Jessica Biel – Justin Timberlake: Did They or Didn’t They?

Now before you jump to any conclusions, let us make it clear that we are talking about Justin and Jessica’s marriage plans.


“Did they or didn’t they tie the knot in Wyoming over the last weekend?”

This is the question celebrity news journalists have been grappling with over the past couple of days now. Just when one news agency cites credible sources as confirming that the wedding has indeed taken place, another one springs up with equally credible sources absolutely denying the development.

And Jessica and Justin are not making any comments whatsoever. Perhaps… they are off on the their honeymoon…But then are they are really married…. And here we are back where we started.

Why the Uproar and the Curiosity?

Well it is not as if you and I would be invited to the wedding. Most of us couldn’t care less whether they did or didn’t except perhaps for a “wow, let’s see how long that lasts” or “That lucky Justin/Jessica sure bagged a hot partner”. Frankly, it is the secretiveness that is getting to us, isn’t it? The greater the uncertainty about the whole issue, the more curious we are for the facts and the truth.

So What are the Facts in this Case so Far?

Fact #1

Popular Hollywood celebrity gossip columnist Janet Charlton mentions in her blog that the “pair are getting married in the Jackson Hole Ski Resort, Wyoming as we write this”. (We are impressed by the perfect timing of it). And she further adds that close family and friends (obviously select few have been invited, while the rest of us don’t even know about the wedding) are staying at the Four Seasons Luxury Hotel there. Such precise information is rarely based on conjecture alone.

Fact #2

Celebrity cake designer Sylvia Weinstock tweets that she is staying at the Jackson Hole over the weekend.

Fact #3

There are reports of a stage being constructed at the ranch of one of Justin’s friends in the area.

Fact #4

Justin proposed to Jessica at the Jackson Hole last December and there could be no spot more perfect than this to seal their love forever. We all know Justin is a romantic to the core and this could be his special gesture to Jessica (Lucky girl, sigh!)

Fact #5

Last week, while in London, Jessica told the media that she would love to have a ‘secret wedding’. Perhaps she did. Referring to fact #4, her lightest wish could be a command for Justin.

And Now the Counter Facts

A ‘source’ has revealed to US Weekly that Justin was nowhere near Wyoming and was actually in Puerto Rico for work. Then there are witnesses who saw him go to the movies with friends on Saturday!

Well, if he could have been in Puerto Rico as well as at the movies on Saturday, maybe he was also at the Jackson Hole, Wyoming, exchanging vows with you-know-who.

So What is the Truth?

Well the truth is we don’t know. And the moment we hear anything, you will be first to know. Justin, Jessica, are you listening?

Oh, what’s that? People don’t read the news on their honeymoon, you say? But then, are they married?…Goodness me…not again…