Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

Fashion Fully Loaded inside Carrie Underwood’s Closet: Take a Sneak Peek at her Clothes, Shoes, Handbags…

Country singer Carrie Underwood is not only bestowed with a great power packed voice, but this pretty songstress sure has a fashion sense that could give everybody else in the field a run for their money.

Carrie prefers sticking to elegance and chic when it comes to throwing together a fabulous look. She has given us quite a few memorable red carpet ensembles which we have simply loved. Her stage appearances and her public appearances are equally mesmerizing. This star always manages to shine from head to toe with every look. You will hardly find her going wrong with an outfit. And that’s what lures us to her closet today.

With our column – Stepping into Your Favorite Celebrities’ Closets, you can now enjoy this virtual tour of some of the most fashionable items that Carrie Underwood has flaunted and hopefully will flaunt again.

Welcome to Carrie Underwood’s wardrobe!


1. Katherine Kidd Jumpsuit

 Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

A jumpsuit is quite an unlikely choice of ensemble for the Red Carpet, but Carrie Underwood seems to have conquered it all. This Katherine Kidd Jumpsuit really rocked the Red Carpet at the CMT Artists of the Year. We’d love to see her sport this once again.

2. Jovani Beaded Mini Dress

 Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

Carrie not only rules the Red Carpet but this fabulous singer can set the stage on fire with her voice and her looks. This long sleeve beaded mini dress by Jovani is a show stopping choice.

3. Randi Rahm Beaded Dress

Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe Carrie Underwood sure does love her glitter and shimmer on the Red Carpet and as long as she dazzles, we are not complaining. This black Randi Rahm Beaded Dress does look really fabulous on her.

4. The Glittering Collection

Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

Carrie Underwood’s wardrobe is a glittering site and we mean this literally. There’s gold, silver, metallic grey and so much more with every inch of it shining like the stars in the sky. Although too much of glitter could not be a very good thing, it somehow works for Carrie each and every time. Her glittering wardrobe is graced with Abed Mahfouz, Reem Acra, Badgley Mischka, Rafael Cennamo and many more such glittering pieces by various designers.

5. Cocktail Dresses

Carrie Underwood has some memorable evening gowns. But the goodness doesn’t stop right there. Carrie’s closet also contains of some really fine cocktail dresses in various colors, fabrics and prints, all of which could bring the brightest smile to your face.

Among all of Carrie’s cocktail dresses, we chose to showcase this gorgeous green bubble hem dress, this youthful black and white satin dress and this absolutely angelic white cocktail dress.

 Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

There was much more we could bring to you here, but she has so much more fabulousness stocked up in her wardrobe; just one trip in here can never suffice.


Carrie’s shoes live up to the beauty of her dresses and some of them make her look even more complete and beautiful. It is true that your choice of footwear can make or break your outfit and for Carrie Underwood her shoes certainly add oodles of charm and beauty to her entire look.

Here are 5 pairs of Carrie’s shoes that we couldn’t resist sharing with you.

1. Gio Diev Shoes

Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe Carrie’s Gio Diev Shoes certainly must have made many heads turn. We love the uniqueness that this pair possesses and its rugged metallic look.

2. Ryan Haber Strappy Sandals

 Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

Here’s another unique and gorgeous pair. These Ryan Haber Strappy Sandals are worth all the money spent on them.

3. Rene Caovilla Platform Pumps

Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

That’s a really pretty pair of shoes. All the guy shoes would fall head over “heels” in love with this extraordinarily feminine pair of Rene Caovilla Platform Pumps.

4. Rock & Republic Studded Boots

 Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

And here’s Carrie living up to her rock star image in these Rock & Republic Studded Boots. If we were to wear these we’d ditch the black stockings and simply show off those lovely shoes. But those studded boots sure do know how to make a statement of their own.

4. Stuart Weitzman Evening Sandals

 Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

Feminine and fabulous, that’s what we’d call this pair of Stuart Weitzman Evening Sandals. What would you call it?


When it comes to handbags, Carrie Underwood seems to have a soft heart for clutches and these clutches need to glitter too. You’ll find quite a number of glittering gold clutches in her wardrobe. Would you like to try some on?

1. Swarovski Hard Case Clutch

 Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

All that glitters is gold for Carrie. And this Swarovski Hard Case Clutch truly is one glittering choice for the Red Carpet.

2. Jill Milan Metallic Clutch

Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe The lovely diamond ring may have grabbed your eyes at first, but then you will also notice the beauty that this Jill Milan Metallic Clutch possesses.

3. Swarovski Box Clutch

 Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

Timeless, exquisite, elegant and graceful! We could simply go on and on singing praises for this lovely Swarovski Box Clutch.


1. Diamond Collar Necklace

Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe The perfect way to grace a woman’s neck! The sight of this diamond collar necklace took us to heaven and back. We’re sure you must have felt the same.

2. Carla Amorim Chandelier Earrings

Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

Those earrings just grab your eyeballs, don’t they? These dangling, glittering and fabulous chandelier earrings by Carla Amorim are a truly mesmerizing sight.

3. Dangling Diamond Earrings

Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

And here’s another pair of danglers that make your eyes glitter. These Dangling Diamond Earrings suit Carrie well. It brings out the color in her eyes.

4. Diamond Bracelet

Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe Another head turner and a show stopper. This diamond bracelet adds to Carrie’s timeless beauty.

5. Diamond Wedding Ring

Carrie Underwood's Wardrobe

And the Diamond Wedding Ring is finally here. Ladies, if you are tying the knot any sooner, do make sure you give your better half a good glimpse of this picture. That’s sure to give him a good hint of what you are looking for.

And there we come to an end of yet another thrilling closet tour. Carrie Underwood’s closet could turn a bad day around and make it the happiest one. So the next time you are feeling low, just walk around and have the time of your life looking through Carrie Underwood’s closet and the shimmer it exhibits will light you up for certain.