Celebrity Handbag Trends

Jennifer Aniston’s Most Fashionable Handbags

We know that you have been enjoying our articles on your favorite stars’ favorite handbags and we love to keep updating you with the many fashionable handbags that our stars own. And today, we dedicate this column to our beloved Jennifer Aniston. She stole many hearts with her brilliant performances and this girl next door certainly possesses bags that do the very same.

So are you excited to see Jennifer Aniston’s favorite handbags? Great! Get ready to soak yourself up in some of the trendiest bags that Jennifer Aniston owns and we hope you have a blast doing so!

Celebrity Handbag Trends 

1. Burberry Alligator Clutch

Burberry Alligator Clutch

Jennifer Aniston always manages to look stunning on the Red Carpet. If you stop to think whether this diva has ever faltered with fashion, nothing really comes to mind.

Jennifer sure knows how to accessorize appropriately and she carried this Burberry Alligator Clutch with her strapless black gown to an event.

2. Tom Ford Carine Handbag

Celebrity Handbag Trends

Jennifer Aniston does have many Tom Ford bags in her closet and she loves flaunting each one of them, especially this Tom Ford Carine Handbag. What makes this bag look really great is the funky golden clasp and the chain shoulder metal strap with black finish.

3. Tom Ford Flap Over Zip Bag

Celebrity Handbag Trends

Among her many Tom Ford pieces, Jennifer loves her Tom Ford Flap Over Zip Bag.And how do we happen to know that? Well, if you keep a watchful eye for all the Jennifer Aniston outfits, you will find that she sports this one with much frequency. If you had one like this, wouldn’t you want to carry it around often, too?

4. FEED 2 Kenya Bag

 Feed 2 Kenya Bag

Jennifer Aniston is not all about designer fashion and designer pieces. The star does her bit for humanity by supporting charitable causes and here she is seen carrying a FEED 2 Kenya Bag with her. A part of the proceeds gained from the sale of this merchandise goes to feeding hungry children across the world.

5. Salvatore Ferragamo Floriana Bag

Salvatore Ferragamo Floriana Bag

Jennifer Aniston’s Salvatore Ferragamo Floriana Bag is quite a classy piece. The color and the style make this bag one chic piece that make Jennifer look even better than she already does.

6. Tom Ford Natalia Bag

Celebrity Handbag Trends

And she is seen sporting yet another classy piece by Tom Ford. This Tom Ford Natalia Bag has a great appeal to it. The classy black leather with a golden and red element embedded onto it makes for a really fashionable piece.

7. Tom Ford Alligator Pochette

 Tom Ford Alligator Pochette

Along with her obsession for Tom Ford, Jennifer Aniston seems to be drawn to peplums too. Jennifer accessorizes her chic peplum dress with a Tom Ford Alligator Pochette that really complements this dress graciously.

So Jennifer is indeed a Tom Ford fan! And we loved all her pieces compiled for you in this collection, whether Tom Ford or not and we do hope you loved them too.