouch-time’ for Jake.

Jake and Taylor in happier times

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”- Is Taylor Giving Out a Message?

Touted as the latest break-up anthem that is sure to resonate with young (and not so young people) everywhere, Taylor’s hot new video “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is a hit already. As always, a part of the video’s success is due to Taylor’s singing, the lyrics, etc etc. But this time, the interest in the video is sky high, because the male protagonist (for want of a better word) in the video looks suspiciously familiar to a certain handsome young man who once dated the country singer and then broke her heart. And given the lyrics in the song, this has to be one of the biggest put-downs ever in the history of break-ups in a long long time.

Taylor and Jake – What Went Wrong

We will never know the details. But apparently Jake was unhappy with all the attention that the couple was receiving and wanted out. That’s a little weird, considering that both are celebrities and Jake should have known that it will always be like this. People are interested and curious want to know more about your personal life when you are a celebrity. It is kind of an ‘occupational hazard’.

And Taylor on the other hand, is a very open person, always in touch with fans, sharing photo dairies, connecting with the public and not hiding out.  A rare quality and something that we like in our celebrities.

Taylor and Jake – Very Different People

Taylor admitted in a Vogue interview soon after the break-up, “I cannot deal with someone obsessed with privacy”. Clearly they are two very different individuals and breaking up was perhaps the best thing.  But what is good for you is not necessarily pain free. (For instance, flat abs is good for you, but crunches are painful). And no doubt Taylor had her share of pain. She was probably mad, but now she is even. Revenge does taste sweet, doesn’t it, Taylor? And in Taylor’s case, it is probably going to make her rich too, given the huge popularity of the song and video.

Taylor Has Been at it Before

We usually learn about Taylor’s exes through her songs. For instance, “Dear John” was about John Mayer while “Forever and Always” focused on Joe Jonas.

Taylor is one lucky girl. While rest of us when dumped by boyfriends (obviously not worthy of us, but we don’t know that just then) resort to the tub of ice-cream or the decadent chocolate cake, Taylor takes to her pen. And she gets her revenge, while keeping her figure intact.

Taylor’s having the last laugh in this break-up drama

Round one goes to Taylor. It will be interesting to watch the response from the other side, if any.