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It’s Elegance All the Way with Jessica Alba’s 7 Unique Handbags

Your favorite stars’ favorite handbags column is on a mission to give you a great handbag for every day of the year, with different trends and with different stars flaunting the choicest handbags that you will ever find.

We decided to focus on distinctiveness and sophistication today in your favorite handbags section and there was nobody better than Jessica Alba, whose handbag collection has one thing in common – uniqueness coupled with elegance.

Jessica Alba's Handbags

So sit back and enjoy the ride as we take you through a tour of Jessica Alba’s magnificent handbags. It is going to be quite a breathtaking ride.

1. Rebecca Minkoff Diamond Tote

Jessica Alba's Handbags

Now here is one fun bag! How cute and trendy this Rebecca Minkoff Diamond Tote looks! It’s a great choice for a summer bag, very youthful and trendy, it has a casual look, plus, you can pair it up with lots of colors. As we said, Jessica Alba’s handbags are unique.

2. Derek Lam Anthea Satchel

Jessica Alba's Handbags

This grey Derek Lam Anthea Satchel has elegance mixed with casualness. It is quite a neat piece, isn’t it? And it also has a cool look that effortlessly goes with her look.

3. Gerard Darel Python Bag

Jessica Alba's Handbags

 It’s the color of this Gerard Darel Python Bag that we like the most. The color of the bag really makes it stand out against Jessica’s black, white and grey ensemble.

4. Loewe Flamenco Bag

Jessica Alba's Handbags

When you need to pack your wide world into a tiny little piece, the Loewe Flamenco Bag is the best and the trendiest you can get. Here again, this piece is perfect to flaunt in the summers and you can wear it with your maxi dresses, just like Jessica has done.

5. Burberry Colorblock Raffia Tote

 Jessica Alba's Handbags

Did you know that color-block patterns are a major trend in 2013? Jessica Alba’s spacious Burberry Color-block Raffia Tote will be a great travel companion, wherever you go. You can load it up as you’d like to and also be trendy at the same time.

6. Proenza Schouler PS1 Pouch

Jessica Alba's Handbags

Even though Jessica’s outfit is pretty pale with white and grey, this Proenza Schouler PS1 Pouch really catches your eye, doesn’t it? Well, guess that’s the charm that Jessica’s handbags possess, they captivate you at once.

7. Channel Classic Flap

Jessica Alba's Handbags

Okay now, here’s one that’s not too unique as many celebrities out there do have this piece, however, you cannot deny that this black Channel Classic Flap bag is one elegant piece that is perfect for formal dos.

We do not know if Jessica is personally fixated to any brand, but there is one thing you too can easily tell by looking at her collection and that is that this girl will opt for anything that is one of a kind and not something that everyone might consider going for until you see how mesmerizing it looks on her.

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